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Casting for R. Scott Bakker's epic fantasy series 'The Prince of Nothing', covering all three books in the trilogy: 'The Darkness That Comes Before', 'The Warrior Prophet' and 'The Thousandfold Thought'.
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My Movie Collection
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Movies to add to my collection.
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A list of actors with a distinct appearance, listed alphabetically by first name.
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Casting for the epic fantasy series "Wheel of Time", by Robert Jordan. This list covers books 1 - 10, up to "Knife of Dreams".
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A list of my favorite SNL cast members, ranked in order.
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... in my oh so humble opinion.
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Casting for the epic historical fiction series "The Saxon Tales", by Bernard Cornwell. The story is set in Anglo-Saxon England during the Viking invasions.

*Disclaimer: Since "The Saxon Tales" spans an entire lifetime, from childhood to old age, I'm only listing characters as they appear as adults.
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Movies I've recently watched in the theater, on TV, or from my collection.
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