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I've created this list initially to rate and to keep track of all the movies and TV series that I see in 2012. Updates will be made with every new movie/series I watch completely.

What I've seen so far this year(titles in no particular order) -->...
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Titles worth watching in 2014 that I've given a 7 star rating or higher. Will add movies as I watch them...
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Personal list of Movies/TV series of 2013 that I CAN NOT EVEN WAIT FOR. (in no order)
Hope they don't disappoint.
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In order by which I watch them.
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Celebrities whose untimely deaths I will never accept...
(In order from youngest to oldest at the time of deaths)
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Super badass.
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sooo tumblrr
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Actors who I think would be fitting to play the roles of the characters in the upcoming film, Unwind. Based on the novel "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman.
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