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Absolute perfection., 9 February 2014

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This right here is the best show on television. Not only does it propel the plot, but it also delivers one of the best set pieces I have ever seen with that final six-minute tracking shot. It is exhilarating, intense, and downright awesome.

In addition, the episode helps strengthen the central Marty-Rust relationship, sending them barreling down similar paths, leaving behind a wake of destruction even as they're on their way to solving a case.

The way the show manages to deliver every week is astounding, and kudos go out to the director, the writer, and the cinematographer for this gem. TV at its finest right here.

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Absolute perfection., 27 January 2014

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That was a beautiful episode. That was the one I was waiting for. The near misses were fun, the callbacks were great, the jokes landed, and Cristin Milioti gave an endearing and heart- wrenching performance; the story itself was, understandably, a bit contrived, but I have to say that this felt more earned than anything else prior and that her brilliance overshadowed the rest. The part where she was talking to her dead boyfriend could've easily blown up in the hands of a lesser actress, but she really made me feel for her, and when she sang "La Vie En Rose", oh man, I was definitely tearing up. That was a gorgeous sequence and a gorgeous episode, and it's a shame they waited until now to give it to us. I'm glad we got it, though.

This episode shows us exactly why she's great for Ted: 1) her personality, and 2) their similar states of mind. They feel as if they've already found the most happiness they could possibly obtain, when in reality, a little push brings them together. The Mother's speech to Max was that cathartic moment.

A episode all around.

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Her (2013)
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The best film of 2013 is Her., 30 December 2013

I saw Her this weekend, and it's my favorite movie of the year. Everything about it was fantastic: the acting, the directing, the writing. It could've easily been a clichéd look at technology or the future, but it's fundamentally a very human story about evolution. It's about having to deal with unfulfillment and things like divorce and loneliness, but it's also undercut with hope, whether it be through Theo's relationships with Samantha (Johansson) and Amy (Adams) or even the stylistic touches, like having Theo's red clothes set against a muted Los Angeles background. There are parallels drawn between all the characters' journeys without it feeling contrived, and even Theo's job--writing letters for other people--represents his relationship with his OS; on the surface, they may seem like "just letters" or "just a computer", but they're outlets for his emotions and desires.

Oh, and everyone in the cast is phenomenal; it's a shame Johansson is "ineligible" for an award. BS. She's fantastic, and this is an even tougher role to pull off.

This is a story about life, and it's perfect.


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Fantastic season finale closes out a thrilling season, 19 October 2013

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This season of Strike Back has been one hell of a ride, and the season finale ties a bow on "Shadow Warfare" with a resounding bang. There's something inherently thrilling about seeing this show at the top of its game, delivering week after week of brilliantly choreographed and directed fight scenes, as well as more complex character work and chemistry than a show like this has any right of having. Yet, we saw it unfold this year, and it'll be a long wait for next season.

The season does a great job with Leo Kamali's character, making him out to be a tragic figure that's also a villain. He's not inherently evil, but he's justifying his actions to his daughter and believes himself to be right. He's someone who's driven by a deeper human nature than Knox, and he's fantastic to watch.

In addition, the action is top notch; the budget of this show is significantly less than those of films, but it looks like film, that's for sure. For example, the final runway sequence is thrilling and entertaining to watch. While the end is a bit too pat, it's a near-perfect finish to a fantastic third (or fourth) season.

Also, Scott and Stonebridge are awesome.

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I also have reviews of most of the other episodes this season there, as well as of other popular shows.

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Wow., 16 May 2013

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What a beautiful 9 years this was. I still remember my first Office episode back in 2005, and I remember thinking "This won't last." But I'm glad I was wrong. I have lived and breathed this show, and I will truly miss it for as long as I live.

The finale was excellent. The characters all got closure, and the Michael Scott cameo was perfect. The last 10 minutes were incredibly moving, and I couldn't stop myself from crying.

The Office is a revolutionary show; it has changed TV forever. I remember rooting for Jim and Pam, and laughing along with all the characters. It has changed me forever, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, The Office.

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Perfection., 13 April 2013

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This is a masterpiece of a show. What. A. Ride. Never before has a show elicited in me the reactions this has. I have cheered, I have cried, and I have laughed all throughout this amazing journey. Thank you, Steven DeKnight and co.

When I first started the show, I was apprehensive. I liked the pilot enough, but I didn't imagine it would become one of my most loved shows of all time. It has created breathtaking visuals, amazing choreography, and fantastic characters (shout-out to Batiatus, who was one of those people you love to hate, yet you root for).

As we came into the third season, I was excited to see the show's take on historical figures like Crassus and Caesar. I was not disappointed. Both actors did a fantastic job, and while the Roman side of things weren't as compelling as before, they served as a nice final group of antagonists to Spartacus.

One thing I did not like was Tiberius. I felt nothing for him, not even hate, and he came across as more boring than anything else. His death was inconsequential and quiet, which was nice, although after killing Crixus, I wanted his face to be sliced off or something. Speaking of, Manu Bennett was so fantastic this season. I absolutely loved him, and his death scene was one of the most heartbreaking, yet beautiful things I've seen on television. Although I didn't much like this new Naevia, I still felt for her (and man, that last shot of "Separate Paths" was beautiful).

And of course, Liam McIntyre. Kudos to him for keeping Whitfield's legacy living through this character. He once again did fantastic work, none more so than in the finale.

What a finale that was. Seriously. I give it an 11/10. It was beyond a masterpiece. Once again, the battle scenes were cinema-quality, and I was cheering and holding my breath the whole time. Everything about it was beautiful. Merrells did fantastic work as Crassus, and McIntyre did fantastic work as Spartacus. The last few minutes hit me hard, and the last shot of the series was beautiful. Spartacus dies under a red serpent. One of my favorite things about the finale is that DeKnight created this sense of hope; you just hoped history would be changed. Yet, they stuck to the story, and I thought it was the right choice. They told the story of Spartacus, and they did it perfectly.

Other thoughts:

-Loved Gannicus as well. Hated what happened to him, though -Loved Ashur throughout the series. He was the perfect sneaky weasel -Loved the pit trap in the finale, as well as F--- YOUR MOTHERS!! -The credits of the finale was a perfect tribute to all the characters. It was so fantastic to see Varro, Batiatus, Lucretia, etc. again. And of course, Andy Whitfield closing it out. That brought tears to my eyes.


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Expected more, but it was still a pretty good end., 22 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where was the lupus?? I'll just start by saying that. Rating: 8.0-great Season Rating: 6.5-ok

Anyway, House is one of those shows that manages to be funny and moving at the same time. Greg House is one of my all time favorite characters on TV, and I definitely miss the days of House-Cameron-Foreman-Chase. Yes, the show got continually worse as the seasons went on (including the stupid season 7 finale), and I went into this season knowing it would be the last. The question is, did the writers end the story right?

I guess so. The ending scene was great (riding off into the sunset (or late afternoon) with Wilson), but I felt cheated by the whole "faked death" scene. No, House did not have to die-that would have made it worse. I just felt like the writers could've somehow done something more with this finale-don't ask me what, but something just felt off at the end, like everything was rushed. Everything was played safe, which I guess is more audience pleasing.

I will admit, though, that his actions were a nice turn for the character. House is a loner, and he accepted he would be one forever. However, he also gave up his old life all for Wilson. The funeral scene was nice, with Wilson finally breaking down over House's "death", just in a way that gives him closure.

As for the guest stars, I felt like they were unnecessary. Sure it's nice seeing Jennifer Morrison and Kal Penn again, but it felt like they were being brought out just so they could be brought out.

As for the last song, I wonder if any of you noticed that it was the same as the one Amber sang in House's earlier hallucination in "Under My Skin" (S5Ep23). It shows how House maybe shouldn't give up on what's true to him (he was trying to get rid of Amber), and in the end he didn't-he chose Wilson.

Final thoughts: While this episode didn't have the humor or the emotional resonance of some episodes, it was a great ending to a fantastic character and show. Congrats David Shore, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, and the rest of the people who made the show what it is. You will be missed-and no, I don't know why Grey's Anatomy is still on. -Everybody Lies Series grade: 9/10-amazing

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Great way to end everything, 9 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I gotta admit, I was ecstatic when Chuck was renewed for its 5th season.I went out to buy a Subway sub (didn't end up eating it, but it's the thought that counts). While the episodes before this one weren't all that Chuck great, they led up nicely here. Everything of course tied back to the pilot episode (bomb, Wienerlicious, the beach) and the last scene was great. I just wish Ellie/Awesome had a better send off than "Yay, let's move!" Also, the Nicholas Quinn storyline ended quickly, which of course says how important the writers really thought of it. They could've come up with something better. However, this was overall a fantastic episode. Goodbye Chuck. I will miss being one of your 3 million people watching every episode.