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RED 2 (2013)
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Red2 is Red2.DO Not Expect The Original RED, 7 August 2013

All you can eat action,car chases, explosions, old timers fun, traveling across Europe and the US.Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis and John Malkovich is John Malkovich.Great actors, having fun in this action thriller that will not keep you on the edge of the chair,yet will put a smile and occasional laugh on you face.As one tries to compare to the original,some feelings of disappointment may crawl your thoughts.With that said this great team with Helen Mirren and others are great fun for almost 2 hours of CIA/MI6/KGB/FBI playing as well unorganized orchestra together and one against each other.No one better than Anthony Hopkins to cast to his specific role.He is brilliant!

Stolen (2012)
Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage.Fast,sharp to the point, 3 August 2013

A fast paced thriller.A good 1.5 hours of pure thriller entertainment.Let your brain switch off, relax and enjoy this easy to digest Nicolas Cage movie.An impossible plot,but well followed up throughout the movie, without visible plot holes. Filemed in new Orleans during the Mardi Gras carnival, adds a bit of Southern Comfort to the fast paced action.Nicolas Cage remains at his best.Not sure how good the FBI looks after watching this movie,but yet again that's not our problem.Some scenes might remind you of Det. Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle but this time in New Orleans.All The actors take their role seriously and give a good show.

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7 For the action 3 for the plot, 2 August 2013

I expected much more from Roland Emmerich's latest catastrophe movie. the problem is that the plot is a catastrophe ,the action though saves the movie to a stage where you can just about watch it.Although we all know the chances of these types of events to materialize are slim,very slim,despite 9/11 ,still "Olympus Has Fallen" makes more sense to me.So all in all the plot here is totally ridicules,the action is good,the characters seem to enjoy this much .I did not so much,despite the clear thumb print of Roland Emmerich,Explosions,Explosions,Explosions,...catastrophe ,chaos,masses of people running for their lives.Al this is nice but the plot is so far from any Hollywood reality.

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Michael Caine and Morgan freeman saved this movie., 4 July 2013

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman saved this film.Why? because most of the movie is no more than a spectacular magic show in Las Vegas.There is a light plot as well, but nothing seriously intriguing.The plot has it's 90 degree sharp turns,but something was missing.The magic tricks are nice.Try to take part in some card will be amazed. So unless Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman would be there ,being marvelous as they can be ,I would not grade this film with more than 3- 4.Mark Ruffalo is giving a convincing performance ,and so are the rest of the Magician crew for that matter.So to sum up:Nice 1.5 hours of Las Vegas style entertainment brought to your local Cinema with some quick unexpected turns in the plot

Enjoyed the movie –got frustrated from some vocals, 28 May 2013

I am still not sure what score I will give at the end of this review .It's hard to write an objective personal review about this epic magical musical, that I have seen on stage and numerous times on video (10 and 25 years anniversaries). So let's look at this as a plain movie: As a movie its excellent. Great scenery, dresses, environment. Excellent acting and dramatization.

Here is the catch. It's not a plain simple drama movie. It's a musical! As a musical I said…hmm in this case: "Huston we have a problem". Sounds of Music /My Fair Lady and many more were musicals and movies as well. They were perfect in both versions. One expects the performers to be able to provide an acceptable level of musical performance. As good as Hugh Jackman is as an actor he is not close to be a valued singer or vocal performer that can encapsulate the epic role of Jean Valjean .As an actor yes-he a singer –vocal performer he would be less than 4/10 on the Arik scale. (Where Alfie Boe and Colm Wilkinson represent the 10/10. There are excellent actors that are also great vocal performers. Eddie Redmayne deserves to be nominated as one of them, so do Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Tveit , Samantha Barks . I am struggling with my opinion about Anne Hathaway's vocal capabilities..6-7/10 on the Arik scale. All in all: I saw the movie twice. Enjoyed the movie –got frustrated from the vocals except those mentioned. Hope you will enjoy it more than I did.

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Funny well done action packed entertainment, 3 March 2013

This is a fast paced action packed thriller. Well done.Showing John McClane (Bruce) again as a professional Mr Fix it no matter what the mission is or where ever it is. As usual with John McClane , the story is as far fro reality as it can be, but to enjoy Bruce's light humor, and wild car chases in Russia is worth it all.This film is indeed packed with action.Helicopters, armored cars and a lot of weapons of all kinds.A lot of shooting all over as well. As its said that the apple does not fall far from the tree, so are things with Jack McClane -The son of John McClane .He will always get out of any trouble with or without dad's help .Will he carry the torch when Bruce resigns?Why not.Jai Courtney did a great job in this film.

Argo (2012)
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1 Word:Brilliant!, 14 November 2012

This is a realistically ,brilliantly made spy spook thriller .No unnecessary bits and pieces. A story of heroes told from start to finish in a fluent minute by minute / day by day documentation of events .History is brought to the spectator without any comments ,yet in true pictures with minimum real footage from the events in 1979-1980 .All characters are doing an excellent job. The streets of Tehran look and feel so realistic it give you the creeps. Ben managed magnificently capture and play the dilemmas,and the frustrations of a senior operative planing and executing a "mission".This is the first time i saw everyone staying for the Credits,As they say..It does not end till the fat lady sings.Bravo!Bravo!

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Just about 2 hours of standard SCI FI-but in 3D. that's it., 9 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tried to decide if to rate it 3 or 4 out of 10,that should indicate what I think about this film. Having seen other masterpieces of Ridley Scott I expected much more. This movie leaves one with the feeling that it was made just to make a 3D Sci Fi movie that will explain who is the creator of the slimy alien. The set is very Sci Fi Alien like and someone always has an hidden agenda but in fact nothing happens through out the movie. Most people next to me said at the end of the movie same thing.....and???The actors take their role seriously and give a good show. The special effects are professional and one can easily feel it is a work done by Ridley Scott but the question remains: And? What's it all about?a re-cap of the Alien popping out of one's stomach? A woman scientists fighting a slimy "Thing" ...We seen that all many years ago in the Alien sequence, So what new in Prometheus? Nothing. Nada! The only reason to see the movie is to enjoy some nice 3D effects. Yet that's in fact the only reason. Sorry Mr Scott but you have to come up with some new Ideas.The bottom line: No suspense what so ever. Not even one moment causing the spectator to jump on his seat. Nothing! Just about 2 hours of standard SCI FI-but in 3D. that's it.

Passengers (2008)
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Interesting !, 14 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well tailored thriller.Keeps one concentrated in the story line trying to figure what,why,how,when etc.Sometimes scenes appear out of nowhere but then later you get the idea where they came from.David Morse is fine. As for Anne Hathaway she is convincing to a point . I would ask many more questions if I would be in her (Character) shoos with events occurring as they do in the film. The truth unfold slowly and by the time you get to the last 10-15 minutes you should have an idea of what exactly has happened for the past 80 minutes. This movie is for sure worth while watching. It compounds mystery, romance ,tragedy (In this order)all in a flawless chain of events.

"Homeland" (2011)
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Brilliant, 2 January 2012

This is a masterpiece of TV thriller/action/drama . Sharp, sophisticated, clear and crisp. Excellent performance of the entire cast.It's realistic tense, action packed 12 hours of just well made TV.!The storyline is crafted in such a brilliant way that from the first episode ,one can not wait to see how the drama concludes. I said realistic , as the cast so brilliantly fit in to their characters. Mandy Patinkin's performance is outstanding as the voice of sanity throughout the events.Claire Danes is having a double role as the CIA agent and as being Bipolar . Finally Damian Lewis:The creators could not have found anyone better to play Nicholas Brody.

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