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This list is based on 3000+ films/shows I've watched, and still under construction... (You probably noticed they're not in the right order, I'll try to mend that... All right, I gave up!)

These films and shows have given me pleasure, shock, laughters, tears, many complicated feelings I'm not able to put into words, different/new ways to view and understand love, life, people, nature, the world and myself. Perhaps you'd enjoy them more if you're a girl or my twin sister (figuratively, of course).

My favourite topics/genres: documentaries, independent, classics, world/ethnic, road/travel, biographical, political, historical/period, psychological, feminist, LGBTQQAI-themed, romance/erotic, music/musical/dance, (black) comedy, sci-fi...

An interesting & beautiful story, secretive & desperate love, self-destructive protagonist(s), great soundtrack... equals time well spent. But the shocking/sadistic ones always stay longer, haunting you till the end...
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Some famous Chinese directors (well, my favourites):

Mainland/PRC: Zhangke Jia,

HK: Kar Wai Wong, Stanley Kwan, etc.

TW: Ang Lee, Hsiao-hsien Hou, Edward Yang, Ming-liang Tsai, etc.
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tortured and damaged souls, tragic (anti)hero(ine)s,
courageous, desperate and crazy women (mostly),
and their disappointing, indecisive men.
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Some are internationally recognised top actors, but mostly cute faces I drool over, or both. XD