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One of Oliver Reed's best performances in a very little known film.
30 October 2009
This dark and disturbing drama of the '60's is notable for two reasons.The first is the very taboo nature of the storyline.Hardly surprising that it had problems with the British Board of Censors.The second is Oliver Reed's performance has the leader of a group of disillusioned young people,none of whom seemingly have any particular aim in life.These people do not seem to show any emotion or compassionate,even toward each other,something which is very evident in their attitudes towards the deaths of two of their number. I have read somewhere of this film being described as "Oliver Reed meets Necrophia".Watch this film,if you are a fan of Oliver Reed and if you can obtain it,but be prepared to feel depressed afterward.
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Good sci-fi movie of the 50's.
5 April 2005
This movie was almost certainly inspired by the McCarthian communist "witch hunts" of the 1950's.The choice of title for this movie certainly does not do the film justice,which is probably why the film isn't thought of as being in the same league as"Invaders from Mars" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers",another two films which develop the theme of this hidden "enemy within".Althougth, in my opinion, not as good as those films,it is still,nevertheless,worth adding to the collection of any sci-fi film fan. I do feel that this was one of Gloria Talbot's better film roles.The plot unfolds fairly evenly,with Tom Tyron body being taken over by an alien in the first few scenes.What gradually follows is the actual extent of the alien takeover and their intentions.This movie is available on DVD.
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The Camp on Blood Island.
1 April 2005
Excellent war movie.Is this film available on video/DVD? Again it is one of those films that appears to have disappeared Into cinema history. Being made in black and white seems to give the film more authenticity. Carl Mohner is excellent as the leader of the prisoners.It is difficult to say anything negative about this movie. The plot is straightforward,but riveting.The Japanese do not know the war is over.The prisoners have found out and are fearful of what will happen to them once the sadistic camp commander acquires this knowledge. The allies are getting closer and the tension mounts.Don't miss this one if it comes to the small screen.Althougth perhaps not in the same league has "the Bridge over the River Kawi" or "The Great Escape" it is still nevertheless an excellent P.O.W. movie in its own right.So why isn't it on DVD?
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I know where you can get a copy of this film.
26 February 2005
An excellent movie which,in my opinion,did not get the recognition it deserved.I saw this film on the cinema,more years ago than I care to remember.At that time it was rated with what was known as an "X" certificate,which meant that anyone under the age of sixteen was not legally allowed to go into the cinema to watch this film.I also felt that this rating was ill-judged,since it is a film that children ought to be allowed to see,since it sounds out a powerful warning. A film which ought to be revived,particularly in the light of Soham.The title of the film is very misleading,since the offender in this film was,as in the Soham case,not a stranger to the children concerned. I do know how to obtain a copy of this film on video.It is a must for parents with young children,they should allow their children to watch it and heed the warning!
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