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Bad Words (2013)
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Great film. A different kind of "feel-good" movie., 25 June 2014

Other reviewers here have slated the film due to the language which I agree was a little harsh considering the age of the actors but the film would just not have worked without it. The characters were developed brilliantly all the way through and production perfect.

Saying much more would be leaning towards spoilers which are as they suggest. I will say it is funny, heart-warming and generally enjoyable.

If I had one criticism it would only be that it was a tiny bit predictable but by the end of the movie I just didn't care.

Would recommend this movie to all except those unduly sensitive to language.

Broken (2012/IV)
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Just a stunning, harsh, real, heat-warming film., 17 January 2013

This is going to be a very quick review as I do not wish to give anything away. It is a gritty, beautifully made, completely believable gem of a film.

The story could be set in any street in the UK and no doubt most will realise parallels with our own lives. Laughter, sorrow, pain, joy and all the things that make a stunner of a movie.

Brilliant acting through-out and no-doubt we will see these young stars again in the future. Tim Roth is Tim Roth and never lets you down so no news there.

Just go watch it.

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Bit of a shocker, no iead where it was going., 12 December 2012

I gave this movie a 5 as there were some "Interesting" fight scenes. But that was about it.... The movie had no direction at all and the score just didn't work in any way shape or form. Going back to the fight scenes and the gore yes they were extreme and completely unbelievable but funny in a way. The hard thing was trying to watch these scenes with the nawt but daft background music. The dialogue tried so hard to be mysterious and meaningful but add a "gangster flavour" to it and it all falls apart, not to mention being poorly written in the first place.

The verdict, no idea where this movie was going or what it was about. Still, even knowing this they still missed the boat, and got wet.

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If you are after Will Smith blowing stuff up etc etc, move on., 17 January 2012

This movie is daft start to finish and I have to say I enjoyed every minute. Yes its B all the way but if your looking for a giggle and don't mind something different give it a try. If you are after buildings blowing up and "The end of the world stock up on bog roll" pass it by. It is tongue firmly in cheek and made me laugh throughout. Too often the zombie genera is way too depressing and this is the antidote for such movies. I agree with another reviewer here this will be a cult classic in time to come. Once we are done with batman 10, spiderman 11 and harry potter the middle aged cruise ship entertainer.

PS keep an ear out for the song at the end ;)