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Be a Boss, 19 December 2014

A continuation of the Horrible Bosses series, this second in the series hits a bit more about the complexity of striking out on your own. The three amigos in Nick Hendricks, Kurt Buckman, and Dale Arbus take a risk in establishing their brand of shower heads and seek a stake in the business world. What they discover is that is much more of doggie dog world than they expected. Has a large well known cast from Kevin Spacey, Jaimie Foxx, and Christoph Waltz. Jennifer Aniston is the nastiest I have seen in this film and does push the cougar sex craze angel to the limits. As the trio strike out on their own, they soon discover they need plan b if they want to be able to compete in the world of business. This plan B is not perfect but helps them find a path to being their own bosses.

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Moonlight, 19 December 2014

This is typical Woody Allen quirky romantic story. Stanley is brought in to disprove spiritualist Sophie, but instead of proving that logic rules the day, he discovers that there are certain things that exist in the universe that you can't prove like love, hope, and the magic of prayer. There are some wonderfully cinematic scenes from France and the soundtrack does enable you to be transported to the 1920. It is a perfect date movie or one that will give you hope in the world beyond. Sometimes its better to live in a world of wonder instead of a world of certainty. It makes for a must better experience in life's journey. Colin Firth does an excellent job of creating a believable stiff character while Emma Stone in Sophie adds a touch of class and grace. I did not know what to expect and came out liking this movie. Like most of Woody Allen's movies it showcases the ironies of life.

Top Five (2014)
Rock this town, 19 December 2014

- I have always been a fan of Chris Rock and what I had read this movie Top Five was biographical of sorts. The premise is that a comedian Andre Allen career is floundering and he need new life to bring him back to the forefront. For 24 hours, the course of the time period of the film, NY Times reporter Chelsea Brown will hang out with Andre to write a feature piece on him. The unexamined life is not worth living and Andre opens up about his addictions, his sordid past, and his current soon to be marriage with a reality star. Along the way he encounters family, old friends, and real interesting characters like Cedric The Entertainer who plays an local promoter in Jazzy Dee. This movie is not your typical comedy, some real dark scenes and some inappropriate moments that should have been left to the imagination instead of graphically showcasing them on the big screen. I would say this movie is a rental and should wait to view as a rental and when your options are few and far between. I was disappointed and did not live up to the Chris Rock humor.

Bad Santa (2003)
ho ho ho, 19 December 2014

Trying to get into the ba humbug spirit of things for the holiday season is not easy with all the cheer. But Bad Santa comes close. In it Willie who portrays a mall Santa with side kick elf Marcus is everything you expect a Santa not to be. He is crude, cynical, drunk most of the time, and a skirt chasing pervert. Along the way he befriends a kid and discovers a whole new purpose in spreading Christmas cheer. Really nice to see John Ritter and Berne Mac on the big screen and their humor. Not a movie for all but a fun story of the dark side of Christmas. It is perfect modern classic and tale of the unexpected.

Birdman (2014)
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fly, 29 November 2014

Birdman has many fascinating themes and an up and close personal perspective of the drama behind the scenes world of live theatre. The tribulations of an aging movie star attempt to a comeback. The complexity of the modern family dynamics. Michael Keaton stars as Riggan Thomson who has put all he has on the line to bring a play production onto Broadway. The cinematography is good and I love the continuous camera shot scenes. Keaton creates a believable role as it were to seem to imitate life as Keaton was a past super hero in Batman. Riggan is a tormented man who fights with his internal demons. An impressive cast with Edward Norton, Zach Galinfianakis and Amy Ryan to name a few. This movie is bold, has depth, and fun to watch, perfect for theatre goers or those that like to watch a train wreck up close and personal.

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Play on Player, 29 November 2014

Woody Allen style of story telling hits on themes of the frailties o the human condition and in Fading Gigolo hits some hot spots. Written by John Turturro, this one gives Woody Allen star billing. The need for physical and emotional contact is ageless. The role of risk in our daily is present but diminishes as we get older and less of risk takers. The frame of the story lies in Murray's (Woody Allen) world who after his bookstore fails, he discovers he is good in pin pointing the distress of women around him. What they need is physical affection and after one confesses the desire of a menege a trois, Murray turns to his helpful bookstore clerk Floaante (John Turturro). In the course of the arrange "treatment", Murray becomes a defacto pimp where they venture into setting up woman who is part of a conservative Jewish sect. Funny, witty, and sexy, this film shares that you can find love in all the wrong places.

The Guru (2002)
namaste, 29 November 2014

America is the land of dreams and riches. For Ram he is stagnant as a dance instructor in his native India. He decides to seek his fortune and move across the pond to the USA. When answering an ad for a movie he discovers quickly that is for a porn movie. Unable to rise up to the occasion, he seeks the sage advice of porn actress Sharonna (Heather Graham) and she sets him on a journey of the joy of sex. Ram then coverts this new knowledge into a role of a sex guru, where he begins a rise up to fame and fortune. Mixed in with a tad of Bollywood glamour, this movie is cute and shares the message that it all works out if you stay true to yourself. Marisa Tormei, Michael McKean, and Dash Mihok round out the cast.

kids will be kids, 29 November 2014

This movie brings together the modern feel good holistic parenting as compared to the dictatorship parenting of yesteryear. In it, the grandparents are asked to come care for the grandkids after the parents are converting a business trip to a mini-vacation. What is really good is the paring of Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as the grandparents. I was reminded of how funny Crystal can be. Lot of gag bits but humorous to see how the family dynamic plays out. It reminds you that parenting is trial and error and there is no real way to mess up the children's lives. This movie is fun and should be perfect for any family who has a challenge for teaching intergenerational lessons.

Gone Girl (2014)
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Desperately seeking Amy, 8 November 2014

Gone Girl the movie is based on the book by Gillian Flynn. I read the book and the movie follows the book plot pretty much along the same line. They did a good job of keeping the suspense along the way. It is about a girl, Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) who goes missing. Her husband Nick Dunne rallies to garner support and help from the community. Along the way, Nick's life becomes a media sensation and his life under the public focus because to get scrutinize. A bit long at about 149 minutes but it kept my interest along the way. Good pace and makes you rethink that before you meet with the police get an attorney. Police are not your friend and the state is the ultimate decider on your basic freedoms. I would recommend this for anyone that likes a good suspense filled story.

Big Hero 6 (2014)
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We don't need another hero, 8 November 2014

Atlanta, Georgia- A lovable story and characters in Big Hero 6 is sure to be hit among the younger set. This character Big Hero 6 is created to become the ultimate health care worker. The star youngster genius Hiro discovers that life is more than science and building the ultimate robot when he encounters Big Hero 6. A mix of the old Michelin man and marshmallow quality. Hero is set up to be of service and promote good overall health. Along the way they discover a dangerous plot by an evil masked man and put out all the stops to get to the root to the problem. A mix of misfits come together to give Hero and Hiro the back up and make up a winning combination. You will sure crave a hug once the credits roll from a warm and lovable man made creation. If you want a safe secure story for your kids or mom, this is the one for you.

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