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An ever-changing list of movies that I want to catch in theaters.
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My goal in this project is to create a list of films that best reflects what cinema has to offer. Sources used in the creation of this list were the Academy Awards, the American Film Institute, the National Film Registry, They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?, pop culture, and the work of Steven Jay Schneider. Each film must meet one of the following criteria to make this list:

-Critical acclaim
-Historical significance
-How referential it is in pop culture
-It's ability to stand on it's own as a film if based off another
-It's a great film
-It's so bad that it's good

If you think a film belongs on here that is missing or curious as to why a certain film did/didn't make it, then please leave a comment. This truly was a labor of love and I hope to give back to this great art form one day as either a film historian, filmmaker, or both. Thank you.


P.S. I don't like how IMDB alphabetizes their lists, so you can find one that is probably more to your liking here: