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One of my top ten favorites!!!!!!!!!!, 15 July 2013

I saw this film when it premiered on the Disney Channel in 1989. It is definitely a sleeper, as none of he actors are superstars. I could not believe the depth of character each actor brought to this film. I never had any brothers, so this film showed me and my daughter, who is an only child, the gifts siblings can give to each other. I would love to read the novel to compare; Kevin Sullivan was an instrument in this adaptation to screen, nuff said. This is a four star film and should be part of every school and home film library. I had a heck of a time finding a DVD format, but it is one of my top ten treasured films! Any person from any age group,any faith, ethnic background or family background, would love this film over and over again.

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Good one to have and keep, 17 December 2012

It is very well done. I guess I was lucky to not only tape it, but to get it on DVD as well. It pays to think ahead I suppose. It was shown as a whole years ago on The Disney Channel and I jumped at it then. I hope they show it again as it was not the best quality at the time. Maybe they can restore it and rerelease it. It is just one of the rarities that I would want to see on Disney again. Some of the stuff they have now is not worth watching. There are so many good shows I wish they would bring back. Even if they had it back later on at night like they used to do with the oldies. Anyone else with me? The whole Wonderful World Of Color would be great!

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Comedy treasures!!, 18 May 2012

I completely agree with Brian. I have every SNL show on DVD from the beginning to the last ones with the "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" in it. It was a breakout production, Lorne Michaels demanding freedom of script, cast and final content. We all have our favorite actors,, mine being Danny Ackroyd and Gilda Radner.. plainly the biggest genius talents there. Unfortunately for all, the continued heavy use of coke and various other drugs, brought the quality and content down after a few years. Nobody could top Weekend Update with Danny and Jane, Gilda, breaking big barriers for that era. Gilda was bursting with characters(Roseanne Roseannadanna, Emily Latilla, the Brownie, Todd's(Bill Murray) geeky, wet-nosed girlfriend,etc.. Jane interviewing Danny as his Halloween costumes, fireworks,etc were dangers to all but him... I LOVE my DVD set!!

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missed opportunity for viewers, 13 January 2007

This film should be available in DVD format everywhere in this day and age! WIth all the re-copied story lines thrown out on film,ad nauseum these days, this is a very refreshing, family film that can only add greatly to one's library of home entertainment! It has not even been televised in 10 years! Shame on networks and syndicators for thumbing their noses at what viewers want to see! The entire cast is worth seeing in a bad film, but this is an excellent escape from the usual genre of film from this era. The Mills family shines along with another Disney stock player, James MacArthur! Talent, clean story line, a girl growing up before he father's eyes, all make for a great time spent for viewers. Hurry to DVD this one!!