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The Linda McCartney Story (2000 TV Movie)
Selling Linda Short
2 February 2005
I won't comment about the overall production values of this movie (other than to commend the acting jobs of all of the players), but as a documentary it really fails, and sells Linda McCartney very short. It could have been titled "The Mrs. Paul McCartney Story", or better yet, "The Mrs. Beatle Story".

Linda McCartney was a lifelong photographer of some repute, yet none of her photographs are shown or talked about. We get to see the break-up of the Beatles up-close, yet the details of Linda's life before and outside of her marriage to Paul McCartney are almost entirely omitted.

Unbelievably, Linda's work for animal issues and vegetarianism are barely mentioned. These activities are what defined Linda McCartney (or, at least, how she defined herself), yet more time is devoted to reproducing Beatles recording sessions than to dealing with them. Linda stated during her lifetime that motherhood was her most important job, but we see virtually none of her relationships with her four children.

This movie was a real disappointment. Less a tribute than an insult to the innovative and influential Linda McCartney.
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Almost great
22 November 2004
I was riveted by this film, until the meeting between Gerry and the Attorney (I don't remember her name) and the scene with the blow-torching of the prison guard.

All of a sudden, the oppression of the Irish people is somehow made to be their own fault. In the meeting with the attorney, Gerry has "an attitude", and it is all his fault for not having "faith in himself". What on earth does this mean, in his situation?? Why must our culture always demonize people for fighting back and standing up for themselves?

The performances were top-class by all players. But the caricature and demonization of the IRA man was this film's U-Turn into sentimental mediocrity, and an offense against the people who continue to suffer what it portrays.
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