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Robot Overlords is overloaded with awesome!, 3 April 2015

I can't help it but cheer for this movie! And here's why: It's like Dr. Who meets the Goonies! It's a brave all-age indie sci-fi adventure! It's the type of film that is centered around kids and teen characters, and still is not dumbed down as a kids-only film - something that you almost never get these days, with all the major studios "playing it safe". We had such films, but mostly in the 80s - stuff like "The Last Starfighter", "The Gremlins", "E.T.", "*batteries not included", "Flight of the Navigator" and "Short Circuit"... I mean, it is not today's kids movie, it does not seek to be mild or comedic or innocent, and it does not aim consciously at a specific target audience - it is just out there for whoever feels like watching it and it does not categorize or underestimate its audience. You cannot actually tell if it's made for teens, kids, young adults, family film, sci-fi fans... And I salute this boldness! In the recent decade there have been so few such films, in fact at the moment I can only think of J.J. Abrams' "Super 8", Joe Dante's "The Hole" and Garth Jennings' "Son of Rambow". It feels like a film made with heart! It has enthusiasm written all over it! I do not want to spoil or give out the story, go watch the trailer if you'd like. Anyway, such films are best enjoyed when you let them surprise you, no expectations needed! I will tell you about the atmosphere! If you have watched any British or Australian sci-fi TV series for younger audience, things like "Aquilla", "Escape from Jupiter", "Return to Jupiter", The acting is good, I really enjoyed all the characters, and by the way, is Gillian Anderson actually getting younger and hotter with time?! Geez, she looks so much better here than in The X-files! As far as the SFX and the CGI go - the digital effects may not be top notch, but do you actually need them to be? "Robot Overlords" has it all right where it counts! It's it's clearly done on a budget, it does not look like a 200-million-dollar picture, but I am so tired of shallow "all style and no substance" hyped up blockbusters that I even enjoy this indie feel of the film. Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of special effects (it's not all in the trailer, like with so many B-movies these days), and the effects are pretty decent and perfectly satisfactory. It's much better than anything you'd see on the SyFy channel for sure.

The camera-work and the editing, may not attract attention to themselves, but they are elements which often work best when unnoticed, which is exactly the case here. It's all on a level, none of that shaky cam and fast cuts which spread like a tumor in today's action scenes. The film's colour palette is eye-pleasing. The film is by no means gloomy and at the same time delivers a feeling of tension and peril with a pinch distopian atmosphere.

For me, "Robot Overlords" has all the elements of a modern sci-fi cult classic! I certainly hope it gets the attention and the recognition it deserves.

p.s. - It's not a flawless movie, but I give it 10 out of 10 to boost it's IMDb rating cause it's worth so much more than the current 4.something!

Vehicle 19 (2013)
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Very entertaining and worth watching!, 2 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I give it 10 out of 10, not because it's the most amazing film out there, but because I feel it's a shame it has a rating below 5, and I'd like to boost it as much as possible! The trailer says it all, what you see is what you get, plus some unexpected turns, which I will save you (no spoilers here!). This is your average "framed & chased by corrupt policemen guy in a car... in another country".

This is a solid entertainment, a highly watchable and quite tense action thriller, which is smart enough to keep it short and simple. Both me and my wife enjoyed it quite a bit.

The film is quite short - less than 80 minutes if you don't count the credits - and I think it's a good thing, because it's light and it's over way before it manages to get boring. I'm sick and tired of overdecorated and pompous action smash hits with tons of CGI, where everything is predictable and lacks any individuality.

Nothing here is over the top or out of place. The main character is far from a saint and still by the end he gets really likable and people cheer for him. The African setting is refreshing. It adds to the odds against Paul Walker, and helps the foreign audience identify with him - just like the guy we feel lost and kinda desperate.

To me it felt like an EuropaCorp flick - you know, the Besson-produced type of action. So if you like movies like the Transporter, Taken, B-13, etc. then I highly recommend this one! There are a few things I could criticize. The African rap for example annoyed my ears, but I admit it was well used to create atmosphere. In some scenes the character "explains" what happens, because it is not shown well (which is a kind of a cinematic failure) - like when two kids steal from him, I didn't get what exactly they took and there was a line like "They stole my glasses." - just a calm statement to make it clear for you. And they could actually add a minute in the end to show us the character AFTER all that happened, instead you get a voice-over of a news report, which explains you where he is and what happened with him, and then the credits roll. We could at least hear Paul Walker's voice... but it was like "OK, no time to shoot another scene, it's a wrap guys, we'll figure something out for the ending later." Here I felt like there's something missing to make the final scene really satisfying, but it doesn't mean you feel letdown or cheated in the end.

And to wrap it up myself - It's a simple entertainment and it's simply entertaining. Wish there were more movies like that coming out - engaging, fast-paced and short (or at least not too long!).

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Appallingly tasteless, 16 December 2012

What is wrong with you people? Pre-school girls play with slutty Gothic Lolita Monster High dolls and are being bombarded with brainwashing twisted cartoons... And the parents - they seem to tolerate or even not to notice this cartoon catastrophe.

This one obviously aims to ride that wave. And it also tries (and fails miserably) to imitate or rather to rip-off some Tim Burtonesque motifs. The animation is nowhere near good and there is nothing original in the visuals or the design of the film. Let alone the tasteless and quite often rather inappropriate scenes.

If you want to protect your children from severe brain damage, please, keep this one away!

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Makes the first and the second film look like masterpieces., 6 October 2012

Straight to the point - spare yourself the time and the pain and skip this god-awful (absolutely non-related to any of the other D&D films) sequel. As one can expect from a less-than-a-mediocre direct to video low budget sequel filmed in Bulgaria, this one aims to cash in on the popularity of the Dungeons and Dragons title. There's just a hint of writing, terrible acting combined with ridiculous make-up, cheap CGI, pathetic battle scenes... and tasteless random nudity.

Hey, count me in if it was a flick from the 80s - I'd put it along with DeathStalker, Amazons, Barbarian Queen, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Hundra, and all the other fantasy adventure B-movies. But releasing a film like D&D3 nowadays is just preposterous.

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Asylum delivers!, 15 March 2011

OK - we all know what Asylum is all about. Some time before the Hollywood releases a major blockbuster they release (straight to DVD or TV) their so called "mockbusters". Transformers goes TransMorphers, Death Race goes Death RacerS, 10 000 BC goes 10 000 000 BC, Lost + King Kong = King of the Lost World, etc.

But I'd like to underline - even if the titles, the topics and the posters and cover designs of the Asylum films are an undeniable rip-off of major Hollywood hits, the movies themselves are quite often original and far from the storyline of the imitated movie. Close your eyes for the rip-off factor and you get a decent TV-feature or an entertaining B-movie.

None of their movies is brilliant. They are far from masterpieces. But just plain hate is wrong. You have to appreciate them for what they are, not take them too seriously and if your expectations are not over the roof you might find yourself enjoying Asylum's titles.

So far I liked their Sherlock Holmes best - it was a fresh take and it had some quite cool ideas, even if the low budget and production value take away from the movie.

In the case of "Battle of Los Angeles" I would say that Asylum did way better than the original! Call me crazy, but I enjoyed their B-movie galore on SyFy channel far more than the misunderstanding called "Battle: Los Angeles".

The blockbuster is nothing but a flat storyline with cardboard characters, mixed with shaky camera, random shooting and average CGI. If there is something to be appreciated there it is the designs of the alien ships. But come on, "Independence Day" did way better and it did it 15 years ago! "Battle of Los Angeles" on the other hand manages to entertain quite a bit, despite the obviously low budget of the production and weak acting. The resources are used well, the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and makes the most of what it has. There are some neat touches like a chick with a katana slicing flying robots, classic B-movie flying saucer invasion, post-apocalyptic sets, pilot in a WWII plane who came from another time, giant alien creature with tentacles and teeth, the katana chick gets an eye-patch... Come on, it's COOL!!! And it doesn't scream "I am an awesome movie, let me rob you of your 10 bucks and 2 hours, so you can enjoy my awesomeness on big screen!" In this Battle... Asylum wins for me! I give the movie 10 out of 10 because at the moment its rating is 2.2, which is a shame. I'd say it deserves somewhere between 4.5 and 5.2.

Give it a try, it's very watchable :)

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One of the best cartoon series ever made!, 7 March 2011

After I had the fortune to get my hands on the first 3 episodes of "Spaceship Sagittarius" with English subtitles, I decided that it's just not enough and I get the rest of the series (77 episodes total) in Japanese... hopefully my sister's Japanese will be fluent enough to translate if we watch them together! But it's just so awesome that I decided to share a few random images from various episodes. For some reason this show is widely forgotten, and it deserves to be in the hall of fame of the greatest cartoon series ever made! It just has everything you can imagine and everything you can't! Different planets, so many cultures, creatures, landscapes, all created with tons of brilliant imagination! Add to this hardcore sci-fi stories told with the simplistic and cartoonish character design which adds some kind of bizarre atmosphere and makes it feel even more appealing and out-of-this-world! And the fact that you don't see any human beings, but it's all anthropomorphic characters and aliens just tingles your mind! Where and when is this happening? It is a whole new galaxy that makes your imagination go wild! Imagine the impart it had on me when I watched it at the age of 5! I remember I was so amazed and even shocked by many of the episodes. It has childish fantasy, and it has deep, serious and mature themes. It has colorful and cheerful scenes, and it has sorrow, drama and tears.

I was so into it I actually straited taking apart calculators I found at home, because I was "collecting parts to build a spaceship"! :) It's Nippon animation at its best and it's a shame to be released in Japan only! I hope this series gets a well deserved international release! And here is some info straight from Based on an Italian comic book (Original title: ALTRI MONDI) written by Andrea Romori, this delightful series depicts a series of funny and thrilling adventures featuring the three main characters. Working for a multi-purpose space agency, Toppy and Rana make friends with Giraffe, a scientist, and go through various adventures in space. The three encounter danger at times, but their friendship always saves them just in the nick of time. Young viewers are certain to be attracted by the exciting story-line and the lovable characters. This series won the Atom Prize at the Japan Animation Festival and was selected as one of the best animation programs of the year.

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Could have been great! Still worth watching!, 20 February 2011

Unfortunately this promising title fails to deliver. When I started watching this I didn't expect so much goofy and campy humor.

Im a great fan of Keita Amemia's work, especially the ZEIRAM series and MIRAI NINJA. So when I saw the poster and the trailer for this film I expected something similar - cool Asian sci-fi action, with great atmosphere, created by the blend of genres. Aliens and ninjas - looked like this can't go wrong! But it did. There are a lot of boring dialogs. The movie's pace is messed up. Even for its 80 minutes it is still slow. It starts with a great opening shot that leaves you thirsty for adrenaline and you don't get it for the next 25 minutes. The real problem is the poor comedy attempts. The parody elements are annoying and they just ruin it all, which is a shame. It has a production value high enough to make it a modern B-classic.

It's obviously a B-movie and no one expects state of the art effects from it. Actually I prefer the practical effects - puppets, costumes and animatronics are a breath of fresh air in this CGI era.

What I like the most about it is the work of the art department. The character and creature designs are cool and the costumes are really neat. Some look like live cation versions of manga drawings. I guess that Ninja Gaiden fans would appreciate the looks of the main character.

The martial art scenes are decent, but nothing really remarkable. Directing, camera-work and acting are mediocre at best.

Alien vs Ninja is a great concept and I regret to see it wasted like that.

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Simply brilliant!, 17 June 2010

I was about 10 or 12 when I watched the first Toy Story in the cinema with my little brother and sister. We were all enchanted! Years later Toy Story 2 came out and it was a blast! Again we all went to the theater to see it and we were so thrilled and excited after the movie! Im 24 now, and just yesterday I was at the Bulgarian gala-premiere of the film. My brother was fortunate to win an invitation for two (he took a photo of himself with our small collection of Toy Story toys and sent it to the website), and we had the chance to see the third part on its first screening... and for the 1st time in 3D! No doubt that the animation is better than ever, the guys from Pixar constantly push the limits, but that's kinda natural for them. But still it feels like 100% Toy Story, with all the improvements, somehow I don't feel this 15-years-wide gap between the first and the third part.

What matters more is the (Toy) Story itself! And it is just fantastic! I had really high expectations of this film and honestly, after seeing it, my expectations were surpassed! The plot is really emotional, with so many nostalgic moments... Being kinda grown-up myself, but doing my growing-up with the first two parts of Toy Story, I couldn't relate more with this one! I was really touched! I just wish the theater was empty. Then I could stop holding back my tears! And it's not just t the big story, but also all those little things that go on around it! I don't know how many of those references and gags were in the script and how many were put in there in the making process, but it's just amazing! Even if it's the most dramatic and the darkest of the 3 (as dark as Toy Story can get) the comedy is still there, and I was laughing out loud all the way through! It's a wild roller-coaster, and I'm not even sure who will have more fun with it, if it will be the kids, or their parents! There's just so much more in there for you to notice, admire and laugh at! And I'm sure that after watching the film again I'll find out even more! There's also a really neat Totoro cameo, and it's great of Pixar to pay homage to their old friend, Miyazaki san.

The old lovable characters are all here, and they are joined by an army of new ones, and each one of them has his real personality and you can recognize in them characteristics of someone, both visually and with their attitude they express different things and you instinctively feel what these toys stand for. It's really funny to recognize in them some movie archetypes or features of people that you know.

I realize that I just poured out tons of superlatives, but there's nothing else you can say about this film! It has everything! (And about how many 3rd parts you can say that?) The only thing I could criticize is that there is one really freaky baby-toy, that can give the creeps to the smaller kids, but it's done on a purpose and for me it was really an enjoyable touch to the atmosphere of the film.

To wrap up this review, I will just say - Thank you, Pixar!

Lucky Luke (2009)
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Lucky Luke - Style over substance, 13 March 2010

I'm a Lucky Luke fan, I live in Bulgaria and I've seen and read as much as I could get my hands on here. I adore the cartoons, they are entertaining and stick to the style of the comics. I like the Terence Hill TV series - even that they really look quite different from the comic book character designs, they are entertaining in their own way, and watching Terence Hill is always a delight.

When I got to know that a new Lucky Luke film is in the making I got very excited, and when I saw the trailers I thought it looks great and it's going to be lots of fun and a comic book brought to life.

Well, that was partially true. This film is really great from a visual point of view - camera-work, costumes, sets, makeup... The production design stays as close to the comics as possible. There's an apparent care for detail and the film is an eye candy for sure. It's done on a budget, and it looks great on screen.

But the script... That's where the problem is, and that's what ruins the whole experience. I was excited when I got to know that so many characters will appear in the movie - except for Lucky Luke and Jolie Jumper we have also Pat Poker, Jessie James, Billy The Kid, Calamity Jane... But there is no coherent storyline or straight storytelling. The film is constantly swinging between the goofy comedy, the spaghetti western parody and the personal drama of Luke, presented as an orphan who witnessed the murder of his parents as a kid. There are some obscure scenes which seem to me like just randomly thrown around the script. The film couldn't make me involved, I didn't really care what's happening on screen, and after like 50 minutes I found myself bored and almost forcing myself to see the rest. Nevertheless, there were a couple of funny and cool scenes here and there, I especially love the sequence where Lucky Luke appears for the first time in the beginning of the film.

I feel cheated, because it could have been really an amazing movie, with such a great look, if only they paid more attention to the story itself.

Sherlock Holmes (2010) (V)
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Asylum's best movie so far?, 23 February 2010

Well, I have to say this one was actually a nice surprise. I'd give any movie a chance, and even after I've seen some really bad stuff from Asylum (famous for their , I still keep an eye on whatever they come up with.

"Princess of Mars" was a step forward, could be good, it had not bad SFX and kinda retro Flash Gordon atmosphere, but Traci Lords as a princess... Give me a break! Well, this Holmes movie, as far as it is from anything Holmes written by Arthur Conan Doyle, is actually pretty entertaining and looks very good! I'd say it's a really decent production, with good actors and very good effects, given its low budget. It's not cutting edge CGI, but it does the trick and creates a certain feel to the whole thing. What you see on screen is as good as the BBC or Hallmark adventure movies from the beginning of the 2000s. The script could use some polishing, but I won't grumble about it. If you chose to see a Sherlock Holmes movie with a giant octopus, a dragon and a Tyranosaurus on the cover, what the hell did you expect? I admit, I had low expectations, but I couldn't resist that poster, so I just had to give it a try... and I don't regret! Speampunk flavored mystery with a twist ending :) Don't expect a masterpiece, but enjoy the movie for what it is!

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