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The Best Film of 2016! A Story So Profound I Wept!, 31 July 2016

I had a deeply profound spiritual experience while watching this movie. It caught me totally off-guard. I highly recommend The Man Who Knew Infinity to anyone who considers themselves open-minded, polytheistic or spiritual.

This is a story of Hinduism (polytheism) versus the stale, sterile secularism and atheism of the West. Most of us in the West coming from the Abrahamic tradition (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have a profound prejudice towards Hinduism because it is polytheistic. But there are powers outside of ourselves which we simply can't explain.

It's so ironic that this incredible mathematical breakthrough came from a spiritual source and nobody would listen because some of the most brilliant men on earth had totally closed minds!

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I Enjoyed Gods of Egypt So Much I Want to See It Again!, 28 February 2016

This is a really fun and positive movie! Gods Of Egypt has very hot guys and gals so no matter what your sexual preference is there's somebody who will get you excited. The acting is excellent. There is real chemistry between the actors. I identified with many of the story's characters. That made me feel good. You don't need to know anything about the Egyptian Gods to understand what is going on. The story is well balanced, it has a solid beginning, middle and end. The Gods of Egypt keeps your interest from beginning to end. There's a lot of variety. So much is going on and that's one of the reasons I love adventure movies. The cinematography and the CGI are fantastic. You really enter another world without hesitation. This Is Pagan Friendly Film About the Egyptian Gods! There's no camp here. The Egyptian Gods are respected and feel quite real. This is a story about love, hormones, real courage and dare I SAY SELF-SACRIFICE! Yes! There is a really positive spiritual message in the Gods of Egypt.Wow!

Risen (2016)
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Jesus is the God of Love and Wisdom, Not the God of Gruesomeness and Victimization!, 28 February 2016

I was once a devout Christian and I was very involved with my church and I believed everything I was taught. I even seriously considered becoming a member of the clergy.

1. Christianity is not all about martyrdom or victimization. The Roman authorities also abused many pagans especially Bacchus worshipers and any pagan who did not bow down before Rome. A person's paganism was no protection from Roman conquest. As far as Rome was concerned, Christians were just another cult that did not bow down to Rome. Plain and simple.

2. Watching Risen was like watching a horror movie. I have been going to movies for for over 40 years so I have some perspective. I realize this is a current trend. For some odd reason Hollywood thinks graphic grossness will sell.

3. I beg you not to take your children to see this really twisted film unless you want to deliberately shock them. I guarantee YOU will be planting the seeds of fear and/or resentment in your children. I don't need my children to see extreme violence masquerading as spirituality. How twisted can you get?

4. Many of my family members and friends are Jewish. This film is subtly or not so subtly - depending on your point of view - anti-Semitic. Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian. There is not one word in the new testament telling his followers to abandon their Jewishness. There is plenty corruption and hypocrisy in every religion. Why the constant focus on hypocrisy within Judaism? Like this is anything new? Corruption and hypocrisy affects EVERY religion, my dear Christians!

5. Why the constant focus on past events? Jesus made it crystal clear: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU! That means whats most important is what is happening NOW, not 2,000 years ago.

6. Last, but not least, the Roman Empire was not nice. Only the Scots in Scotland and the German tribes in the North prevented Rome from conquering the Arctic! But war porn and spirituality do not mix. Why do Christians put up with such nasty crap? Only Hollywood would make a grossly violent movie about the Prince of Peace and not hear so much as a peep from the Christian world! You cowardly Hollywood worms try this with another major religion and see what happens! I can only pray the Christian world someday wakes up!

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I'm A Grown Man And I Literally Cried!, 16 February 2016

We Americans have a lot to learn from other cultures. Most Americans think they are "the best" in the world - IN EVERYTHING - AND THAT'S UTTER NONSENSE! It's a form of social control used by various elites to keep the average American from knowing what is possible with the great wealth and power our country has accumulated. We have been brainwashed into taking crumbs and believing that's all we deserve from our society.

We are also deliberately kept ignorant about the rest of the world and how much better many countries treat their citizens - since our school systems pretend that most of the world outside of Mexico, Canada and a few large countries in Europe and Asia - simply doesn't exist. It outrageous. We are such fools!

I'm an extremely well-informed person and I didn't even know about half of what Michael Moore mentioned in his film! I can only imagine all the dunderheads out there who have never even heard the names of some of the countries mentioned in Where To Invade Next! Be curious about the rest of the world. It has a lot to teach us!

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Three True Stories Told So Well It Will Help Prevent Amnesia!, 25 January 2016

Full Disclosure: A close relative of mine sold out and ended up working as a lawyer in the derivatives department at Bear Stearns during the crash and promptly lost her job. To her credit she left the sleazy world of Wall Street to raise a family. I personally received an application for what is now called a Liar's Mortgage in 2007 from State Farm! I had the good sense to realize that not having to have the information on my application verified was cause for alarm! I still rent to this very day.

With that said The Big Short is a very powerful movie with three true stories intersecting on what would be a scandal that could have led to a worldwide collapse of the world's economic system. Nobody talks about this anymore. The Republican critters running for office pretend it never happened even though it is the single most important event of the 21st Century!

The Big Short made me feel uncomfortable, like it should. I identified with all the main characters since I come from a family of business men. In every disaster there are good guys who play by the rules and get screwed. The near global catastrophe was caused by fraud on such a huge scale that it defies the imagination. How could so many people willingly conspire with each other and do so much harm to the rest of the world and go scot-free? At the very least there should have been a Truth Commission like they had in South Africa.

The Big Short is such an important movie that every MBA student should be required to watch it before graduating along with every history major. It's that good of a story. It's the ultimate Cautionary Tale!

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There Are All Kinds of People in the World and Some of Them Are Beautiful!, 15 April 2015

While this is a deeply moving story, this is the first film about the Holocaust I've ever heard of that is not intensely violent or overwhelmingly gut-wrenching. You could take the whole family to see Woman in Gold without being concerned in the slightest about traumatizing even a child. The story is told in such a straightforward way you get to feel like you are a friend of the Altman and Bloch-Bauer family! It's that intimate! Wow! That's what I call good filmmaking!

The next time you visit New York City I highly recommend visiting The Neue Gallery located on Museum Mile. Seeing the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt in real life is quite an experience! There's good reason why the painting is called the "Mona Lisa of Austria." This is also a story about being a good lawyer.

If you want to be a lawyer someday, this story will give you an idea what a determined and intelligent lawyer can accomplish!

"The 100" (2014)
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You Must Have A Really Boring Life If You Enjoy The 100!, 24 March 2015

I stopped watching TV/Cable programs back in 2001 and I'm so glad I did! WoW! If you love blood and guts flying everywhere you will love The 100! The violence was shocking and way over the top. The 100 graphically shows someone severing the Carotid artery in a person's throat! A psychotic teen brutally murdering a totally unsuspecting and innocent teen by slicing his Carotid artery while calmly talking to him. But there's lots more: A graphic display of body parts from a crash scene. A teen shooting his elected leader at point blank range, People being executed over ridiculous crimes, Graphic scenes of death from a bombing. Mass death by suffocation. Gruesome wounds and lots and lots of blood.

I realize most people's lives are incredibly boring and this kind of television is supposed to be exciting. I mean you never say hello to your neighbors. You're terrified of uttering a single word to a stranger out of fear they might actually want to say something back to you. You're too lazy to vote in most political elections. You don't even read except for what's required for work. So you race home, throw on the boob tube and get to feel how lucky you are by watching junk like The 100! At least my safe, self-imposed boring life is not dangerous or risky in the slightest! Or, maybe, you have become so numb and so desensitized that you could care less about the suffering of others. You actually enjoy seeing all this graphic violence and pain. It makes you feel alive because you don't feel alive in the real world!

God forbid if the makers of The 100 had to leave anything to the imagination that doesn't have to do with sex or excrement! Our society for all it's technical advancement and incredible wealth is quite sick when such pessimistic television like The 100 has become the norm. I'm so glad that I watch programs, like Star Trek, which is actually optimistic about the future!

I'd be all for shows like The 100 if it got people motivated to make the world a better place! Who in their right mind wants the future to turn out this way? But since titillation is all most people want then vote for people to go to an AA-type support group to deal with their addiction to violence, pessimism and titillation from watching other people's pain!

Cinderella (2015/I)
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A Cinderella Story With Real Depth! Wow!, 15 March 2015

Finding your soulmate is one of life's ultimate pleasures. Nothing, but nothing is more important than the profound love between two people. Of course you will have differences. Your class background may not be equal - but in end that does not matter. What matters is that you are true to yourself – and each other. Here are some other good messages: There is a spiritual world that will help you in your hour of need if you let it! A king can be good ruler and everyone can prosper from wise leadership. (There are certainly plenty working class people in this version of Cinderella, but no one is in rags or going hungry in this well run little kingdom.) Forgiveness protects you from bitterness, hatred and the need for revenge. Be kind to strangers. They might be angels in disguise. You can be a decent person without letting people walk all over you. Being good natured is not a weakness, but a strength. Speak truth to power. Exploiting people will backfire in the end. Strength comes from within. The ends don't justify the means. Surround yourself with true friends. Be kind to animals. They are also your friends. Face adversity with courage. True beauty is within you! Accept your child for who they are. Be honest with those you love.

I could go on and on! There are so many good messages in this version of Cinderella you could actually make a contest out of it!

Isn't it amazing that Hollywood can tell a story with zero physical violence and without going overboard on being too campy or boring? Here's a fairytale where you actually care about the characters! I have to admit, tears welled up in my eyes more than once, and I'm a grown man!

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Finally, Mexicans Living In America Are Shown Some Respect!, 25 February 2015

Wow! Mexicans are shown as loving, friendly, hard working, (which is putting it mildly) heroic and strong. Some come from families that work closely together as a team. Cooperation is their middle name! They are a spiritual people who are healthy and good looking. They want to better themselves and they know how to survive incredible adversity.

McFarland, USA is about relationships. If you like character development you will love this true story! But it's also about challenging the prejudices many - if not most - Caucasian Americans have about Mexicans. I was lucky enough to fall in love with a Mexican. I could not believe all the different kinds of prejudices I was harboring! While most of us White people will never fall in love with a Mexican or even have a Mexican friend or acquaintance, McFarland, USA will help you to wake-up and realize that most Mexicans are not job stealing thieves or scary criminals. But instead they are more like you - and me - than we would like to admit!

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Emotionally Sterile Corporate Goop For The Masses! Fifty Shades of Tedium, 24 February 2015

What nauseated me most is how we - as a culture - slobber all over rich people. The joke is on us! Sure there are some great rich people out there like Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer and George Soros, but most other truly rich folks could care less if the other 99% of us dropped dead! When our heroine asks Mr. Grey which of the row of Mercedes and Bentleys are his and he says, "all of them!" I muttered to myself "that's disgusting" and I got up and walked out! I'm so glad I didn't pay a dime to see this film. Such extravagances are absolutely repulsive. We need to stop worshiping rich people! Instead we should feel sorry for them for being so mind-bogglingly selfish and banal.

The acting was so unconvincing, I would call it stale and wooden. So even if you really do love all those rich people out there - and secretly want to be one of them - the movie is plain boring. All the soft porn S & M in the world will not save 50 Shades of Tedium when you could care less about any of the characters!

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