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A Cycling Riproaring Ride, 26 August 2012

It's not a 10 star film but it is a fun ride with action that makes up for a few flaws in plot and the flow of storyline. The best issue in this film is almost constant action and wild biking through the New York streets. One of the elements that were new to the screen and highly workable were the sudden stop of action to follow the split-second decision making of a messenger/biker. Choices (usualy three) that have to be made in the moment. The bad guy in the film is nasty and very believable. So, if you're looking for a thrill ride and a fun film then go see it. Enjoy the earthy feel of the cameras that capture the life of a messenger on two wheels competing with trucks, cabs, and cops.

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Raw...Real & Gutsy, 23 September 2012

This was a real unique journey in drama. A mix of studio camera and innovative character cameras interwoven with the story. Casting brought two very strong actors together and their chemistry was right on target. The plot was simple but the ingredient that put this film over the top was realism and believability. Yes it is very raw and if I got a dollar for every "F-bomb" I could by a home in Malibu for sure. Realism is the main course and this film would not lose it's true identity. I found what really put this movie in the must see category is that ...One minute your laughing and the next you're crying. There are very few films that can achieve this element with this level of quality. This is, without a doubt, one of the very best films of the year.

Alex Cross (2012)
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A Cross to Be Placed on A Grave, 19 October 2012

When you make an action crime film please remember to connect all the dots so that we, the audience, can achieve some sense of the story line. The trailer was a slice of many of the best scenes but, unfortunately the real film falls so sadly short of good storyline due to poor dialog and some jerky acting that the viewer struggles to make sense of the various actors.

If this film had been prescreened (proof read) any average movie-goer would have pointed out just how poorly made it was. I sensed that Tyler Perry gave a over acted performance. I really wanted to like this film when it first came out but, it just was so boring and unimaginative I began to realize that it was due to faulty construction of scenes and character's dialog. This was mostly due to the director.

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Bad In So Many Ways, 1 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spike Lee dropped the ball in so many ways. Casting that brought in mostly weak actors. Jerky scenes that have no bearing on the story line. What was really annoying was the "hook" in this film. The head that is continually carried throughout the entire film that was uneventful to the storyline. The over dramatic scenes of racial confrontations were preposterous. I really wanted to find this movie worth the 7 bucks that I dished out but alas! It was not the case. If Spike Lee would go back and watch Eastwood's film "Letters From Iwo Jima" again he would learn the elements of war were much better presented. If Spike Lee thought he was going to set the record straight about blacks serving in WWII he missed the target terribly. Many scenes fell apart. One example that stood out was the scene where a Nazi officer spares the life of one of the black soldiers and then hands him a loaded Lugar hand gun. Really now...Anyone going to buy that ridiculous scenario?

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Something Rotten In Denmark, 10 May 2014

I find it hard to trust the 1st dozen or so reviews on some films found at this sight. Of course I could be mistaken but, I saw this film and found it to be full of nonsense and trite cliché dialog. With the mega cast that participated in the making of this film I expected a much better and more interesting story to be explored in this sequel classic.

As I watched the various characters enter the beginning scenes I felt they were very cardboard like. The few comedic scenes seemed almost too childish even for children. As to the animation, it was not to my liking. It seemed that it was taken from generic Saturday morning cartoons. It was bland and even boring to a degree.

Lastly I noticed that production costs of this animated film were surprisingly much more than I expected it to be. Nearly a million bucks a minute. I felt that for that kind of mega bucks this should have been a higher quality of product. The next few weeks will show weather the movie goers buy and or embrace this less than stellar movie.

Not every children's Animated film can be a "Frozen" or a "Finding Nemo" but they should at least aim for that quality and level of product.

J. Edgar (2011)
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Depressing-Lackluster-Boring, 16 November 2011

Lets not beat around the bush. This film takes the viewer down a sad and depressing road of poor make-up, dry and boring scenes not to mention a story of the life of a man that was tied to his mother's apron strings.

I can't understand why Eastwood decided to produce this dreary story. Hoover was a flawed man but with one key redeeming quality...He wanted to reconstruct the F.B.I. and rebuild it into a polished law enforcement machine that would level the playing field of combating crime at a time when it was Dodge City run-a-muck.

As for Dicaprio, I think that he was a mistake to play Hoover. It just doesn't work. Hoover was ruthless and self-absorbed. Hoover needed to be portrayed by someone like Jack Nickleson or at least similar.

The Nut Job (2014/I)
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A Forgettable Movie Lacking Any New Storyline, 25 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of the three stars are devoted to the impressive animation found in the only redeeming quality of this children's film. The kids will overlook much of what is not going on but parents will notice that older kids will fidget around and become restless mid way through this mediocre film.

All in all most children will accept it on it's own simple storyline terms. Much of the time I was wondering when the story was going to draw me in at least a bit to where I cared about the characters. One quality element in this movie was the relationship of two animals that bond and show kids that friendships are a "work in progress" in life and to not give up on a friend in spite of that friend's flaws. Well, parents, there's always Disney to appreciate. Go rent Bambi, Lady & the Tramp or (my favorite) Peter Pan.

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Gee! What Could Have Been, 1 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm going to be the exception to the flow of "thumbs up" fans of this K. Bacon movie. This film is good in so many ways: Acting, cinematography, and raw realism ...BUT... It loses its' base and frustrates the movie-goer when it lacks reasonable logic and believability in several scenes. First, Bacon decides to get revenge with little preparation. Second, he goes from a bundled up neurotic basket-case white collar worker and then becomes "Jason Bourne." Third, if that isn't enough, the bad guy thugs shoot him and obviously everyone in the theater can see he's only winged and "they" leave him while exiting the house with nary a cop in sight while a patrol car sits out front with two murdered officers leaning on a horn blaring away. Where are the back-up? Then good 'ol Kevin escapes the hospital with great ease not to mention heading back to his house and several other places to prepare for his assault on the bad boys lair. This is only a smidgen of several "beyond belief" scenarios that just frustrated the heck out of me. Notice that I gave the film 6 stars and thats because it was a masterpiece in so many ways. What must be also said is that, had this film brought together the realism to the high caliber of all the things that did work then this could have been one heck of a film. Lastly, I felt betrayed by the ending that left questions unanswered.

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A Film With A Heart-Wrenching Message, 4 February 2012

Oh, ye of little faith. This film had flaws as almost any film does but, there have been several criticisms about some less than stellar acting. It is true to some extent. Truth be known, several participants were the real people in the real world of the events that took place from the actual story. I am always amazed by the reviews that seem so opposite from agreement. This film dealt with the tragedy that sometimes befalls only some families and it shows that families can work thru their sorrows. I rate this film 7 stars because I know a similar tragedy and I pray that you never have to walk with this tragedy in your life. Quinn does an outstanding performance that conveyed the pain and suffering of a father as did the rest of the main cast. This is a heart wrenching story to watch but one with a valuable lesson to share.

Chappie (2015)
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A Movie that Fails to Deliver, 10 March 2015

Trailers can be a taste of things to come or (in the case of Chappie) a bad taste that you want to spit out and get your money back. The vulgar dialog was annoying to an extreme but worse yet was the countless times I couldn't understand much of the Brit slang and dribble. Then there's the storyline that was so ill conceived and often cartoonish while carrying an "R" rating.

Hugh Jackman and Sigourny Weaver should be required to sit through this manure and explain how they justify such a badly scripted film. I don't usually trash a film unless it's so bad I feel the need to save others and warn them that this film deserves a warning to avid movie goers to avoid this and save your money.

Final point here to share is the believability of the scientific scheme and plot of this Sci-Fi film. It just makes little if any sense. The viewer eventually begins to laugh at the unbelievability of the storyline. This film reminded me of a quality film of similar science fiction. It was called "Short Circuit." Chappie, unlike Short Circuit, has no direction, no characters worthy of praise and no valid merit of lesson.

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