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Great movie, 30 December 2011

David Brewer did a phenomenal job as the director and producer of his first movie. It had a great story line and script. There was enough suspense, which kept me engaged, on the edge of my seat and waiting for the next scene. It was a story that we've heard before although it was a different story - which added to it being a unique film. Who would have thought that people would use familiar things to carry out evil, depraved thoughts and acts. This movie will make you pause and think about how society can be more vigilant about protecting people. David's work has the tremendous potential of being picked up by a major movie producer. The cast did an excellent job portraying their characters. The lighting, scenes and music were all appropriate for the setting. This is a movie that I would strongly encourage others to go see. Watch out for a producer and director from Kentucky named David Brewer.