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Hello, fellow film lovers! Welcome to my list of my personal favourite films. In the last year or so I have developed a keen interest in film, and decided to create a list. Being 15, I still have a lifetime to watch more films. My list will update every day or so, as I work my way through my ever-growing watch-list.

NOTE: This list was originally a 'Top 150', but it became too hard to refine the list, and deciding on my top 150 became very difficult. I have decided to gradually expand the list to 200 titles. Also, I have made an exception in that I have decided to add two TV series to my list; not something I originally planned to do but I was so captivated by these series that I thought they deserved a place in this list of great movies. Please leave your reccomendations and links to your own lists! Thanks!

Recently seen and added (summer 2013): Koyaanisqatsi; Separate Tables; La Battaglia di Algeri