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Movies that i enjoyed which where not received well in mainstream audiences. These movies barely got 6 stars.
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Great movies, tv shows that you may have missed that are worth checking out.
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Movies and documentaries that left me completely mesmerized and not wanting to leave my seat from start to finish all the way home. To make this list the movie has to be something SPECIAL. All random order as i could not figure out what order all these awesome movies should be in.
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This is a random list of comedy movies that just crack me up everytime i watch them time and time again. Several comedy movies DID NOT make this list basically they where NOT FUNNY and or did not have a lasting impression. All random as i can not order them as they are all just equally good.
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This is a list of movies that genually scared me. As a result i can never forget them because of those moments of fear i felt. Not all movies are of the horror genre as you might find but that did not stop me from freaking out. Random order.
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favorite military war tv shows movies and documentaries that have been released in the modern era between 1980-present. Work in progress.
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Tear jerking Movies, Documentaries and TV Shows. I may have shed a tear or more. Most of those "scenes" may or may not have occured in the final act.
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Great Child Actor/Actress performances in adult film & TV
[Work In Progress]
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MY faviroute superhero movies of all time.Random order. several great movies DID NOT make this list. Basically if i was not dropping my mouth at the shear awesomeness of the movie, then it does not make this list. constantly being updated as new movies are released.
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Actors who i would pick for a mortal kombat movie.
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If actors/actress decided they dont want to come back, i propose the following backup cast for existing characters. [WORK IN PROGRESS]
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Young actors/actresses who i enjoy watching and are on the verge of hitting A list status.
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Just a list of people i think would be great in a friday 13th remake.
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Work in progress
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MY ideal cast for a ghostbusters reboot of the reboot. I'd make it 50/50. 2 boys, 2 girls to make up the team and then keep the supporting cast the same genders as the original. If there was sequel then id bring in more characters but for now this would do. [work in progress]
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If marvel ever decided to make a movie or netflix series for their vampire hunter BLADE, i think the following actors would be a great cast. WORK IN PROGRESS
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My favorite movies that feature everyday animals as the antagonist. These movies have alot less supernatural or scientific influence and rather that these animals naturally evolved into their current form. Work in progress
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My Favorite sports movies of all time. To make the list, the movie must not be a parody, may or may not be a true story and have decent amount of sport scenes including training scenes. Random Order.
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Favorite TV shows All Time. To make the list, plan and simple, make me feel like i want more. No Order.
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Movies that received bad reviews but i liked it.
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This is a list of actors and actresses who played rugby league or rugby union at some point in their life time. Work in progress, will continue to add photos and other information as they come to light. If you are aware of any actors/actresses missing from this list, please comment below.
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Scary, Wrong, Horrific. Movies i have seen that where insane to say the least that i most likely will never ever want to watch again because of how horrific or insane it was. I dont recommend watching 2 or more movies from this list in 1 seating if you are weak in the stomach area. Can not add A Serbian Film for some reason it would be here otherwise. More to come. Random not in order.
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A list of all pc, sega, playstation games i have completed.
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List of my favorite movies that revolve around the subject of music or have an amazing soundtrack. Random Order
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Badass chicks who i believe not to mess and could easily make it in an all women expendables movie.
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My cast of actors/actresses for a mass effect movie. WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!
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PC, PS3 Games i love. [Work in progress]
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Movies that looked promising but disappointed me on first viewing.
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Favorite movies based on an island or in the ocean. Work in progress.
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Young actors born after 1990 that have a bright acting future and that i enjoy watching. Work in progress
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My personal favorite movies that revolve around a group or team of heroes.
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random list of movies that have mixed themes with the sci fi genre like west meets sci fi, aliens meets modern warfare, etc. Work in progress.
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This is a list of great non-aussie born actors and actresses. work in progress.
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My Fav Male Celebrities Still Alive
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This is a list of blu-ray movies made prior to 1995 that are definitely worth checking out now that they are out on blu-ray. All of these movies i have NEVER watched prior to them being released on blu-ray and i must say all of them stand strong against some of the rubbish that is released today. I found them all excellent overall for there plot, acting, video, sound etc. Work in progress as i slowly continue to watch more and more movies and updating the list after viewing them. The List is in random order.
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Faviroute Male Action Heroes of all time. No Order
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RANDOM list of Great movies where the movie is centered around two main lead characters working together for a common goal. any genre list is random order.
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My RANDOM list of Favorite Action Movies with no sequel or remake to date. To make the list the movies must not have a sequel and no remake in the works. TV spinoffs do not count as a sequel. Movies will be removed from list when sequels or remakes appear in imdb.
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Basically if it involves racing against each other and I(thats me) liked it then it makes this list. Must not be competing against police army only other opponents in simular or same vehicles etc. Only Movies no docos or tv etc. random order.
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My Favorite movies Docos TV Shows Games which are set near the ocean, on a resort, island, by the sea or on a boat. To make the list, the movie should contain some really awesome sea location footage. Random order work in progress.
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random order poker movies i have seen so far.
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Favorite movies where english is not the main language spoken. Basically to make the list, majority of the film is spoken in any language other then english. Cast and crew can be from any country. Work in progress all random order.
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Random list of incredibly funny comics and funny actors that i enjoy listerning or watching in movies or tv. To make this list the person must stand out from the crowd of actors they may be staring with most of the time. Still in progress.
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Following are a list of excellent movies that had me thinking right through to the very end. In some cases i had to watch a few times to understand the plot more. Work in progress. !! Random Order.
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Movies Tv shows concerts etc, i watch to get into back in to the happy mood when im not feeling keen to do much or anxious and need to be reinvigrated/motivated to get out of bed for work parties or meet people im not feeling to keen to meet. Work in progress. Random order.
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List of christian movies and documentaries i have seen thus far that i enjoyed. work in progress. random order.
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Random list of movies i like that are located in the domestic suburbs apartments houses etc. Work in progress
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Basically if it stars or co stars kids/children and i can TOLERATE them and the movie, then it makes this list. All Random Order. Still in progress as i think up more movies i have seen.
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List of my favorite disaster movies to date. To make the list the movie can contain any type of disaster. eg Alien Invasion, earthquake, Virus outbreaks, volcano eruptions, asteroids, animal invasion like godzilla, post/pre disaster etc.
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These are a list of movies set in australia and NZ that i have seen and liked alot. no order all random.
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