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The 400 ladies listed are the 400 most "intoxicating" ladies I have ever viewed in film. Keep in mind, I wrote "intoxicating" not "intoxicated," so dames like Liz Taylor, Paris Hilton and Zsa Zsa will not be listed.
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Imagine that John Carpenter's "The Fog" was made in the latter stages of Hammer Studios' run. The casting director might align the players as such...
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A woman doesn't have to remove all to be alluring in film, but some of these dames do. These 75 films have some nice scenes of actresses frollicking in their undergarments or sporting nighttime apparel.
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These are the ten best feline scenes that I can remember viewing in films. Enjoy.
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These ten titles are my favorite off-the-wall horror films that could slide easily into the "cult" bracket of films.
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The best melding of horror and skin in the fright fest genre