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gay black in the South could be interesting premise, script is awful., 30 May 2010

Horrible script, ending is a non sequitur, some okay acting, mostly wooden - bad, bad, bad script. Much as I am willing to suspend disbelief in the interest of a movie about gay life this movie is beyond my ability.

Some of the relationship interactions, e.g. between Boyles and Calvin's brother, are interesting and worth watching. Duane's performance is good, the bar owner's is also. This is not the strongest cast, but no- one could do much with this script.

Surprise endings should make sense in retrospect - this one just comes out of the blue, without any reasonable build up or explanation, confusing the message of the movie and disdaining the intelligence of the audience. Also, a message movie about racism and homophobia does not need a surprise ending, it just distracts and detracts. Stupid stupid script.

Would love to see a serious movie about life as a gay black man in the South (or anywhere) - this ain't it.

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A lovely movie, consistent superb acting, 29 June 2005

I saw this film in my college years and remember vaguely liking it - but probably saw it just because thats what we snotty wannabe intellectuals did. Saw it again a few nights ago and 40 years later and enjoyed it immensely. The acting is consistently excellent (which can rarely be said of US films, sadly) with wonderful character acting. The supporting characters are all strong. Baptiste's best mime is his first but all is delightful to watch. The villain is quite evil but not two dimensional - Baptiste is perhaps a bit two dimensional but fun anyway. Such a pleasure to see good acting. Also intense events are portrayed without spraying the screen with blood and gore. I will see it again - more than once I suspect.