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Too Funny..., 4 April 2012

This movie is too funny. It takes a lot of ideas from other movies and is mainly a parody of walk the line. Although I thought walk the line was a good movie, I couldn't help not liking this film. John C. Reilly is one of my favorite comedy actors. Even though he goes for the whole stupid funny thing, he makes me laugh every time. This is probably Jake Kasdan's best movie he's ever made, followed by Orange County which is very funny. I guess anything with John C. Reilly is funny, but I prefer his movies without Will Ferrell. I give this movie a 9 out of 10 because its simply that funny, and when I first watched this movie a couple years ago I liked it so much I went out and bought it.

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Snoochie Boochies!, 29 February 2012

This movie had me dying in laughter from the first 30 seconds of starting. If you don't like Jay and Silent Bob or dumb stoner comedies, then this movie is not for you. If you do, it's the best of them all. This movie follows the plot of "Mallrats" and "Chasing Amy," which are also funny movies with nearly the same cast.

Once Jay and Silent Bob set out, to stop the Bluntman and Chronic movie at Miramax studios, you know their going to cause chaos. Then they meet with group of sexy diamond thieves, which only means one thing "Snoochie Boochies."

During the film they make a lot of references to how a movie with Jay and Silent Bob would be horrible, and nobody would spend their money to see it. At the same time their looking back at the camera and audience, which is ironic and kinda funny. Kevin Smith or "Silent Bob" hit gold, by making this low production film so damn funny. This is my favorite Jay and Silent Bob film, and a hope one day Kevin Smith decides to make another.

Red Dawn (1984)
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Classic!, 22 February 2012

This film is a classic, it is by far the best movie John Milius has ever directed. Im surprised to see the average rating for this picture is only a 6. I will admit that it is old and outdated, but its great for its time period. I love how Milius doesn't try to go ahead of his time period with special effects. A lot of movies in the 80's tried to use computer animation for the first time, but computer animation in the 80's was horrible. In this film they stuck to what they know best, explosions and acting.

The movie fits its time period very well. The cold war was going on between America and the Soviet Union, which would make the movie seem like a real possibility during this time. This film has been one of my favorites since the first time I watched it, and I'm not even a Patrick Swayze. I would recommend this film to anyone, bit only if they enjoy good movies no matter how old they may be.

True Grit (2010)
Good Western, 15 February 2012

The Coen brothers did a good job recreating the 1969 John Wayne film "True Grit." When you recreate a film that was a classic, your going to be held to high expectations and deal with a lot of criticism. The stage was set perfectly, the location, buildings, costumes, historical elements, etc. Everything worked together to give it that old western feel and make it seem like it was filmed in the old west. The only thing that reminds you that it isn't is the picture quality.

Jeff Bridges did a good job playing Rooster Cogburn, he's no John Wayne but he did good. I have yet to see the original John Wayne version, but now its on my top list of movies to watch. Over all I give the movie an 8 out of 10, I thought this film was great for a new western. Now I just need to borrow the original from my grandpa.

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Very Funny, 8 February 2012

The only this that can be said about this film is its down to the bone funny. The story line isn't the best but thats not what this film is about, its the constant jokes and punch lines that bring this film together. If it wasn't for the great comedy this film would be pointless and kind of stupid.

Nicholas Stoller has made a number of good films, but this one has got to be my favorite. This film also sparked a spin off called "Get Him to the Greek" which is another funny movie with some of the same cast. Russell Brand does a great job playing Aldous Snow, and the surf instructor is hilarious. This is a great film not for the faint hearted, if you have a good sense of humor I highly recommend this movie.

Life (1999/I)
Great Movie!, 8 February 2012

Its surprising to see that this film has an average of 6 out of 10. This is not only a hilarious movie, but it also has a good story line. Eddy Murphy and Martin Lawrence work great together, the cast also includes other great actors such as Bernie Mack.

Ted Demme did a great job creating a Mississippi prison during segregation. This film will have out laughing throughout, but at the same time bring a tear to your eye. You will love Ray's crazy plans and plots to escape and how he always brings Claude down with him. This is one of my favorite movies, it has the perfect blend of seriousness and comedy, and has a great cast.

The Player (1992)
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Good Altman Film, 1 February 2012

I give this movie a 7 out of 10. Robert Altman did I great job putting this film together. The first scene is pretty impressive being over eight minutes long with no cuts. The film was somewhat funny and ironic with the actors playing themselves. The storyline is a little surprising at parts and a didn't expect Whoopi to be the detective. This film does a good job showing the inside of the movie production process.

Altman made a great movie with lots of parodies and plays on Hollywood. This is one of my favorite movies about movies, and by far my favorite Robert Altman film.

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Great film for its time period, 25 January 2012

This film is quiet amazing for its time period. A little boring, but in 1929 this film was very innovative and new. On top of that there was not a huge crew to help capture the footage. Dziga Vertov did a great job using the right angles and lighting for certain scenes. at first it does not seem to promote life in Russia seeing all the people sleeping on the streets. However, as the film goes on you start to see everyone work and commute, a day in Russia. This seems to capture what Vertov wanted, and made his viewers proud to watch it.

A great film to watch, especially if learn the story behind it. This film set new standards for its time, with very limited resources. A true classic!