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Films and TV I enjoy the same no matter how much time passes. The titles are listed in no particular order. I hope this will grow into my personalised canon of films.

This list will be a long time in the making.
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no particular order
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Made for TV movies, series and mini-series I have enjoyed over the years.

Does not include Asian TV series or anime. no particular order.

Oh and yeah. I like my hallmark sugar pie with cherries on top.
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Just the titles that worked for me as romances or romcoms. I dont care, generic or not, this *is* what I *enjoyed*.
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Non-anime feature films mostly from Japan, Korea and China that I liked
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no particular order
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I just love them.
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There are still a few I will likely add here in the future. Anime is a medium of art and there are some good stories out there, even though a lot of them,especially the popular ones are usually extremely poor and unitelligent.
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Some of my favourite animated fims, both anime and others. As with everything, a work in constant progress.

For anime, I prefer to enjoy the beauty of the original language. I do not tolerate foreign dubs.
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no particular order
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Films which I thought had something in them, an idea, a potential...but they didn't quite get things right.
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The list is likely to change.

Asian TV soaps often feature really poor acting, if there is any acting at all (as I've recently come to conclude) but some stories they tell are still very compelling.

The best feature of these soaps is that they are more like series, or mini-series with a complete story that once finished, in general stays finished and doesn't drag on for heaven knows how many seasons.

This is a list of my choices in this compelling department.
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no particular order
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Exploring this... there are probably many many great ones I haven't seen yet.... Not tall titles in this list will be specifically Bollywood, some will just use its tradition and others will be total opposites to the storm of colours and fantasy that bollywood brings, but always somehow related to India or Bollywood itself.
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Movie Poster Art I found attractive, atmospheric or interesting.
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Actresses I enjoy(ed) seeing on screen
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Letter writing/exchanging/ receiving/delivery. In progress.
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in movies from any country and anime. tbc
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Films/flicks/series featuring the concept of a meeting across time, love or otherwise communicating across time, between people from different periods. Ths list will eventually be ordered. For now it's a no-particular-order-mess kind of list.
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heaven, angels, ghosts, second chances....across various media.
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Anything, anime, movies that I hated.
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Space stories I liked...I haven't seen many that I would really like. I include anime and everything else that may fall into this category- as long as I like it. List will likely grow in the future.
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From time to time I do enjoy interacting with a story like I can do in a game. Here I list some of the video games I liked and which I can find in the imdb database..

Video games CAN be a form of art.
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as always a work in progress and list in no particular order.
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Some male friendship pairs I really liked in no particular order Slowly building this up.

Limited to non-anime titles only even though anime has at least one or two titles where friendship was a very strong theme, like Rainbow: Nisharokubou no Shichinin.
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And I just had to laugh with them! Modified as I rememeber them. There surely were more than two for me. Or will be.
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Taken from:

I like to keep the lists in one place, hence I transferred the titles from that list into my own here. IMDb sounds like one of few sites that is unlikely to ever go away...unlike the rest of them. I haven't seena lot of these yet, but I love lists and this is one list that's nice to keep at hand for things to watch.

I will eventually delete the items I dislike to end up with a list of personally liked cognitive sciences-related films.