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A list of the hottest male celebrities, IMO. From singers, actors, tv actor's. Ages, race and looks vary - some are nerdy/awkwardly adorable (comical - their personality not looks) and some are just hott without explanation ... comment and share your opinions and suggestions.
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where children or adults are taken hostage taken or kidnapped. or there house being intruded by people.
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the best horror, suspense, thriller movies i have watched. Only adding one to multiple movie Franchises; saw 2, wrong turn 2. (English Speaking movies only) Feel free to share the hate or suggestions or compliments - all taken the same. There's movies I may have wrote comments on that weren't positive. I'm a person who takes movies seriously and when there's even a basic flaw that could have been so much better in a movie it ultimately lowers the value of that movie or the ending can ruin the greatness of the movie (it was great and than bam, worst ending) - I think that I could've done so much better if I wrote the plot to that certain movie... I'm sure we are all like this, right?
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this is a list of the best movie/ tv show actresses in my opinion.
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BEST TV SHOWS IN MY OPINION SINCE THE YEAR 2000 besides law & order SVU which was 1999 close enough to 2000. REALITY SHOW FREE ZONE!

50 shows only. In no order and some might not be on here that should be.
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movies about people taking revenge, people that like to control/manipulate others, people that deceive or scam their way into money, people that are obsessed with another person/s, people that like to have power over others...
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my favorite cartoons i liked watching when i was little.
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best modern chick flicks movies... that ive seen.
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my favourite movies.