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Speed Zone (1989)
Watch for the funny bit, 29 June 2017

This movie needs to be seen for the very funny bit on the airplane between a French passenger sitting next to Tom Smothers. He is Jean Pierre Bergeron. I laughed out loud, and I don't normally do that. I liked the movie, and all the other comedy players are also good. It's not as painful to watch as the reviewers state, who must not have gotten that joke. It's on You Tube if you'd like to catch it, or just read the quotes between the two. It's much funnier if you see the movie.

Stingray (1978)
Should be available in U.S., 26 May 2017

There are some ways to get a DVD of this film. Since there is no more message boards, I"m giving some PAL format versions. There are two being sold on Ebay. One from Germany and one from England. Any true movie enthusiast should have that capability on a machine, so it's not all that hard to acquire it.

Sole Survivor (1970) (TV)
Widescreen?, 27 March 2017

I just saw an HD copy on You Tube, but it's wide screen. The aspect ratio must be at least 185. It seems to be 16 by 9 compatible. I don't have the link, but it's easily found as long as it lasts. I may try to change the aspect ration on my download, since their heads are a little squashed, but it is odd that someone would do that to a film. It's definitely top quality images.

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Not for the cheese of heart, 29 October 2015

I often laugh out loud when I read reviews that are completely by uneducated cheeseheads (those who's vocabulary consists of one word to describe a movie like this.. cheese. To fully appreciate this film, you to look at it's history regarding uncut, cut, good print, bad print, etc. I was very frustrated trying to find a great, full screen print of this movie until I found it on AMC, but of course it was heavily cut. So I took scenes from two other sources that were uncut, but not as good quality, and ' Frankensteined' a print that I could appreciate for all it's glory, something that nobody reviewing this film can fully understand, and that's why they write based on ignorance.

Trog (1970)
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long and cheesy animated dinosaur battle which makes Gumby look like 'Jurassic Par, 27 September 2015

long and cheesy animated dinosaur battle which makes Gumby look like 'Jurassic Park. This was a quote from one of the reviewers, who I am assuming, saw in the trivia section of this title, read that the dinosaur sequence was made by Willis O'brien and Ray Harryhausen together for an Irwin Allen movie. If that reviewer knows this fact, then I can honor his 'cheezy' description, but I gotta tell ya, it's a sad state of affairs when someone can't appreciate the fun of a movie like this. There are two reasons why I absolutely deride the word 'cheeze'. One, it is the name of a bootlegging company that puts out trash. Two, the name connotes a person under 30 who hasn't lived enough life to comment on it, who still lives in their parent's basement, and who can't look beyond their noses to the real 'so bad it's good' beauty of cinema past. I come from a background of loving them, since I was a loyal customer of BACKTRACK Video and Records in Seattle Wa, which specialized in Psychotronic movies, classic sci fi and horror from the '50s and '60s.

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I could not disagree more, 22 August 2015

{Exclamation marks at every sentence) I'm watching a movie called SINBAD: THE 5TH VOYAGE, and am astounded by how it was made. They took a typical Harryhausen plot and added creature effects that parody Harryhausen's, only they are computer rather than stop action, but they have a clay like texture even. The other effects are also high class. I'd recommend you give this a look. There's no question that this is a dedicated attempt to create a Harryhausen film without Harryhausen. It's too bad he's not alive to see it. The creatures look like his, not at all like those in the remakes of his other films. Patrick Stewart narrates. It's only 78 minutes long so it moves along sprightly.

30 somethings won't like it. They won't get it, because they are expecting creature effects from after 2000 not retro like this. This is where the title of my review applies.

My note to the director: Keep making these films because you are truly a fantasy guy who appreciates the greats of the past.

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give this movie a chance, 18 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can see why Warner snapped up this one man written, produced and directed film before anyone else did. It's supposed to be a zombie film, but it's more of an alien invasion film because the people who are affected by the smoke from the meteors are mutated into alien like creatures. You have got to rent this movie! I was hooked right away with the characters alone, one in particular being the brother. It starts out with the typical party, so many others, but it's more incisive with the characters'personalities than most ....which are filler. During the party, there are two news reports, one of the president suddenly leaving a news conference, and another by the local channel describing icy meteors that will float by earth without any contact whatsoever. So they go outside to look at them as if they are entertainment. That lasts about 15 minutes, and then goes to a scene of one brother lying on the floor in the bathroom, hung over and not hearing the noise coming outside. But when he looks out the window, he sees mayhem everywhere and big meteor trails of smoke and burning office buildings, with military and news helicopters flying all over. The special effects are top notch, and very realistic. I couldn't tell that he wasn't in this landscape of mayhem for a second, it was that good. All the scenes of them running through the neighborhoods are the same excellent CGI. I haven't been wowed all year by any other film. I wished it had lasted longer than it's 82 minutes.

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Stay Away, 1 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILER: Although how can one spoil the spoiled? Fox (shame Here's why. Since they distributed it, I figured it couldn't be all bad ...wrong. Before this movie came out, there was a cute little minute and a half video on Youtube with a mechanized baby in a carriage, which was remotely controlled to move on it's own while the baby would rise up, puke, growl, or spit on people. It was very clever, but it was also a cleverly, deceptively designed way to fool, trick, gode,the public into thinking it would be in the movie that was a part of this short. IT WAS NOT. All the way through, I kept thinking, they better hurry up, cause that baby hasn't shown up yet, and she hasn't even had it yet,1 hour and 15 minutes into this pile of dung. In actuality, there was a baby doll laying on the darkly lit floor, shown at a distance, which didn't even move, and then a hooded figure covered it and whisked it away. They spent more money on that 3 minutes of video than they did in the whole damn movie. If they thought they were playing an April Fools joke on the public, since it came out on DVD very close to that month, they only succeeded in creating a lynch mob that would like to find them and string them up by their Buster Browns. In all my movie going years, I have never been so suckered and cheated by bogus advertising, promotion, and shilling by a once respectable company, Fox, and the new lows in indie film making depravity that they now seem to gravitate to, as in this "thing". I won't ever call it a film or movie again. Fool me once ...

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Those who trash will never "get it"., 5 June 2011

I take a lot of pride in the fact that I can fully appreciate a psychotronic movie, as I had occasion to see many of them at the now out of business Backtrack Video and Records in Seattle Washington. I also feel very lucky to own a VHS of this movie, of which I will never part with. I put MUTILATIONS in the same category as WINTERBEAST, another film that regularly gets trashed by, shall we say in a polite way, those who just don't get it. They don't get the fact that independent films back then could actually be above their heads, regarding the craftsmanship it takes to make a movie that is so funny at times that it couldn't have been anything but planned. That's not to say that the film is all campy, however. There are many scenes that are well crafted fright scenes. And anyone who takes the laborious time and effort to create stop-motion effects deserves a lot of credit, since very few movies employed those techniques back then. If a camp Oscar was ever a possibility, the guy who played the teacher would win hands down. So a big salute to the people who made this film, which stands out as one of the best in its genre. And thank god MST2000 hasn't gotten hold of it, because they would again deserve to be shot for souring a whole generation of would be fans who, rather than using their independent brains, just go along with what they see on the brainwashing TV set. But that's a whole different subject. I regularly search for films they they "comment" on, which, by the way, they edit to fit their verbose, non-intellectual humor. I know, because I've seen many of the uncut, unedited films in all their campy glory. Video Watchdog missed a huge opportunity to "out" that bunch, since they often do side by side comparisons of alternate versions of movies. The only "cheese" in my vocabulary is that which I eat, and anyone who uses that term automatically goes into the uninformed, unintelligent, generation of "watchers" who can't go beyond what they merely see.

Honky (1971)
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Never knew what would happen next, 13 May 2011

I loved this movie for several reasons. It has a great cast of supporting actors, and the lovely Brenda Sykes. It has a plot and storyline that kept me "glued" throughout the film. I usually fast forward through sex scenes these days, but I was fascinated with what there was here. But if you think this is just a love story, you're mistaken. This couple goes through many changes together, including those that take them into extremely dangerous waters. The movie was made in the cherished "exploitation" times of the great National General Film Corporation, where I and many others were in "Drive-In Heaven" every time we saw one of these independent films that had a message, which was told in a style of visuals that often shocked, engrossed, or at the least entertained us throughout the movie. This was one of those films. MGM should be commended for giving us this film, which I don't recall ever seeing when it came out, but thanks to wwmovies for making available. I see a lot of free play movies on Netflix, and one benefit has been to get me interested in the films that have fallen through the cracks, out of sight to our current DVD releases. I also read Psychotronic books, which review titles that many of us have never heard of. If you ever see a title that falls into this lost category, I urge you to Google the title under the heading "Watch ....(title)or "(title DVD)". You may be amazed at the fact that someone has a copy on DVD R. Ioffer is another great source for obscure titles. Good luck.

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