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Original Rock Opera, 13 October 2007

before Tommy there was Quadrophenia. set in the mid-60's UK, a turf war and philosophy difference pits mods against rockers. Jimmy (Pete Townshend) is in the middle and no one here gets out unscathed. The Who invented rock opera, before Tommy and P.Floyd's The Wall. Let's not forget Pete invented guitar smashing as performance art. Hendrix may have lit it, but Pete started it all. Pick a side and pop some blues, just try not to go deaf or crash your motorbike. Play some vinyl and act like your parents did. peruse your parents records and get down 60's style. get a turntable and go old school. Even if you only live once, pick a side and get nostalgia. CD's and DVD's are nice but true film and vinyl are an eclectic class unto themselves. classic.

Jack (2004) (TV)
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teenage sucks!, 18 August 2005

Even gay dads can be good dads. but they can still make growing up hard. In the 21st century, family and personal relations are changing in a way that hasn't been dealt with on the larger scale they are in the 2000's.

As if being a teenager wasn't hard enough! Not only people have to deal with new social changes, but society's reaction. And you thought you had it hard growing up!

The narration does bring back memories of 'the wonder years.'

And you get to see Rizzo as a mommy. But having your dad's gay partner named 'BOB' seems a little passive aggressive.

The Cooler (2003)
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great look at "Vegas insiders," better loser's love story, 25 January 2004

this movie is definitely worth seeing. thinking back, all the buzz around Baldwin's performance is worthy. I thought Bello was good, just not so good as to garner all the praise for the role. of course Macy is always great, and this seems like a role written just for him. it's great to see him in a lead role.

without giving away anything, the story is got some interesting turns, but I kind of expected the ending from the flow of the movie. maybe not precisely, but the gist of it... there was one loose end i would've liked tied up. with the time spent on the specific sub-plot, you'll probably also wonder.

great old school Vegas casino. it adds a fun background, especially if you like playing the odds.