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Yes, my taste is very auteur driven.

Ranking the films in an order of preference became too hard... and pointless. So I decided to just make a list of movies I love, in chronological order, no limit.

Obviously this list is ever in progress, as my viewing landscape increases. Knowing that there are always great un-seen movies out there, despite already having an enormous list of great movies, speaks volumes about the enormous cinematic canon.
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One of Hollywoods greatest directors. Still have quite a few to see that I'm interested in... namely El Dorado and Hatari!... and others. All listed are fantastic except for Monkey Business which I found pretty mediocre.
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One of my favourite directors. Still need to see (and am eagerly awaiting) Ashes of Time and The Grandmaster.

The top 5 rank among my favourites of all time, though all of these are worth checking out.
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,All the films I've seen in 2013 ranked. So many still left to see. I've really only got the big American ones, so this will probably shift around a lot. The films lower than Prisoners are pretty average, though not until Gravity would I say they begin to get crappy.

Most Anticipated: A touch of Sin, Blind Detective, Computer Chess, The Missing Picture, La Ultima Pelicula, The Worlds End, Before Midnight, Our Sunhi, Her, Grandmaster, Trance, etc.
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Keep in mind that even the ones at the very bottom are good films.

Still need to see quite a few. Most notably Blood Simple, The Man Who Wasn't There, and The Hudsucker Proxy.
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Just ordered a bunch of anticipated movies with some christmas cash
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All of the films on my Alfred Hitchcock Boxset
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Just ordered a bunch of movies of Amazon some I've seen, others are blind buys, all the Hitchcocks are from a boxset (The Masterpiece collection)