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"Homeland" (2011)
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More of the same old, same old., 23 September 2012

This show may have superb acting and an interesting cast, but it's just simply not enough for me to want to keep watching. Plot holes, continuity troubles, and predictable storytelling make this show fall face first where it otherwise could have soared. It merely plays off of other "thrilling", "high-energy" shows of times past (such as "24","The Shield", etc.)and expects the audience to not realize they've seen it all before. Originality is not encouraged by the writers of this show, rather, comfortable familiarity. What's worse is they're actually being praised for this by receiving emmys and recognition. Prepare yourselves for the next iteration of the same show next fall, Tuesdays at 6/7 central.

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This is without a doubt the greatest show to ever grace television., 5 January 2012

I may sound like a fanboy here, but I firmly believe this show is the single greatest television show in history (yes even better than Seinfeld). Don't believe me? Watch a mere 3 episodes in succession and enjoy the indisputably clever writing, rich plot progression, and unmatched acting that is presented in this show. Each character has certain qualities and mannerisms that add to the hilariousness and makes it nearly impossible to choose a favorite. Even years after being off the air, I have regularly watched this show, even now discovering the "easter egg"-like jokes hidden in the episodes. It is good to see that the show will come back and a movie is in the works, I only firmly hope that they can match the quality of the previous seasons.