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the best horror, suspense, thriller movies ive watched. only adding one to multiple movie series ex. saw 2, wrong turn 2, feel free to comment if you like or don't like the list...
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this is a list of the best movie/ tv show actresses in my opinion.
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A list of the hottest male celebrities, IMO, from singers, actors, tv actor's. Ages vary... comment and share your opinions and suggestions.
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movies about people taking revenge, people that like to control/manipulate others, people that deceive or scam their way into money, people that are obsessed with another person/s, people that like to have power over others...
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BEST TV SHOWS IN MY OPINION SINCE THE YEAR 2000 besides law & order SVU which was 1999 close enough to 2000 , most shows are after year 2009 as i didn't watch much tv before that. REALITY SHOW FREE ZONE!
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my favorite cartoons i liked watching when i was little.
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with sharks/ crocodiles ... some of which are more comical then serious. Most of these are very over the top. You'd notice jaws in not on this list, mainly because it is before my generation, so I don't see any beauty in the movie.
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my favorite female singers from number one
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where children or adults are taken hostage taken or kidnapped. or there house being intruded by people.
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political, cia, law corruption movies after 2000...
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best modern chick flicks movies... that ive seen.
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my favourite movies.