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It may seem like an inaccessible medium, or even a fruitless endeavor to watch them, but bad films often make for great viewing experiences. The following 25 are some of the best to start with. They all share the four, following qualities.
a. The essential bad film is genuine
b. Bad movies shatter expectations
c. They are raw and intact
d. A bad movie is an event
The list goes backwards.
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Disturbing movies.
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This is a list of movies that will not leave you indifferent, with disturbing, sometimes sick scenes and movies with a grim but realistic stories.
You will be a different person after viewing these movies.
Most of the films I watched, the other I will see as soon as I get them. I love movies like this, I'm open for suggestions.
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This is a list of 60 best foreign TV series and shows that I had a chance to watch on our TV stations in Serbia.
In Serbia, the television is dominated by South American, Indian and Turkish series, which I have omitted from this list because I do not watch them.