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Don't compare it to the original, and you'll be happy, 17 January 2008

As a Brit, and having seen the patriotic ramblings of the other Brits on this board, I feel I have to say that I love the US version of The Office.

The first episode, an almost direct remake of the first episode of the original, was undoubtedly a mistake, and fortunately they've since developed new episodes and plot lines which are hilarious in their own right.

It's an entirely different show to the original - the laughs are not subtle, and the format is more that of the traditional sitcom. The characters are also entirely different, and they're fantastically written and acted.

If you're expecting a direct remake of the original, of course you'll be disappointed. However, if you view it as a sitcom in its own right, you can't help but love it.

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Sack the screenwriter!, 20 November 2005

I have just back from seeing this. Right now, I should be doing something more important, but I had to put this down before my head explodes! I really, honestly do not know what to say about this film. It's beautifully made, yes. The acting is much improved, yes. But the unbelievable liberties that were taken - what are you meant to say about that? From the off, Harry's dream about Voldemort etc is horribly altered by adding an unrelated character - it may not seem that important, but it is. And Dumbledore - I think Michael Gambon is an exemplary actor, but to see Dumbledore lose it with Harry in such an uncharacteristic way was dumbfounding.

See, I can understand why things have to be left out - it's a long book, and there are extraneous elements. For one, there's Rita Skeeter - so why keep part of her storyline in, and ignore the rest? What really annoys me, though, were the ridiculous plot and character revisions that occurred. It's such a pointless exercise that I can't even see why it was done.

I don't blame Mike Newell, as I think he did a great job. In terms of the complete destruction of Dumbledore's character, you really can't blame Gambon. The only person to blame is the utter idiot that adapted it - the lack of grasp of what was important and what was not astounded me. You would think that they would have read the books and I feel sorry for the director of OOTP as they really have their work cut out - many of their main characters, that we should already be familiar with, have barely been introduced if at all. Sirius 30 second CG appearance was ridiculous. Again, I wish these people would really read the book - at one point, the expelliarmus charm managed to knock someone off their feet whilst they were still holding their wand - getting small details like that wrong is rather ridiculous too.

I saw the film with my fiancé who has not read the books, and he was rather confused by it - you didn't even see the seasons change, and the film felt so rushed and the plot was so unexplained that it might as well have been 6 weeks rather than an academic year.

Oh well - it's a great looking film, and I was most pleased to see the split-second appearance of Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood et al, but it's relationship to the book is somewhat distance - second cousin twice removed perhaps?

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The MOST perfect depiction of adolescence, 8 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recently acquired a copy of the entire serious (shiftily, obviously, as it was not only cancelled early but refused a proper release). I was dreading watching it because I didn't want to ruin the perfect memories of it from my young teens - spending the summer holidays watching it on channel 4, wishing that I was as cool as Angela and falling madly in love with Jordan Catalano...

Well, times change I guess, but MSCL has happily lived up to all of my highly-expectant memories. It remains utterly perfect in its depiction of adolescent angst - some of the things that Angela says about her life, her emotions, about anything still ring true with me now. It is incredibly insightful with truly believable characters in realistic situations - nothing being made today even comes close to this.

The Christmas episode does wander idly into the realms of silly with the homeless angel, but it is such an emotive episode that you can easily forgive it (I dare anyone to watch the reunion in the church and not be moved by it) and, besides which, it has the most incredible version of 'O Holy Night'. The Ricky - homelessness plot line is quite simply devastating, as is Rayanne's addiction problems.

When I was younger I used to think that Jordan was so mysterious and that deep down he liked her early on - watching this from the other side of your teens, with the added knowledge of what teenage boys are really like, is quite an eye-opener - the majority of the series, he is so ambivalent that it's actually painful. It's such a pity that we never saw the relationship continue though the following season. As a teenager, I thought Jordan was very mysterious - now I realise he was just completely clueless but that doesn't stop me from falling in live with him all over again, even in my early twenties (am sure I am not the only one).

Good shows get cancelled, it is a fact of life (look at Carnivale for goodness sake) but cancelling this was absolutely cruel. So go and find yourself a copy on ebay and get watching - you won't be disappointed.

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2 hours of pure beauty, 21 February 2004

Having read some of the user comments, I felt I had to write a review to ensure that people take the time to watch this film.

I find it interesting that anyone could describe this film as boring. Perhaps it is, if you think "The Fast and the Furious" is the greatest film of all time.

There is not a superfluous moment within this is obvious that intense planning has created a film which appears to move freely. Every shot is beautiful, necessary, inspired. The central performances are simply stunning, and the relationship between the two is gorgeous and real. No, it is not a Hollywood-style love story...and we can all be thankful of that. Central to the film is the concept of the need for support in a disorientating is a story of the line between friendship and love, far more realistic than I have ever seen on screen before.

Moreover, the film sucessfully blends humour, beauty, longing, entire emotional spectrum. I think one of the biggest problems with these films is that it has been marketed as a feel-good romantic comedy, and that is not the case. It is impossible to does indeed make you feel good, but not in the trite manner of most Hollywood fodder. It is romantic and funny, but in a realist sense.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to watch this film. The only people that dislike it are the ones with too short an attention span and too little life experience to understand it.