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XXY (2007)
the girl can choose
9 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The director Lucía Puenzo was awarded in Cannes for this movie. It's a great movie about a 15-year-old hermaphrodite who want to choose her sexuality. His parents wants to be a girl, but she's starting to discover herself, and her preferences. Then she meet Alvaro, a young boy who likes her. The young actress Ines Efron plays very well her role, is a girl with many feelings, and she wants to express them. The best scene is that where Alex make love with Alvaro, and the rolls are reversed. The girl wasn't actually a girl! What a surprise for him, but he likes it. (Alvaro realize that he's gay) Great performance of both. And the rest of the cast too. (Ricardo Darin it's the best Argentinian actor). It's all about to choose, the hermaphrodite girl can choose her identity and her parents have to respect it. Just like the boy and his sexual identity. That's the message of the new writer and director Lucia Puenzo. With a good story that makes you think about the hermaphrodites and the rigth to choose their own identity.
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Poné a Francella (2001–2002)
He´s the best Argentinian comedy actor
31 January 2004
"Poné a Francella" it´s a TV show from Argentina, the most funny of all. Francella is the master of the humor here in Argentina, the dialogs are delicious and the girls beautiful. It´s not a copy, just a new version of older sketchs. He is a loved actor here in Argentina.
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