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Hello! I don't have much time to watch movies, so when I sit down and watch a movie, it can't be just good. It has to be amazing! I have high standards. Therefore, I hope to find people with similar tastes to recommend stuff.

I don't limit myself to any genre, but I generally dislike horror just for the sake of horror, or comedy just for the sake of comedy. There needs to be a message, or at least the movie should be intellectually stimulating and/or unique. See the listed titles for my faves.

Just to give you a better picture of my taste, I did not enjoy any of the following (popular) movies at all:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Reservoir Dogs
Grown Ups
Punch Drunk Love
Pulp Fiction
The Fall
Fast and Furious
Children of Men
Sky captain and the world of tomorrow
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
The Notebook
Princess Bride
The Big Lebowski
The pursuit of happyness
A Bronx Tale
The Bucket List
Evan Almighty
The house of flying daggers
The Tree of Life

The above movies all seemed gratuitous/pointless to me; maybe I missed something. Also, while I enjoyed the Dark Knight and Avatar, I think they were both overrated.

Anyway, following is my list of favorites in no particular order.