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Spectre (2015)
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Well made action movie, 12 November 2015

This again is not the conventional Bond movie. it has some personal touch to who and what Bond is .Although I did not really get what it was Bond was looking for , it did not really matter, as a Bond film is a Bond film. It's either bad Good or excellent.This one in my mind was almost excellent.Well done car and helicopter/plane chases.A lot of punching and fist fights, some gadgets and other geek stuff to enjoy with some Daniel Craig humor. Was glad to see Q playing a more active role.All i all the 150 minutes just flew by.The movie started and in "no" time was finished.That's because its gripping suspense and action .A lot of things are happening.

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No way you can wait another week for next episode.(No Spoiler!!), 30 October 2015

Just simply outstanding! Ryan Phillippe giving a fantastic performance .Bravo!The whole cast is great but Ryan Phillippe is absolutely convincing in all that he does. The story itself gripping thriller with twists and turns behind every corner .Just when you think you know where its going, you find yourself on a totally new avenue of suspense ,drama trying to figure out who could have done what and WHY!!!This drama will keep you thinking about yourself in a similar situation.How would you react if your neighbor/ friend would be a murder suspect ?Or from the other side: how would you feel/behave if you would be a murder suspect but not yet officially accused for it? Season Finale update: Just when you think it can't get any just does!

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No incentive to wait for the next episode., 30 October 2015

First episode aired on Watch TV yesterday in the UK/Ireland.A lot of trailers and publicity proceeded this show.Is it worth it?Difficult to judge from one episode as I have been a fun of ER -The original one.The mind plays tricks on you, and you can't avoid comparing code Black to ER. So yes,it is a very realistic ER.Of course some heart braking stories are there as well, as in any American hospital drama.So what happened in Ep1?not much. Maybe just an introduction to characters? Not really sure.The sad thing is that when the episode ended I did not get any incentive to wait for the next episode.Will Code Black stand up to the publicity it has been given?That remains to be seen.

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The RIDLEY SCOTT we used to know is back!, 3 October 2015

Dear Mr. RIDLEY SCOTT .I am so happy to say you have recovered from your Prometheus fiasco . I must say the Martian is an interesting movie well done. You could not have a found a more realistic place to film it in.Wadi Rum was a great choice. Matt Damon is giving his best ( as he usually does). The rest of the cast are doing a good job as well, although personally I think that Mr. Sean Bean was a wasted talent in a what may be considered a second level role. He is much much better than that. So Mr Scott, you did a good job keeping the goofs to an incredible minimum almost non existent number. Incorporating so much suspense, fear, thrill, humour all at the same time takes some skills that you Mr. Scott obviously are blessed with ( Bar the Prometheus fiasco ). So thanks for a great motion picture!-- By now you know I hated Prometheus

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Nice, entertaining ,sometimes funny, 45 minutes., 30 January 2015

Of course all that occurs here is 100% ridiculous , not possible,total fiction even science fiction but thats the beauty of Covert Affairs.Although sometimes I wonder why anyone would present the CIA as been operated by a married couple like it was their own souvenir shop. However,every chapter stands on its own, although there is a thread that goes between all chapters.This is fast paced chain of events,where we are taken to actual locations around the globe.There is suspense, mystery, romance , nice entertaining sometimes funny 45 minutes.Christopher Gorham is amazing in his character a a Blind Ops tech Handler Auggie Anderson.he is indeed amazing.,Gregory Itzin is again the slimy crooked manipulative character , just like in 24!

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Plenty of characters, plenty of stories, plenty of events.Boring, 30 January 2015

Almost 3 months of reminders to "Fortitude is coming soon" are finally over.Thats the good part. A lot is happening here. Plenty of characters, plenty of stories, plenty of events. Just when you think you know who is who and what is what and who is doing what and why this is happening suddenly out of the blue a new character jumps in with a new agenda of doing something else. So yes, its a kind of a second edition to "Twin Peaks".Yes ,the scenery is breathtaking , the characters may act well, but the web of characters and the different stories did not catch my attention or my interest.Maybe I was over expecting ?

Taken 3 (2014)
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Have not yet met a sequel that is better than the first one. Nor is this one, 10 January 2015

Have not yet met a sequel that is better than the first one.Taken 1 was thee best. Taken 2 was great Taken 3 is OK-ish.Why? because there is not same sense of urgency .In previous movies Liam tried to prevent a murder or death here he tries to find the killer and clear himself. That's the big difference, and it has a huge impact on how one perceives the movie. Yes, a lot of action is there . A! LOT! Well done and well balanced.I hope there will be a Taken 4 that will put a final end to the series. Not because I do not like them, but, Liam is not getting younger.To cast Forest Whitaker in the as the police inspector was genius.Forest Whitaker is great ( in everything he does).So lets go for Taken 4??? Yes.

"Tyrant" (2014)
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Quite a few good moments of nail biting moments., 12 September 2014

The thumb print of Gideon Raff&Co is visible in this breath-taking Drama. Although the entire story is as much fiction as it gets, still it's providing the spectator quite a few good moments of nail biting moments. The characters are convincing. The actors are just the right pick for their respective role. The locations been authentic (Muslim country) are just adding a good amount of reality to this show . The story line is not far from a combination of true life events taking Sadam, Kaddafi and other in to consideration. Although Democracy and Muslim country are not terms you read about daily, still it's interesting to see how this idea can develop in this imaginary country.

Philomena (2013)
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Spot on.Judi Dench Special!, 7 April 2014

True story with compelling performance from Judi Dench .Can't see anyone else doing this role but the one and only Judi Dench. This motion picture is a like a snapshot to a black hole of the early 50's in Ireland.Whilst involving yet again the Church in Ireland in some kind of inappropriate actions, this film keeps one asking how many more of these cases occurred in the past?What were they thinking? What else happened that time that we do not know or will ever know. The main element of this film is to raise a big flag and alert us to the dark past of these institutions but at the same time leaving us to judge whether anything was wrongfully done or was it all done as necessity of the circumstances of that time. Judi Dench and Steve Coogan are a match made in haven for this movie.

"Believe" (2014)
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After seeing Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón I am afraid this will be same boring stuff like Gravity, 6 April 2014

As we are only in S01E02 this review will be a partial review as I have not seen the rest of the series. So far I can only say that I imagine some writers, directors and producers sitting in a room looking for ideas how to boost profits for the network.Somehow they managed to come up with the most trivial idea: Let get a supernatural child that all will be chasing.Lets add to that some " helping the poor and sick" element, twist it with the girl not knowing who her parents are, and spice it with the FBI and local police getting involved and TADA....You got it. This is what Believe" is all about.So far this seems to go nowhere. High tech surveillance ,full time trained martial arts guardian not able to kill the perpetrators trying to kidnap the girl unreal and so many plot holes. Hopefully the next chapters will make this series go somewhere .Knowing JJ Abrams I Believe it will. After seeing Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón I am afraid this will be same boring stuff like Gravity UPDATE AFTER Episode 3:Now I am totally an unbeliever .There are more holes in this plot than holes in a mosquito mesh. Nice try. I am out.Downgrading to 1/10

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