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American Gods (2017– )
Watch to kill time not because its worth it
17 July 2017
now i see why IMDb has removed their message forums its obvious IMDb is run by hipster libtards who prefer to exist in a echo chamber in one huge circle jerk .I've noticed high ratings for garbage this one being one of them .Imdb needs to get realistic about their rating system and needs to reach into the negatives id gladly rate this a -10/10

Acting-bad wooden unbelievable

Substance -nonexistent

Writing-written by someone who is a navel gazing pubescent metaphysical obsessed stoner

Content-Plenty of over the top graphic softcore style sex TnA and violence a grown man being swallowed by a womans vagina ? come GTFO!

I lasted all of one episode it seems TV has become niche very indie film style .One thing i learned about indie films and the market is their platform they go off of is identity politics they make films on subjects that pander to low brow people made by smug arrogant arm chair intellectual people .This show fits that very blue print so if you aren't low brow/deplorable avoid like the plague unless you live a truly boring unexciting life and need something to do to pass the time this shows for you 1-10
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White Girl (2016)
Don't waste time as this film offers nothing of real value
4 December 2016
i says write 10 lines ugh if only i had tuned in long enough to write ten lines i'll keep it short .

As a justin bartha fan this was the only reason my curiosity was sparked enough to want to watch this crap .WTF was he thinking ? they must of spiked his koolaid because he's too good for this tripe .The film maker made this film based of her life experiences .No need to go watch this film just .Listen to any one of the interviews shes given on the subject matter and you'll see what a empty soul she is .The main character of the film is no different she epitomizes the stereotype of blonde bimbo.She sleeps with anyone who will look in her direction does any drug shoved under her nose . The actress doesn't to bright either or think much of herself or her talents to take this role on .Maybe that's why she got the role even going as far sucking a dick on camera . For me easy nature was apparent for me the moment she decides to just make friends and get nice with the local drug pushers .Now some in the indie pseudo intellect world would defend the act on doing real sex on camera as being artistic and not at all what it appears to be . Thats bullshit you put a dick in your mouth on camera whether its real or prosthetic the act of sucking on it is unsimulated . This movie only appeals to very low brow young and dumb and or pseudo intellects of the indie film world .If you consider yourself a deplorable than this movie is for you if your a normal rational thinking person with any shred of real intelligence you'll stay away as it only reduces IQ points .Go watch the movie kids less pretentious than this film and is worth a watch avoid this at all costs if you have a life and or common sense . This movie is one of those movies that exists just for the sake of existing its all style no substance .
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kelly+victor = dud
22 February 2015
I wish IMDb would delve into the negatives as well as the positive number realms because its the only way to truthfully cover films like these honestly .

Acting was decent

story was weak girl meets boy girl likes is into kinky asphyxiation type of sex .Even though she's 90 lbs soaken wet and couldn't gag a maggot .

Meaningless lives and meangingless sex equal a meaningless movie with no point or meaning 1-10 not worth your money or the time to think about or give meaning to it .You want to thought provoking material read a book .Skip this movie at any and all costs i made it 50 mins into the film and shut it off because i felt myself growing dumber by the second .Yes it was one of those films
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complete swiss cheese ,garbage.
27 January 2014
I wish IMDb had a negatives rating system because i would so go there .Here is the thing with this the philosophy behind this movie ,franco claims he is tired of the original straight way sex is portrayed .That's all well and good if the majority of society was straight .The reality is there is all kinds of different sexes in this culture . There was a good reason why 40 minutes of the original was cut out i'm sure .There was absolutely no reason what so ever for 40 minutes of just straight gay sexuality to be thrown in this film ;especially if it didn't serve a purpose .This is self indulgences at it's fullest showing gay sex for the sake of gay sex isn't art or artistic .This is the type of pretentious garbage that should be boycotted .Yes it depicts unsimulated gay sex acts big f'in deal .Get to the mf'in point Travis Mathews and James Franco .This isn't about 40 minutes of a movie that was cut out as it was a movie about a confused man exploring his homosexuality . James franco you aren't fooling you prentious dung heep time to come out the of the mf'in closet .Show your true colors you been a closeted gay your whole life .No legit straight man would come out with something like this .This is just gay sex for the sake of showing it don't be fooled by these clowns . You think a seasoned veteran like Pacino would of wasted his time with this trash ?.Hell f'in NO !,the point of the films intentions was completely forgotten . Or in this case ignored its just and excuse to show gay porn and pass it off as some art house decor .The truth shall set you free seriously , don't buy into this crap .I skimmed through it and it is the biggest con job ever . There is absolutely nothing in this film that is ground breaking or challenging .The original film has a lot more integrity than this garbage .That's the point ,the original film struck chord this film is just flat .There is a reason for the editing floor it's so crap like this has a place to dwell on . To all you who would rate this above a 1 and are not gay stop drinking that kool aid .Quit lying to yourself quit telling yourself its for the sake of art . Stop telling yourself that it's OK because it's James Franco doing it ,the man is the biggest con artist ever .He's downright gay but he lacks the cojones to just come out and say it .So he collaborates with some one who produces nothing but self indulgent swine just so he comes off as legit .Time to take the blinders off to this garbage james franco needs his ass kicked ;any respectable actor and or gay man would show no respect for this man or what he does .
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if you skim through it you get a neat music video
21 June 2013
From the opening visually i liked the look of this film.It pulled you in on a visual level . That was where the intrigue stopped for me bottom line .This film is very long music video with a shoe string plot attached to it .Don't be fooled all the praise that comes from this movie is strictly fanboy.Very pretentious film starts out with trying to get to springbreak then windes up being a thelma and louise type format .The only good acting is from franco .Evertyhing else is caricatureish anyone who says harmony korine is great.Is obviously a fanboy go watch for yourself and don't listen or buy into the hype. This movie is done up by a college film student who is on the 5 year plan.If your looking for a message go to western union this movie just doesn't have a solid one .At least one that uncovers something we didn't already know about the youthes of today.
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To the Wonder (2012)
A 7 minute student film disguised as a 2 hour art film
13 April 2013
I just saw this last night and only made it to about the 20 minute marker before i came too my senses.I realized that films like this are supposed to capture some kind of aesthetic beauty.Its obvious the director is a very ambitious person .He lacks any passion though to give meaning to this film or its inhabitants.Terrence malick belongs in a art gallery ,you know the people you usually see.Sitting alone at a table hocking whatever cd's or DVD's they made in the name of art.He fails to grasp the point that films are about telling a story.Which he doesn't do very well at ,there is nothing but hype around this guy by his cult followers.

Ben affleck being the so/so talent he is, is very obvious he doesn't want to be in this film.The french woman just seems like a dandy like she doesn't know what the hell is going on.But to make it look like her character has a purpose feels the need to constantly be dancing or jumping around ;For no particular reason.The characters have no purpose the story is very bleak and bismal.The only love story i see here is T.M'S love of taking nature shots .If you've seen the first part of the film there's no need to see the second.Don't waste 2 hours seeing this film.You can go to any local film festival and see 10minute long films that are based on the same subject.Even for the curious viewer at least wait till you can see this film at a reduced price or wait till you can stream it online for free.

What malick does is being achieved by college and high school film students with the same quality.It seems like they understand how to sum up whatever message they be trying to convey. In a shorter amount of time than malick.Which after all isn't that the point ? to sum up life in its entirety ? Malick must of skipped or slept through those classes because he misses the point.To anyone with a brain who refuses to sip that coolaide cocktail that malick serves up to all his cult followers.If you want to know what this movie is about spend some time out in real life nature. It's more rewarding and you have a greater sense of fulfillment and growth as a person.Avoid this film at all costs
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Game of Thrones (2011– )
-9.4 rating is more like it (Horrible show)
3 April 2013
Where do i start first of all this show is HOR-RIBLE like a car wreck where a family of four gets mangled and killed horrible. I'm not trying to be mean i'm just going based off my observations.I will break this down as simple as possible.

Acting : Not good,if i were to rate the acting on a IQ scale i'd put it at 50.Which translates to being mentally retarded, the writing is some what to blame but.If these actors had any really good talent that was above average.They could make the show much better even with sh*&^% dialogue.Why any self respecting actor would chose to be on this show,is a sign that there is no good actors here at all.At least any with good judgement or integrity.Any actor with real talent would only be undermining themselves by doing this garbage.

Plot: Dungeons and dragons with lots of violence and lots of sex.Just think of eating something thats way overcooked and.You're pretty much getting the same thing here.Luckily this show has a built in audience or else it would of sank along time ago.The main ingrediant for this show has become just to shock and confuse people.To keep them interested which is usually a sign that the creators are struggling to keep this show afloat.Even going as far as throwing in the sex sounds when peter dinklage is getting his knob slobbed.It's like they had prepubescent boys in the editing room;working the sound effects.

Writing:I doubt there is any writers ,if i had to guess i would say they are just pulling dialogue right from the book verbatim.

Overall the show is held together by gum and paper clips ,theres only so many times graphic violence and sex will work .There was a scene where one of the male characters is giving a monologue with two female actresses.Performing sex acts on each other while trying to sound serious i felt embarrassed for the actor and actresses that had to put up with that.This show has absolutely NO substance what so ever the best advice i can give is this .If you want to know what this show is really like don't go to someone who is a fanboy of it .They will just sensationalize it for you.Which will just winde up misleading you to wasting your time watching this junk.This show trys

way to hard and doesn't deserve any of credit for its efforts. I wish IMDb allowed for negative numbered ratings so i could give this a proper rating.EPIC FAIL
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Tell Me You Love Me (2007– )
Simply awful even for a porno
10 March 2013
I remember the first saw this show it was by chance and i caught it late night;on hbo.I just seen and ending clip with the sex and thought it was typical late night softcore cinemax type show.You know the ones with really cheesy acting and story lines.When i realized this was a actual show i couldn't believe it .When i came on IMDb and checked it out and saw the ratings my heart nearly stopped.I wish the ratings went into a negative.So i could give this a truthfully honest rating that it deserves whats so bad about it ?;where do i start .

The writing is bad you can tell by the dialogue its either that or the actors are bad or both.Usually you can tell the difference between a good actor dealing with bad dialogue.In the case of this show it doesn't matter they are both equally bad.I think the worse part of it is how these actors actually think they are doing something worth watching .There is absolutely no redeeming quality too this show what so ever. Some people might call this ground breaking ,colored t.v in the 60's was ground breaking.This is just mild core porn and considering the time and era we live in. This shows content is truly irrelevant in todays world .They seriously should of left out the sex.They should of hired experienced writers instead first year out of college grads.This is a show that just doesn't give crap .Know one here bothered to actually create something new and original.Their only concern was throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what stuck.Don't waste your time or life with this show read a book,you'll get so much more in return.
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Cosmopolis (2012)
5.4 ? Only in the bizarro world don't waste your time
30 October 2012
I was put on to this movie after seeing and interview with the beautiful Sarah gadon.After hearing a lot about it i figured what the hell i had nothing else to do .Immediatly the feeling i got when watching this.Went from bad to just pit of my stomach horrible.Atrocious is usually a term used when describing a horrible wreck of some kind.Here it's just as befitting a term the same with the word wreck.

*Robert pattison's performance and acting were hands down thee worst acting i've ever seen in my life.He should seriously quit after he's done doing those silly twilight films.It truly does pay off to be a good looking face in Hollywood.Im considering getting some plastic surgery myself so i can look just as good as him.Maybe that will end all my poverty as and actor and i can be another rich talentless hack.

*Dialogue : hands down the dialogue was horrible it was like the writer didn't exert the slightest effort .Which left me scratching my head like what is the point of even making a movie like this .Just about all the actors ,acted as if they were trying to remember facts from a text book .It was unbelievable ,dry and filled with rhetoric that i don't think the writer himself as well as the cast .Could or ever would be able to understand in two life times. I don't know why sarah gadon agreed to do this film .It seems like no one even bothered to read to script.The excuse of croneberg directing was enough for these people? pathetic.Which is sad ,i'm and aspiring actor if i was offered a part in this movie.After i read the script i would of taken it into the bathroom.Made my business and wiped my ass with every page before handing it back.With a NO WAY IN HELL attached. I've seen college short films that blow this one out of the water .Please if you want to destroy brain cells in a more creative way.Drink the butane out of a lighter.Or drop some acid tablets at least you'll have a more fulfilling experience. AVOID THIS MOVIE AT ALL COSTS PLEASE. Its not worth it there are kids starving in this world.Who could use that $10 David cronenberg doesn't deserve it .Even donating it to robert pattison so he can enroll in legit acting course.Would be a better way of spending your hard earned cash.
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Lie with Me (2005)
Makes lifetime movies good
2 August 2012
I just watched this movie and automatically the first thing that popped into my head was .Lifetime special ,this was horrible even from a lifetime perspective .The main actress isn't interesting her male co star isn't interesting either .At times i wonder what why he was even there. For anyone who sits there's and says this is about love and relationships .You need to get your head checked this is about sex plain and simple . i kind of got the feeling of this being a lazy effort to resemble last tango .Fail big time at least tango had actual talented actors .I guess in a way this movie suits the talent or lack there of.Nothing artistic at all about this the director needs a serious reality check.When are people like this going to be banned from trying to pass pornographic films off art ? its insulting
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