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BEST PICTURE: (1) Spotlight, (2) The Big Short, (3) The Revenant, (4) Carol, (5) Mad Max: Fury Road, (6) Room, (7) Trumbo (8) The Martian, (9) Beasts of No Nation, (10) Bridge of Spies

Best Director: (1) McCarthy, (2) Innaritu, (3) Miller, (4) Scott, (5)Haynes

Best Actor: (1) DiCaprio, (2) Fassbender, (3) Redmayne, (4) Cranston, (5) Depp

Best Actress: (1) Larson, (2) Lawrence, (3) Blanchett, (4) Ronan, (5) Rampling

Best Supporting Actor: (1) Rylance, (2) Elba, (3) Stallone, (4) Ruffalo, (5) Keaton

Best Supporting Actress: (1) Mara, (2) Winslet, (3) Vikander, (4) Fonda, (5) McAdams

Best Original Screenplay: (1) Spotlight, (2) Joy, (3) Inside Out, (4) The Hateful Eight, (5) Bridge of Spies

Best Adapted Screenplay: (1) The Big Short, (2) Steve Jobs , (3) Carol, (4) The Revenant, (5) Room

Best Editing: (1) Spotlight, (2) The Revenant, (3) Te Big Short, (4) Carol, (5) Mad Max

Best Cinematography: (1) The Revenant, (2) Beasts of No Nation, (3) The Hateful Eight, (4) Sicario, (5) Bridge of Spies

Best Costume Design: (1) The Revenant, (2) Crimson Peak, (3) Cinderella, (4) Mad Max: Fury Road, (5) Macbeth

Best Makeup: (1) Black Mass, (2) The Danish Girl, (3) Crimson Peak

Best Production Design: (1) Crimson Peak, (2) The Hateful Eight, (3) Bridge of Spies, (4) Brooklyn, (5) Cinderella

Best Visual Effects: (1) The Martian, (2) Mad Max: Fury Road, (3) Jurassic World, (4) The Avengers: Age of Ultron, (5) Ant-Man

Best Sound Design/Mixing: (1) The Martian, (2) Mad Max: Fury Road, (3) Jurassic World, (4) Sicario, (5) The Revenant
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FRONT-RUNNERS (as of Today)
PICTURE: (1)Boyhood, (2)Birdman, (3)Selma, (4)The Imitation Game, (5)A Most Violent Year, (6)Whiplash, (7)Gone Girl, (8)The Theory of Everything, (9)American Sniper, (10)Unbroken
DIRECTOR: (1)Richard Linklater, (2)Alfonso Gonzalez Innaritu, (3)Ava Duverney, (4)David Fincher, (5)Morten Tyldum
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: (1)Gone Girl, (2)Inherent Vice, (3)The Theory of Everything, (4)The Imitation Game, (5)Wild
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: (1)Boyhood, (2)Birdman, (3)Whiplash, (4)The Grand Budapest Hotel, (5)Selma
LEAD ACTOR: (1)Michael Keaton, (2)Eddie Redmayne, (3)Benedict Cumberbatch, (4)David Oyelowo, (5)Jake Gyllenhall
LEAD ACTRESS: (1)Julianne Moore, (2)Reese Witherspoon, (3)Jennifer Aniston, (4)Rosamund Pike, (5)Felicity Jones
SUPPORTING ACTOR: (1)J.K. Simmons, (2)Edward Norton, (3)Ethan Hawke, (4)Mark Ruffalo, (5)Robert Duvall
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: (1)Patricia Arquette, (2)Meryl Streep, (3)Jessica Chastain, (4)Kiera Knightley, (5)Emma Stone
FILM EDITING: (1)Boyhood, (2)Interstellar, (3)Birdman, (4)Gone Girl, (5)The Imitation Game,
BEST MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING: (1)Into The Woods, (2)Guardians of the Galaxy, (3)Foxcatcher
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: (1)Birdman, (2)Interstellar, (3)Unbroken, (4)Gone Girl, (5)The Grand Budapest Hotel,
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: (1)Interstellar, (2)Gone Girl, (3)Unbroken, (4)Birdman, (5)The Imitation Game,
BEST COSTUME DESIGN: (1)Into The Woods, (2)Maleficent, (3)The Grand Budapest Hotel, (4)Exodus:Gods & Kings, (5)Mr. Turner,
BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: (1)Into The Woods, (2)The Grand Budapest Hotel, (3)Interstellar, (4)Exodus: Gods & Kings, (5)Unbroken,
BEST SOUND EDITING: (1)Interstellar, (2)Fury, (3)Unbroken, (4)Into The Woods, (5)The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies,
BEST SOUND MIXING: (1)Interstellar, (2)Fury, (3)Unbroken, (4)Into The Woods, (5)The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies,
BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: (1)Interstellar, (2)Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, (3)The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, (4)Guardians of the Galaxy, (5)Godzilla
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*Movies Ranked By Buzz (from critics, boxoffice, precursor awards) which helps me determine likely nominees and winners

Best Animated Film
Starts at #29

Best Documentary Film
Starts at #34

Best Foreign Language Film
Starts at #39

PICTURE: (1)12 Years A Slave, (2)Gravity, (3)American Hustle, (4)Nebraska, (5)The Wolf of Wall Street, (6)Dallas Buyers Club, (7)Captain Phillips, (8)Her, (9)Philomena
DIRECTOR: (1)Alfonso Cuaron, (2)David O'Russell, (3)Steve McQueen, (4)Martin Scorsese, (5)Alexander Payne
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: (1)12 Years a Slave, (2)The Wolf of Wall Street, (3)Before Midnight, (4)Philomena, (5)Captain Phillips
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: (1)American Hustle, (2)Her, (3)Nebraska, (4)Blue Jasmine, (5)Dallas Buyers Club
LEAD ACTOR: (1)Matthew McConaughey, (2)Chiwetel Ejifor, (3)Leonardo Dicaprio, (4)Bruce Dern, (5)Christian Bale
LEAD ACTRESS: (1)Cate Blanchett, (2)Sandra Bullock, (3)Amy Adams, (4)Judi Dench, (5)Meryl Streep
SUPPORTING ACTOR: (1)Jared Leto, (2)Michael Fassbender, (3)Bradley Cooper, (4)Barkhad Abdi, (5)Jonah Hill
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: (1)Jennifer Lawrence, (2)Lupita Nyong'o, (3)Julia Roberts, (4)June Squibb, (5)Sally Hawkins
FILM EDITING: (1)Gravity, (2)Captain Phillips, (3)American Hustle, (4)12 Years A Slave, (5)Dallas Buyers Club,
CINEMATOGRAPHY: (1)Gravity, (2)Inside Llewyn Davis, (3)The Grandmaster, (4)Nebraska, (5)Prisoners
PRODUCTION DESIGN: (1)American Hustle, (2)The Great Gatsby, (3)12 Years A Slave, (4)Gravity, (5)Her
COSTUME DESIGN: (1)American Hustle, (2)The Great Gatsby, (3)The Grandmaster, (4)12 Years A Slave, (5)The Invisible Woman
MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING: (1)Bad Grandpa, (2)The Lone Ranger, (3)Dallas Buyers Club
ORIGINAL SCORE: (1)Gravity, (2) The Book Thief, (3)Her, (4)Saving Mr. Banks, (5)Philomena
ORIGINAL SONG: (1)Frozen - "Let It Go", (2)Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom - "Ordinary Love", (3)Her - "The Moon Song", (4)Despicable Me 2 - "Happy", (5)Alone Yet Not Alone - "Alone Yet Not Alone"
SOUND EDITING: (1)Gravity, (2)All Is Lost (3)The Hobbit, (4)Captain Phillips, (5)Lone Survivor
SOUND MIXING: (1)Gravity, (2)Lone Survivor, (3)The Hobbit, (4)Captain Phillips, (5)Inside Llewyn Davis
VISUAL EFFECTS: (1)Gravity, (2)The Hobbit, (3)The Lone Ranger, (4)Iron Man 3, (5)Star Trek Into Darkness
FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: (1)The Great Beauty (Italy), (2)The Hunt (Denmark), (3)The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium), (4)The Missing Picture (Cambodia), (5)Omar (Palestine)
ANIMATED FILM: (1)Frozen, (2)The Wind Rises, (3)Despicable Me 2, (4)Ernest and Celestine, (5)The Croods,
DOCUMENTARY FILM: (1)The Act of Killing, (2)20 Feet From Stardom, (3)The Square, (4)Cutie and The Boxer, (5)Dirty Wars

*2014 Final Prediction Results (84/107) 78.5%
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While a person's race certainly has no correlation with the quality of the films they make, it unfortunately does affect the amount of opportunity they receive in Hollywood to make films. While Researching Black Directors I found that most end up working in television or suffer long periods of inactivity between their films.

Race also affects the type of stories that they tell. For those feeling a dearth of Movies about Black Culture, hopefully this list will introduce you to some directors/films about Black Culture/People that you never knew existed. Or just inform you on a few films that you may not have ever known were made by Black Directors.

*Any suggestions/criticisms are welcome. I've already incorporated a few into the list.
a list of 39 titles

Upcoming Oscar Quality Films To Look Out For

Best Animated Film
Starts at #25

Best Documentary Film
Starts at #30

Best Foreign Language Films
Starts at #35
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Best Live Action Short Films

Best Animated Short Films

Best Documentary Short Films

WINNERS & Nominees
PICTURE: (1)Argo, (2)Life of Pi, (3)Lincoln, (4)Silver Linings Playbook, (5)Django Unchained, (6)Zero Dark Thirty, (7)Les Miserables, (8)Amour/Love, (9)Beasts of the Southern Wild
DIRECTOR: (1)Ang Lee, (2)Steven Speilberg, (3)David O'Russell, (4)Michael Haenke, (5)Benh Zeitlin
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: (1)Argo, (2)Life of Pi, (3)Lincoln, (4)Silver Linings Playbook, (5)Beasts of the Southern Wild
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: (1)Django Unchained, (2)Zero Dark Thirty, (3)Amour/Love, (4)Moonrise Kingdom, (5)Flight
LEAD ACTOR: (1)Daniel Day Lewis, (2)Hugh Jackman, (3)Bradley Cooper, (4)Denzel Washington, (5)Joaquin Phoenix
LEAD ACTRESS: (1)Jennifer Lawrence, (2)Emmanuelle Riva, (3)Jessica Chastain, (4)Naomi Watts, (5)Quvenzhané Wallis
SUPPORTING ACTOR: (1)Christoph Waltz, (2)Robert De Niro, (3)Tommy Lee Jones, (4)Phillip Seymour Hoffman, (5)Alan Arkin
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: (1)Anne Hathaway, (2)Sally Field, (3)Helen Hunt, (4)Amy Adams, (5)Jackie Weaver
FILM EDITING: (1)Argo, (2)Zero Dark Thirty, (3)Lincoln, (4)Life of Pi, (5)Silver Linings Playbook,
CINEMATOGRAPHY: (1)Life of Pi, (2)Skyfall, (3)Lincoln, (4)Anna Karenina, (5)Django Unchained
PRODUCTION DESIGN: (1)Lincoln, (2)Anna Karenina, (3)Les Miserables, (4)Life of Pi, (5)The Hobbit
COSTUME DESIGN: (1)Anna Karenina, (2)Les Miserables, (3)Mirror Mirror, (4)Lincoln, (5)Snow White and the Huntsman
MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING: (1)Les Miserables, (2)The Hobbit, (3)Hitchcock
ORIGINAL SCORE: (1)Life of Pi, (2) Lincoln, (3)Argo, (4)Skyfall, (5)Anna Karenina
ORIGINAL SONG: (1)Skyfall - "Skyfall", (2)Les Miserables - "Suddenly", (3)Ted - "Everybody Needs a Best Friend", (4)Life of Pi - "Pi's Lullaby", (5)Chasing Ice - "Before My Time"
SOUND EDITING: (1)Zero Dark Thirty & Skyfall (3)Argo, (4)Life of Pi, (5)Django Unchained
SOUND MIXING: (1)Les Miserables, (2)Life of Pi, (3)Skyfall, (4)Argo, (5)Lincoln
VISUAL EFFECTS: (1)Life of Pi, (2)The Hobbit, (3)The Avengers, (4)Prometheus, (5)Snow White and the Huntsman
FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: (1)Amour/Love (Austria), (2)A Royal Affair (Denmark), (3)No (Chile), (4)Kon-Tiki (Norway), (5)War Witch (Canada)
ANIMATED FILM: (1)Brave, (2)Wreck-It Ralph, (3)Frankenweenie, (4)Paranorman, (5)The Pirates: Band of Misfits,
DOCUMENTARY FILM: (1)Searching For Sugar Man, (2)How to Survive A Plague, (3)The Invisible War, (4)The Gatekeepers, (5)5 Broken Cameras
LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM*: (1)Curfew, (2)Asad, (3)Death of a Shadow, (4)Buzkashi Boys, (5)Henry,
ANIMATED SHORT FILM*: (1)Paperman,(2)Adam and Dog, (3)Head Over Heels, (4)Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare', (5)Fresh Guacumole
DOCUMENTARY - SHORT SUBJECT: (1) Inocente, (2)Mondays at Racine, (3)Open Heart, (4) Kings Point, (5) Redemption,
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What's happens next?:
(1)With the contenders finalized, the Academy will soon begin its series of official screenings of each of the 71 submissions, to be attended by blocs of volunteer voters from the branch (The rules don't require all the voters to see all the films; rather, voters are divided into separate blocs and each bloc is assigned a portion of the 71 submissions to vote on).
(2) On December 21, the six top vote-getters from this process will be joined by three extra titles chosen by an executive committee, making up a nine-film shortlist.
(3) From January 4-January 6, the entire foreign language film branch of the Academy will view and vote on 3 of the 9 shortlisted films each day. The top five vote-getters from this process will determine the final five nominees which will be announced on January 10.

*Iran has officially boycotted the 2013 Oscars and will not submit their choice "A Cube of Sugar". Egypt and Lebanon have not made an official statement but they also did not submit films this year.
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*First Film must have been within last 5 years
*Listed by Date of First Film(aka Newness)

Honorable Mentions of UP-and-COMING directors that made 1 film more than 5 years ago and therefore had to be excluded
1) Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In) - Excluded due to "The Pallbearer (1996)"
2) Greg Mottola (Adventureland, Superbad) - Excluded due to "The Daytrippers (1996)"
3) James Gunn (Slither, Super) - Excluded due to "Tromeo & Juliet (1996)"
4) Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for Superman) - Excluded due to "Gossip (2000)"
5) Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) - Excluded due to "Brother Tied (1998)"
6) Mike Cahill (Another Earth) - Excluded due to "Boxers & Ballerinas (2004)"
7) Lee Daniels (Precious) - Excluded due to "Shadowboxer (2005)"
8) Bobcat Goldthwait (Worlds Greatest Dad) - Excluded due to "Shakes The Clown (1991)"
9) David Yates (Harry Potter) - Excluded due to "The Tichborne Claimant (1998)"
10) Rian Johnson (Brick, Brothers Bloom) - Excluded due to "Brick (2005)"
11) Bennett Miller (Moneyball, Capote) - Excluded due to "Capote (2005)"
12) Andrew Domink (Assassination of Jesse James) - Excluded due to "Chopper (2000)"
13) Johnathan Dayton/Valarie faris (Little Miss Sunshine) - Excluded due to Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
14) Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, 40 year old virgin) - Excluded due to "40 Year old Virgin (2005)"