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The Games of Telltale Game: Actors for the Characters - if the Games would be a tv-serie
1.) Game of Thrones (a other Storyline than in the game) (S1: 1 - 29);
2.) Walking Dead (SpinOff and Crossover) (S1: 30 - 42, S2: 43 - 57, S3: 58 - 72);
3.) Tales from the Borderlands (Mini-Series: Netflix or HBO) (1: 73 - 88);
4.) The Wolf among Us (Mini-Series: Netflix ... Animated or Live-Action) (89 - 114)
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This are a few series, games, movies, .... that I want TellTale Games to turn into a game
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Main Superheroes
Characters and Cast for future seasons:

Top 3 Casting Picks

Phase 1:
- Daredevil
- Jessica Jones
- Luke Cage
- Iron Fist
= The Defenders
(+Hellcat, Claire Temple, Elektra)

? Phase 1.5:
- Daredevil S2 (with The Punisher and Elektra)
- Jessica Jones S2
- Heroes for Hire (only Luke Cage and Iron Fist; Jessica Jones side-character)

? Phase 2 new Series:
- Elektra (and "The Hand")
- The Punisher
- Bullseye
- Moon Knight (with Echo)
- Ghost Rider

lead into: Heroes for Hire 2 (This 4 and S1-Cast)

Phase 2.5:
- Daredevil S3 (Bullseye and "The Chaste")

I would also really like:
- Blade (and Nightstalkers)
- Midnight Sons (Ghost Rider)
- Daughters of the Dragon
- Heroes for Hire Female (with DotD)

- The Runaways
- Cloak and Dagger
(CrossOver possible)
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After watching "Suicide Squad" - i would want a Harley Quinn Backstory movie.. With the origin story and an abusive Joker. So: I want an R-rated Movie

Or a female Squad movie - Birds of Prey (as rumored) - can be pg13
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If "Homefront: Revolution" would be a movie

With another story - but the same characters
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I will keep this list updated ;-)

Part 1:
The chars: Steph, Liam, Vincent would be a casting call in my opinion. Unkown actors for the lower parts.

-Main Story:
- Lara and the others embark on the Endurance to find the lost city of Yamatai.
- A storm causes the Endurance to sink.
- Lara washes up on shore, is captured and escapes.
- Lara finds Sam. Meets Mathias who then takes Sam captive.
- Lara has the wolf attack scene then reunites with some of the crew to rescue Sam.
- Laras first kill.
- Lara explores more of the island to find Sam. This could include Lara finding Himiko's tomb, the Shanty Town, Lara meeting up with Grim, ect.

Side Story:
- Show the story of Hoshi.
- Roth visiting Lara working at the Nine Bells to give her the news about the expedition.
- The crew meeting up at the Endurance before it sets sail.
- Give the other characters back story and flesh them out.
- Flashbacks.
- Death of crew-members.
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Cast for future seasons of Daredevil:

Daredevil: Kingpin, Stick, Punisher, Elektra, Bullseye, Typhoid Mary

Jessica Jones: Hellcat, Killgrave

Moon Knight: Echo

Heroes for Hire (Female): Misty Knight (also in Luke Cage), Colleen Wing (also in Iron Fist), White Tiger, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider Woman, She-Hulk
(maybe with Hellcat and Elektra)
(Maybe Spin Off)

Blade: Nightstalkers (Frank Drake, Hannibal King)

Midnight Sons: Vengeance, Darkhold Redeemers (Sam Buchanan, Victoria Montesi, Louise Hastings, Modred, Jinx), Hellstrom, Jennifer Kale, Moribus, Werewolf by Night

Main Show Cast for Netflix:
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The first 12 persons (the kids of the main charas) are the more main charas in the next generation.
The highschool would be the most-seen place on screen.
Also more Screen-Time on:
- Rivercourt
- Red BedRoom Records
- Karen's Café

Basketball - Ravens (Rav)
Baseball - Ravens Heart (RH)
Band: Ravens Midnight Students (RMS)

I will use this characters - if I'll write a next-gen-fanfic, ever. I'm still thinking about it… but I don't know
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(Almost) all Thunderbolts-Members.

They want to make a movie. A Netflix-Series with just a few "little" characters would be great too.

Not only one movie ;-) That would be to many characters. Just casted almost every character.

Casts for series or movie

Netflix/Marvel-Coop Wishlist:
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If "The Order: 1886" would be a movie....
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I would love (a great) Movie - Trilogy

But would prefer a series. (Netflix, HBO, AMC - go to work ;-))
or more movie parts
I just can't see this game in 3 2 - 2 1/2 h movies.

The Aliens could also be by there original Voice Actors - voice and motion capture... Or by others.
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My Wish-Cast for the movie =)
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Wishlist for the movie =)
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This would be my DMC Cast
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