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20 May 2004
To suggest, as some have, that only people with no knowledge of film history could enjoy is film, is narrow-minded. My knowledge of film history and love for German Expressionist films added to my enjoyment of "The Saddest Music in the World". No, its not entirely original, but what is? This film comes off as refreshing because it flies in the face of so many popular films today. This Maddin film is funny, and innovative; innovative not because it does what has never been done, but because it does what hasn't been done in 75 years, and in today's cinema, that is significant. There are some great quirky performances by Rossellini and McKinney and an interesting story line. Personally, there are a rare few new films that inspire me to go to the theater to see them. I've always thought that it's a waste to see a new film when there are so many classic films I have yet to see. This film however was worth the effort and is the only film, so far, that I have enjoyed enough to write about on this website. Well worth seeing.
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