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I have rated around 2,500 movies on Netflix. These are just my overall favorites. There are foreign, drama, independent, mainstream, action, and classics. These are the movies that I rate as 4 or 5 stars (with a few 3 star movies in there just because the actress was hot).

Here are my top 15 to watch (generally excluding mainstream movies since everybody knows them. These are not necessarily my favorite 15 films, just the ones that are less well known but gems):

1) Amelie
2) Atanarjuat (hard to find except on PB)
3) Black
4) Born Free (feel good/family friendly)
5) Castway on the Moon (quirky and fun)
6) Children of Heaven (very cute, learn about Iran)
7) City of Men (TV show)
8) Electric Shadows
9) Frozen River (wonderful)
10) Grave of Fireflies (extremely sad)
11) Great Teacher Onizuka (TV)
12) Let the Right One In (better than the American version)
13) Life As a House (inspirational)
14) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (wonderful old movie)
15) Sin Nombre (in my top five/gritty)
16) Tsotsi (African movie)

***In Alphabetical order***