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Enjoyable comedy without the usual Hollywood overkill, 9 May 2008

I was in fear of going to see this movie.The reviews were appalling. At the last minute I relented and went expecting the worst. I was pleasantly surprised after 10 minutes my fears were dispelled and I actually started to enjoy the film. The basis of the film was predictable but the way the 2 central characters draw you in surprised me. They worked very well together and played off each other very well. Yes there are 1 or 2 silly scenes but it was still funny.

I think the best thing about this comedy was that it left it up to the audience to draw their own conclusions on the characters of the central characters without laying (on as Hollywood usually does)it on heavy with the romantic or schmuty character embellishment.

Just a funny story with 2 ( 4 including the supporting friends) very good comic actors. Give yourself a break its not overly typical Hollywood flick and I found it funny anyway ! PS I am not a teenager !

Hostel (2005)
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Shocking bad acting and stereotyping, 20 March 2006

Not hard to see what genre this film fits into. Pointless titillating gratuitous violence targeted at the late male teenager.

If the point of this film was to shock it certainly did that shocking bad story,shocking bad acting and shocking bad stereotyping of both European and American tourists.

If I was near an exit I would have left.

Storyline was very explicit if you like to see some not too imaginative but graphic torture clips mixed with some gratuitous sex scenes then this is the film for you.

Characters were very poorly developed and in the end you don't really care if they survive or not.In fact for some of the characters you were glad that their screen time was cut short to save you from some truly cringe inducing acting.

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Great story acting and cinematography, 24 January 2005

I found this an excellent film.Hopkins and Kidman were superb in their character portrayal especially Kidman.My only qualm is that some of the story could be expanded such as when Kidman meets Hopkins and hit it off. Hopkins had been in her shop earlier and there didn't seem to any spark of love interest at that point............even in the car there seemed to be no real chemistry.I think their initial meeting should have been more intense as for the rest of the story to follow on. I also thought the part of the ex husband could have been beefed up to reflect his often violent tendencies to his ex wife. Overall i was mesmerised by the acting of both Kidman and Hopkins and the superb way the story line was gently weaved out as th film progressed.

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Boring Pretentious Predictable anti Japanese arty mumbo jumbo, 29 January 2004

After all the positive reviews I had heard about LiT I decided that I needed some lighthearted entertainment ( at thats at least what the trailers had led me to believe ) my girlfriend & I decide to go to to see LiT.

As a big Bill Murray fan ( Scrooge & Groundhog Day )I was expecting to be laughing my socks off. Big mistake !!!!!!

The only joke I could see in this film were sterotypical anti Japanese Bill M towering over the smaller Japanese in an elevator or the jokes about how Bill M could not understand the Japanese language........hysterical NOT ! No imagination.

A long winded story about 2 travellers with personal family issues lost and lonely in a foreign country falling for each other........full stop.

This film is very similar in feeling to "Leaving Las Vegas" but thats where the similarity ends.

Miss Coppola is not her father and this is no Godfather.