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"24" (2001)
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Total Scriptwriting Breakdown!!, 21 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILER ALERT Steam is still coming out of my ears.

I'm not home enough to keep up with a TV series, but the concept of 24 was interesting, so I avoided articles about it and bought the DVD set when it came out. (Unfortunately, I stumbled across the fact that Bauer's wife dies at the end of the first season.) A bicycle accident a week ago left me home recuperating, so I dug out the DVD set and started in.

This was just brilliant drama through early afternoon, although there were some weak points. It started to get a bit tedious when they took Kim and Terri into and out of danger over and over.

But in the 9PM episode, in the prison, when Jack drops his weapon, I completely lost it. I howled and cursed, hit the "open" button, put the disc away and just dropped the whole thing. I won't watch the rest of Season 1, and I won't watch any subsequent episodes. This was the most absolute, total breakdown of scriptwriting I've ever experienced. Jack has the head guy with a gun to his head, he and the others are threatened by people whom he knows well to be ruthless killers and he DROPS HIS WEAPON?!! ARE YOU NUTS?!! AAARGH!

Too bad. They had something interesting going.