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Important philosophy
18 October 2017
I'm almost sure this is not a spoiler as it is a very general description:

It is a movie without pace and not many surprises, but gives a powerful philosophical message that a war cannot really be stopped by war (much less with the same mentality of the enemy). Pity it was not fully executed as so by the hero.
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A fabulous ode to life, love and solidarity
28 December 2012
A fabulous ode to life, love and solidarity.

It is one of the most beautiful Christmas stories, although not exactly about Christmas. It is about how real miracles happen in our daily life. It shows us how to live life in happiness, love and solidarity.

In a small town in the United States, George Bailey, a man who tried all his life to be fair, honest, caring and good, has reached the limit of its mental, physical and financial strengths. It's right on the verge of losing everything he has and leave his family destitute unless a miracle happens this Christmas. But as George does not believe in miracles, he decides to commit suicide by throwing himself to the icy river. When he is about to jump he is prevented from doing so by a stranger named Clarence, actually an angel trying to earn his wings. He will prove to George, who wished never to exist, the importance of his life and show him the nightmare that his city could have turned if he had not existed.

Technically it is a bit poor, with bad cuts inside same scenes, but we must care that this is a 1946 movie and this doesn't takes down the 10/10 rating I gave. A remake of this movie should be made in order to update such a remarkable story.
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