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A good film!, 19 April 2004

A decent movie, and nowhere near as bad as everyone makes out. Whereas Rocky Horror is weird in it's transvestite/alien way, this is actually better for a mainstream audience - it may be weird, but in a surreal/escapist way. Nice to see Ruby Wax in a lead role - she actually has a pretty big part as Betty, And the Rocky Horror actors - Richard O' Brien, Pat Quinn, Charles Gray and Nell Campbell are all great too (although it would have been nice to see a bit more of Nell) Keep a look out too for a pre-'Young Ones' Rik Mayall, playing Nell's love interest, interestingly enough. My advice is, if you can find a copy, get it - it's well worth investing in, whatever people may say.

Praise, Praise, Praise!, 19 April 2004

As a big fan of Simon Pegg and all of his 'Spaced' cronies, I was SO looking forward to seeing this film, and went along on the day of release. It didn't disappoint. In fact, it was so good, I went again the following day! Everything - every SINGLE thing - about this film is fantastic; the script, the direction, the acting, the jokes...there is nothing wrong with this movie at all. Nick Frost as Ed is his usual brilliant, slovenly self, and it's brilliant seeing Jessica Stevenson ('Spaced's Daisy) pop up as Yvonne. She may only be in three scenes, but she's great, as are all her friends... I could throw all the superlatives in the world at this movie, none of which would do it justice. Brilliant on every level, this really is a Must-see film. If this doesn't win a stack of awards, I'll be at a loss. Excellent.