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Flaws, 13 July 2004

The series is very good but they spent too much time on one subject. VH1 also puts together a lot of animated things into video footage. One example is after they introduced the Where's Waldo book, in pictures and video, they'd show Waldo to the side as a little secret joke. There were also instances where they would show music videos and put the little computer animated baby from Ally McBeal to come in and dance. Many celebrities' heads are also put on different bodies to make the scene comedic. More things could have been covered but good nonetheless. I don't think enough fashion styles were talked about/shown. It is a good series but I think perhaps it came out a little too early. The write-ins to the Snapple lady and the Jay and Silent Bob rename TV shows were very stupid. Overall, I would recommend watching it if you're in for a little nostalgia.