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28 January 2014
I am more than enraged when the announcer uttered "Hurt Locker" as the Oscar Best Motion Picture. SERIOUSLY? Did you not watch Inglorious Bastards or Up in the Air or any other movies in the category??? The rest is up to personal opinion so let's not get too carried away and make an objective evaluation of this "movie", or whatever they call this piece of motion picture.

You'd only have to be someone growing up in the liberal part of the world who has minimal amount of common sense to know that this movie is completely fantasy land. No military would have tolerated such immature heroic behaviors in an active war zone for more than a day. The audience is not looking for documentary-style accuracy, granted, but would very soon become disgusted when they are treated like idiots! This movie failed to create any remotely believable characters or scenarios. Half way through the movie, I was stunned in disbelief in how something like this could be nominated, and even won, the best picture of 2010, or ever.

To be fair I would probably rated this movie 3 out of 10 because I do enjoy the performance from Renner for whatever plots he had left to work with. The cinematography is gray and dusty throughout but I wouldn't say horrible. However, given how bloated the rating is on this site, I'm going to opt for an one to counter the opinions.

Academy I had higher expectations for you than this. What can I say. Love hurts.
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End of Watch (2012)
Bad bad bad
27 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Completed overrated. No idea how this movie got 7.7 out of 10. The entire movie is filled with typical police movie clichés amplified with totally unnecessary profanes and violence throughout. Oh yeah not to mention the constantly shaking camera work. Zero chemistry between characters. Essentially no plot except for two cops "policing" the streets. These had to be the two most unfortunate police officers out there because they've run into gangster war lords, house fire where they all of a sudden became fire fighters, police assaulting perps, human trafficking cartels, annoying feds, sociopathic mass murders, et cetera. The miserable attempt to bring the private lives of the two main characters became distractions that cut into whatever storyline the movie had left. I kept waiting for them to get killed of so that the movie can end, and voilà, finally they were shot at by not one not two not three but four semiautomatic weapons in an open space and no one got shot! Poor Pena had to go at the end because...…because your wife just had a baby and you're in a Hollywood movie. And how did Gyllenhaal survive the close range shootings again? No offense to real LAPDs out there.

Lastly this has to be one of the worst performance I've seen from Anna Kendrick – not sure what got into her when she chose such a token character. A Master of Science in fluid dynamics? That's not even a real program. I mean you'd have to make an effort to have zero chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal. Save your time and go watch something else like 2 Guns or Bad Boys if you're looking for brainless entertainment. For me I want my two hours back.
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Blue Jasmine (2013)
Some things cannot be put behind easily
23 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Almost immediately into the movie you start to hate the main character, Jasmine (Cate Blanchett), an ignorant, entitled, pretentious but empty socialite fallen from grace. Woody Allen's comical portrayal of the upper and lower class is a cruel reminder of the dark side of human nature – greed, deceit, selfishness, betrayal, the illusion of social classes. There's not one likable character in this movie who has any redeeming values, yet you identify and feel for all of them. Blue Jasmine is a step up from Match Point in that the audience finds some content and justice in learning the gruesome details of Hal's (Alec Baldwin) death – Jasmine's husband who stole millions through financial scams and evidently thrown in jail and hanged himself in a prison cell. Absolutely fantastic performances from Cat Blanchett – I watched the movie twice in a roll just to recapture her brilliant delivery of Jasmine. I would not at all be surprised if she grabs yet another Oscar this year. A great Woody Allen film that's finally relatable. One small complaint is I would really like for Woody Allen to reveal the fate of Jasmine instead of leaving such an open ending. Fastastic film overall. 9/10
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"Everything is gonna be okay"
23 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As much as we as the audience know beforehand – spoilers alert – that Captain Rich Phillips survived the ordeal at sea back in April 2009, the movie chronically bringing the incredibly dangerous situation to life and holding your heart until the last second of the miraculous rescue. Captain Phillips is superb at portraying not only the desperately hijacked and kidnapped Americans, but also at bringing depth into the lives and desperation of the Somali pirates. You are disgusted at the senseless crime, yet couldn't help but feel for the pirates, essentially teenagers who were under the control of crime lords, lived in poverty, and never given a chance. It is heartbreaking to hear Muse repeatedly mumble "everything is gonna be okay" as if he himself is trying to desperately grasp any last hope while watching a train wrack in slow motion.

Great acting from Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi. Good directing and script overall. My only complaint is the movie went overboard with the "US military saves the day" propaganda. But hey I guess we taxpayers paid for the ships and helicopters and weapons for a reason. The one thing you will learn from this movie is DON'T MESS WITH THE Americans. If you enjoy a good Hollywood thriller with positive reinforcements, this film is for you. 8/10
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Mediocre film with great acting
20 September 2008
It is what you would expect from Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. They've been doing these kind of roles for the past 30 years of their acting life. Applause, but no surprise there.

The film itself was not a blast. Totally predictable plot, stereotype good cop bad cop, drug dealers, bad neighborhood were huge minus to this movie. Lack of character development made the film implausible and some parts inconvicible no matter how great the acting was. Finally, the director's abuse of dramatic music without much happening throughout the film slowly eats away your patience.

Six out of ten is what I will give, 3 from Al Pacino and 3 from Robert De Niro.
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