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3 Of Us Fell Asleep, 6 Of Us - Out Of 7 - Hated It!, 8 November 2014

That's the score from a group of 7 friends who went to see Interstellar tonight. I've never been to a film in my entire life so full of DESPAIR. If I hadn't been with friends I would have walked out! I will avoid films by this director in the future like the plague.

The only friend who liked it said she enjoys soap operas. That pretty much sums it up! IF YOU LIKE SOAP OPERAS YOU WILL LOVE INTERSTELLAR!

There are so many plot holes several of us were cracking jokes by the end of the movie. So many parts of Interstellar are so ridiculous or makes no sense -whatsoever- it borders on camp. Sure the cinematography is magnificent. But in the end it's nothing but pretty wallpaper when the story is drawn out, tedious, annoying, maudlin, nonsensical, irrelevant, dopey and depressing.

All I can say is when the only food humanity has left to eat is corn & corn products, then you are going to end up with a very corny movie!

Mac and Me (1988)
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The First Alien Ever Named After A Disgusting Fast-Food Hamburger! WoW!, 7 November 2014

That's right folks! That's why our cute little alien buddy is spelled "Mac" instead of "Mack." There's even have a scene where we get to see a crowd of young adults singing & dancing in a McDonald's restaurant while Mac is attempting to escape some men-in-black! Mac and Me is the ultimate product placement movie! Sheer evil genius! I lost track of how many times they mentioned something about McDonald's in this film. It's so pervasive Mac and Me should be considered one long commercial and it should have been free to watch when the film was released!

On a more somber note. This could have been a great movie. Sure it's an E.T. carbon copy. But so what! You could tell somebody was trying hard to write a meaningful story. What a shame! Too bad corporate backed insanity won the day!

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Sterile, Humorless and Chaste! OMG! Please Not A Sequel! I Beg You! OMG! Please Not A Sequel! I Beg You!, 24 September 2014

The story makes no sense, whatsoever! Nada! Nothing! Not in the slightest. To make matters worse, the ending was nothing more then prepping the audience for a sequel! It was so in your face it was insulting. You mean the audience won't have a clue as to why all those innocent people died unless you come back and waste another 12 dollars! Wow! I will be avoiding any future sequel like the plague!

The Maze Runner also reflects the sterile and chaste expectations of the American movie going audience. For starters, you have young men living together as a colony for up to as long as three years and they all have perfect haircuts! Give me a break! I couldn't believe how well groomed they all were. Did they have a hair stylist pop in from in from another dimension on a regular basis? And how could they all be so clean shaven? Did they bring razors and shaving cream with them? None of these men have delayed puberty problems that I could tell. LOL! Some of them must have developed facial hair after years of being stranded. But what bothered me most was what great shape their clothes were in. These are young men in there late teens and early 20's. Did they bring a seamstress and a washing machine with them, too!? They are supposed to be living like Robinson Crusoe, not like George Jetson!

In this entire awful film there was only one single moment of humor. Even worse it has zero sexuality. Here's all these incredibly good looking and physically fit young men and we don't see a single one of them with their shirt off for a second! Why is non-stop violence, intense screaming and even murder OK, but not showing off the male body? Why have we become such a warped and sterile society where death and violence doesn't offend in the slightest, but God forbid you show a single male nipple or hairy armpit?

The Giver (2014)
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Do Yourself A Favor! Listen to the Audiobook Read By Ron Rifkin, Instead!, 16 August 2014

"A" for effort! "F" for outcome! Wow! What a huge disappointment. The story I heard on audiobook was gut-wrenching and incredibly powerful. The film, on the other hand, had so many goofy plot holes you could drive a tractor trailer through them! I realize this is not an easy story to adapt to the screen; then don't do it if ya can't do it right!

What a waste of acting talent! Yikes! Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep did their heroic best. But it just didn't come together! This is the kind of story that would be better done by less well known actors because I can only imagine how much pressure must have been put on the producer and director to dumb down the story to make it commercially viable. Lets face it, sometimes art and and capitalism simply don't mix!

The philosophy behind The Giver reminds me of a famous dictum by none other than the Buddha himself. To summarize: Avoid all extremes. Life is neither black or white, but an endless variety of other colors. Don't become evil - or do evil - to prevent evil. Find the middle way. The world of The Giver is about living life grossly out of balance. Something most society's in the world - including our own - are doing right now!

Maleficent (2014)
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Storytelling Doesn't Get Better Than This!, 15 July 2014

What a brilliant story about love, betrayal, the lust for power, innocence and redemption. This is also about biodiversity and the clash of two worlds that literally exist side by side: one grossly materialistic, the other deeply spiritual; one ruthless and masculine, the other vital and feminine.

The spirituality portrayed in Maleficent will make believers in earth-centered religions cry tears of joy. What a teachable moment for our children and teens! It teaches us what it means to really be a hero. It reminds us all that the spiritual world around us, as well as the natural world, are quite diverse and amazingly beautiful, indeed!

Maleficent is a scathing indictment of materialism and the abuse of power. I'm so happy I had the courage watch this film because it so rare that Hollywood makes a film that's neither incredibly dumb or disgustingly violent.

Divergent (2014)
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What A Powerful Cautionary Tale!, 29 March 2014

Divergence is an incredibly powerful, but violent political story not suitable for children! The bottom line here is about the violent overthrow of a benevolent government. While far from perfect, these benevolent rulers are certainly 1000 times better than being governed by psychopathic killers dressed in business suits!

Another message from Divergence: Some people use fear to their advantage, they are awakened by it, while others are overwhelmed and are "shut-down" by their fears. This film focuses a lot on facing every kind of physical and psychological fear imaginable.

This also is a story about adolescents making adult choices and facing the consequences of those choices. A true transition into adulthood - that affects every adolescent - takes place. One I wish existed for all of us in real world!

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In Your Face Product Placement Ruined What Could Have Been A Great Film!, 28 December 2013

Sorry, but the product placement was so blatant it ruined the illusion of the story. Let's face it, unless your making a documentary all filmmaking is based on creating good illusions, like a talented magician! When a particular fast food company that serves gross food infects a story - like a flu virus - it wrecks the fantasy created by the filmmakers! James Thurber would be spinning in his grave!

Such product placement is totally unnecessary unless the producers of the film felt The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was going to be a big flop. Or, those making the film want to squeeze every last cent they can to make money by treating filmmaking like a commodity, such as toothpaste or underarm deodorant! Hey, that's a great idea, since we get to know over and over again Walter Mitty's favorite crappy fast food restaurant, why not let us know what his favorite toothpaste and underarm deodorant are, too?!! And why stop there? Let's find out his favorite type of paper towel, toilet paper, laundry detergent, car, soda, vodka, beer and on and on. I even have a new idea for a title: "The Secret Product Placement Life of Walter Mitty.

I didn't pay $11.50 for a ticket and another $6.50 for popcorn to repeatedly watch and hear the characters talk about commercial products in the middle of a movie. The product placement in this film was not subtle and I didn't appreciate being forced to watch such nonsense!

It's really sad filmmaking has stooped so incredibly low and that the film-going public tolerates this crap! Wow!

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Milking Tolkien For All He's Worth! See What Happens When Greedy People & Corporations Sink Their Teeth Into A Great Story!, 14 December 2013

Sorry! But I've lost my patience! Watching The Hobbit was quite demoralizing! Unfortunately, The Hobbit has been turned into a commodity like toothpaste and underarm deodorant! There is ZERO justification for turning the Hobbit into a trilogy, if you are going to drag out the story and do such a poor job. The Tolkien family - who I assume controls the rights to J.R.R. Tolkien's works - should be ashamed of themselves.They could have insisted in putting the story first instead of letting director Jackson create such a vapid and mediocre second Hobbit film. It's really quite sad! How can a director who made 3 masterpieces out of Lord of the Rings stoop so low and turn The Hobbit into something so trite and empty that, at times, it's like watching a Saturday morning breakfast cereal commercial on T.V.?

I badly wanted to like this movie. At least the first movie of The Hobbit trilogy had some interesting moments despite its many flaws. But now the Hobbit has been turned into a cartoon with mostly boring two-dimensional, cardboard characters. The acting was so poor at times it ruined the illusion. But worst of all, there's very little heart, unlike the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is the epitome of passion and adventure and good storytelling.

I also think part of the problem is that director Jackson is trying to turn The Hobbit into another The Lord of the Rings, which is quite stupid. They are very different stories. From what I have read, Tolkien wrote The Hobbit essentially for fun and wasn't even going to have it published until his friend, the great writer, C. S. Lewis convinced him otherwise. The Tolkien family should have went with a different director. Since when does one man own a storytelling giant like Tolkien?

Then I was forced to watch this awful movie in 3D or drive elsewhere. I noticed about 30 seconds of special 3D affects. How can that be called a 3D movie? I call it a rip-off and I wish the Federal government would call such a claim fraud, so filmmakers would think twice about ripping off the public!

Hollywood pulled the same stretching-out-the-story-stunt with Harry Potter, but at least I was smart enough to never have watched the last film. I eventually became so disgusted, I could care less what happened to Harry Potter. The same storytelling destruction non-sense has now captured the Hobbit. When I started hoping that Smaug would snap Bilbo Baggins and the King of the Dwarfs in a half, I realized I'm now done with all things Hobbit movie related!!

2 Guns (2013)
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What A Camp Gem! I Haven't Laughed So Hard During A Movie In Years!, 13 November 2013

2 Guns is so bad it's absolutely hilarious! It was so dopey it's still making me laugh as I write this review! But the friend I was watching it with was frowning hard. So I said, "just think of 2 Guns as if you were watching a dream!" The story is so outrageous and dumb! Every single character was as shallow as cardboard and totally ridiculous - you had to wonder if the story was written by a 12-year old! (The thought actually did cross my mind during the movie!) Nor did the story make any sense even within the weird world it created. But it was funny as a bad movie gets!

The only reason I give it one-star is because if you don't have a warped sense of humor like I do, I guarantee you're gonna hate this movie! LOL!

Gravity (2013)
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Tame and Lame! You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Where's the Rest of the Story?, 1 November 2013

When Gravity ended my friend and I looked at each other and said simultaneously: "That's It?" We both thought the movie was far from over! It's the first time in years I had to literally apologize for picking such a lousy movie for a friend to see!

Sandra Bullock's acting was terrible and unconvincing. And, she looked like she was constipated most of the time. George Clooney came across just too perfect for such a life and death situation. He was too much like a saint in outer space!

I also felt mightily deceived by both the film's movie trailer and by the official news media critics that fawned all over this pitiful movie! Gravity is so tame and lame you could take a child to see it without a second thought! It certainly won't offend a soul on planet earth!

But worst of all, was the ending! After you a watch a film you want to feel like there was a beginning, middle and end. In Gravity your jaw is left hanging because there's was no satisfying ending. My friend and I both felt like we were in the the middle of the story when the film ended! BORING!

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