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Another idiot Hollywood Remake Movie, 18 June 2017

3 / 10

Long ago in Hollywood, there was no more imagination. Besides, why have it when you have hundreds of billions in tax havens that brings billions in dividends without doing anything at all.

What is important is big special effects, scenarios thinner than an atom and paying the stars of millions for movies more mediocre than each other are. Often half the budget of the films go to the stars.

In addition, we do not cease to make "remake" more idiots than the others and which cost hundreds of millions.

If you like, TV programs as delayed as "Saturday Night Live" you will be extremely happy to watch this movie.

Otherwise, go for a walk.

It is the big fashion also in Hollywood to put women everywhere and make them "men". It is so ridiculous to see all these female stars chosen because they are sexy (not in this film it is clear), to fight like men. In addition, the funny thing is that the People believe in it. Finally women especially.

There is only money that matters today and this is quite normal because in the United States of America only money counts. Not everything else matters.

And with propaganda, all the media belonging to at most 100 people, it is easy to make people think of anything: "It is the crisis", "it is the deficit", "it is the debt, "" the Terrorist, "and so on. While 99% of all the money on this planet sleeps in the tax havens billionaire puppets, Politicians (all millionaires) use their favorite words / tools: Crisis, Debt, Deficit, and Terrorist.

This film, like 99% of what is done in Hollywood and elsewhere, is just big s**t! A little bit what happens in everything like food: beautiful round and red tomatoes, all similar but tasted nothing, do not smell anything and are generously sprayed with insecticide, pesticides, fungicides and others. And the people are told that these good for health ...

Oh yeah you'll be glad to hear that a lot of other DC Comics and Marvel Comics films costing at least $ 150 million and scenarios are nonexistent but are replaced by special effects, are coming. Billions of profile for Hollywood studios, billions of profile in tax havens.


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This is just another propaganda film..., 3 December 2016

About this film. I give it 0/10 This is just another propaganda film made by wealthy Jews. I have nothing against them but I am very tired to see that we mix money and holocaust. That we say rich people are better than other and have more value. That's false and just rich can people who want to be one of their think like that. Probably at least 95% of human think that, that money make human. Sorry for me it's just big lie.

And then they are not the only Jews the Nazis murdered during the Second World War.

All other systems (capitalist, communist, fascist, monarchy, etc.) Invented by humans do the same but more subtly. More hypocritically. Take for example the capitalist (or democracy or other pompous name of the kind). In this system that claims to be just it takes money to have justice. You can do everything, even kill, but you need money. In this system with money one has access to all unimaginable health care, all the great schools, the best food, the best housing, and so on. By cons if you have no money and well die.

Of course the Capitalists do not stop making propaganda (as this film makes it to justify having paintings without knowing how they were obtained at the beginning) using their favourite toy: The Television ("The Opium of the people ").

When you watch TV you get the impression that all people are rich and happy. It is only a minority. And there is not one rich man who is honest.

Rich people "give" a million for a "work of charity" so as not to pay billions in taxes. Billions that go directly into tax havens. The laws are them.

So it would have been interesting to know how the relatives of the film's "heroine" have become rich. Of course they will say because they worked hard, and so on. Well, most humans work hard and they are not rich.

But just look at the rich today to understand the rich of the past. To look at the history that is happening before us today to understand the history of the past.

And we realize that nothing has changed, that nothing will change. How many Capitalists have slaves worked in China, India and elsewhere in the "poor" countries (led by bigger dictators) and who make money as is not imaginable.

And we continue to say that these rich are good, and if we ever steal one of their paintings, we will make other films to show us how sad to be rich (so to be dishonest and thieves) steal.

I have no respect for the rich whoever they are, whatever their race, their religion, the countries where they live. It is only Nazis who take themselves superior to others and who do everything to have more and more money.

At the end of this film is said to have sold one of the paintings 123 million. How is a work of art worth? Easy to answer: it's worth what the rich are willing to pay to get it.

If I had money and I bought the painting in question 1 billion and well its artistic value would be one billion. But this will not bring back the dead and human wickedness will continue to exist as long as human existence exists. Just like lies, avarice, dishonesty, pride, narcissism, egocentricity, and so on.

The rich think to do good because they control everything and it is enough to think, that we are a God, to be. And if we are rich it is true that we are gods.

The intelligence is not to mix Money with Holocaust. But all is good for misers to make money.

Because few humans are rich they are like God, and 99% of people agree with that. Not me. No one has more value than other. NO ONE!

How many jobs can be creating with 100 million? With 1 billion? With 1 trillion? Rich don't care about that. They want money, all money to put in tax heaven waiting other money from slaves. Government don't exist. What exist is "business men "(all bandits) who "work" for their friends, all rich, or other richer and make plan to make more money.

Look the actual President. And Kennedy is a God! Money is the Power and the Power is the all the Thought of Humans.

Quickly the robots arrive and they eliminate us. They will be truly intelligent and will be based on logic and not on money, lies, avarice, wickedness, and so on.

It is sad to see that it is enough to talk about the Holocaust and the Jews so that all films of this kind have very high score here or other website. Like what money buys even the thoughts of most people

When a rich man dies, this allows many who are not rich to live better.

The Hallow (2015)
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Another idiot scenario film, 12 September 2016

The film technical is correct, the music is decent, actors and actresses do the work, but unfortunately, as in 95% of cases, the screenplay is rotten. It is a torture to listen to the film to the end.

At the beginning of the film the score is 10 / 10. After 15 minutes we give it 6 / 10. After an hour you have to give 4/10 and really looking forward to the film ends.

The only bright side of this film, even if his scenario is silly, is that it is less silly than the human species. The latter strives to do everything to destroy this planet in the name of God the Capitalist system and its valet the Money.

Fortunately, robots will replace us by 1,000 years, robots will have no trouble to be smarter than us, a table being smarter than a human. But this is another story.

Hard Target 2 (2016) (V)
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Real c**p !, 12 September 2016

The "scenario" of this film is completely idiot. And it is a remake of a movie just as bad "Hard Target (1993)" (with the pitiful Jean- Claude Van Damme who ironically is the guru of Scott Adkins).

Nothing have sense in this film. One has the impression that those who wrote this "story" they had mothers who took heroin when they were pregnant and give birth to babies without brains.

Or maybe we gave a paper and a pencil to a monkey for him to write this idiot "story".

If we could at least see the breasts or ass "Rhona Mitra". But no. It must be said that 99% of actor in action films are gay and that women in these films serve more furniture than anything.

It would be interesting to know how to cost this film. Probably 99.9999999999% went to the stars.

The film technique is correct as image, music and actors and actresses. This really is the scenario that has no meaning. There are not any. They take people for fools and / or those who have written the script was on acid if it was humans that we write.

This film does not deserve more than 1 / 10. To avoid at all costs. After 1 minute viewing was all inclusive. This is a real torture to listen to this crap until the end. We almost prefer to be on a battlefield instead of viewing it.

It's amazing to find the money to make a movie so crappy.

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Special Effect and that all !, 8 April 2016

My score for this film, Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens, is 5/10 maximum. Nothing is original and it is only a pale copy of the first Star Wars IV - A New Hope (1977)

The special effects are decent but it almost did it. The scenarios are virtually nonexistent and the story is not new.

If the first Star Wars cost $ 11 million, the latest cost 200. This is still 20 times more. Salaries of people do not have as yet increased.

In addition, we went to get the fuddy-duddy Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. This has had cost at least 20 million. It is true that on the other hand it changes nothing since in any case all this money will go directly into tax havens and that the stars and the companies attached to this film will not pay any tax as always.

They "gives" 1 million to "poor" to not pay 10, 100 million or 1 billion (companies like Walt Disney) in taxes! Magnificent. We understand who make the laws and for who!

No need to waste your money to see this film. The rich are rich enough even if they think otherwise (this is crazy: misers).

Get this movie on forums if you really want to see. But again nothing new. Like all the movies coming out of Hollywood these past 10 years (at least) we only see special effects but for history and although they are just good for ants!

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The World of Rich, 3 January 2016

The perfect world for the rich exist. This is the Capitalist. When you have money you can do anything. Commit murder, make slave work, hold all the media of the planet and make propaganda you want. For example, to say that it is a Capitalist is a democracy and that all are equal. Which is completely false.

But the rich are affected by the two (at least) greatest mental illnesses that exist: Lies and Greed. With both diseases the rich do whatever they want. And in this world what Capitalist are not diseases are the two main human qualities.

The People like them as Gods. The people have the same "qualities" that rich except it has no money. But he dreams of one day be like them and to be able to do everything. To crush others and to be applauded for doing so.

The film "The Great Gatsby" (2013) is just another propaganda film to show combines the rich are good. And the people are too stupid to find that the rich squander fortunes for fun - free since they pay neither taxes nor other things (these are the greatest experts of illusions "giving $ 1 for one side save face and stealing millions from the other side well hidden) - while millions of people on the planet is starving.

The only thing "great" for the rich are their bank accounts. And even greater is their greed. These are black holes that absorb all the money in the world and will never be useless if not to satisfy their mental illness: Greed.

Ironically we take millionaires to play the role of a billionaire. And The People venerate them. This is quite normal because, for example, the United States, it "educates" (it's more of brainwashing) from birth, the people to venerate money and the rich. And tell them that all are equal, and that by working honestly and hard they can become a millionaire too. This is completely false because to be rich you have to be a liar, greedy, dishonest, hypocritical, sold, selfish, narcissistic, self-centered, etc. In short the "qualities" that encourages Capitalist.

Do you like the rich and their "history" (always the same, always based on lies)? Well this film is for you. If you are smart (0.0000000000000001% of the population) do not waste your time with this other rich propaganda film.

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Its just a utopia, 14 August 2013

This film is a utopia and I give him 6/10. Too bad it does not happen and will never happen either. And this is normal because the rich control everything on this planet and the media part. So there was never the point of view of normal people but only those who have money.

Moreover, governments that do not exist but what exists are beautiful villains (businessmen) who are elected by the people. And these bastards, these puppets then work for richer than themselves.

Politicians have between 50 and 100 million dollars working for people with more plate of 200 million.

The rich pay nothing and does nothing for society. They only siphoned all the money and put in tax havens. And as politicians are their puppets, they decide to set laws. That is why there is not and will never have laws to take money (legally stolen) in tax havens and redistribute it to the people.

By controlling all media, the rich control people's minds. Besides, just look at all the stupidities on TV to realize. This is the profusion of channels but they are all nonsense. No channel critical of capitalist society. And that's okay because there are no journalists. The rich hire grannies in their media keep repeating the same nonsense. All channels are saying the same thing. And it is not surprising that the rich love globalization. That way they can control all the countries with their propaganda crap.

The capitalist is as stupid as the Communist. In the United States there are at least 100 million poor and never heard and they have no one to represent them.

A poor steals 10 cent we put 10 years in prison and a rich steal a billion, we congratulate him and talk about it in Forbes magazine; idiot magazine who claims to know who is the richest in the world while no one knows how many billions of trillions ago in tax havens. The billionaires are not richer. There are trillionnaires and quadrillionnaires. But they are so rich that they are gods and nobody knows.

It is a pity that there are not thousands of people like in the movie, which instead of bawling, to go into the streets to throw rocks after the police, who did nothing, s' attack the real problem: the greedy fools who never have enough money and are desperate to get more done. And even if people die around them, they do not care.

Too bad there are no guys like in this film that make it a real home!

Economic warfare is even more violent than war material. And economists and all those involved making even more money for the wealthy, more violent than the most violent soldiers.

There is everything on Earth for everyone to have a good job and a good life. But because of human greed that is impossible. Humans are the dumbest animals and it would be surprising to find more living beings tainted throughout the universe

Area 407 (2012)
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Horrible !!!, 28 May 2013

After viewing this film I find terribly bad. I give it 1/10. The story is ridiculous and makes no sense. The girl has a voice more annoying it would shoot willingly. Is this also a tanning voice in the English version?

No doubt that was "inspired" by "The Blair Witch Project (1999)." But this "inspiration" is that of a Neanderthal.

Somehow by cons there is something real: today's generation is that of cameras. And this generation prefers any film, for example a person doing burning, and "share" it with his "friend (s)" that put the camera aside to help.

Hey look, the guy next door is burning. And the friend replied: Cool!

Today people love to be filmed from every angle and in the film this gang of idiots are normal to be filmed every second. By cons, if I had to live such a situation a long time ago that I would have committed one or more murders. Finally, all those who hold a camera would not stay long in life.

Ah yes. There will be a sequel. And we use this time "Google Glasses"! Wonderful!

I like to listen principle all movies until the very end as a poorer one. But I must admit that it took me a week to watch it in full as this movie is crap!

Hard to imagine that in 2013 we do the "tricks" as bad. The people who made the film have never seen blood for real, otherwise there would be less red on all the faces of the "actors." What "film" ridiculous. Kids 5 years with a camera can do better!

The sad thing in this film is that the camera batteries, held by two idiots did not stop after 1 second filming!

PS If you love throwing, this film is for you!

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More idiot that the idiocy !, 19 January 2013

This "film" is c**p, This "film" is s**t. This "film" is retard. This "film" is ugly. This "film" is idiot. This "film" is a shame. This "film" is unbelievable bad. This "film" is not a film, it's an error. This "film" is so bad that we feel suicide one we watch it. This "film" is so boring that it's one synonymous of this word. This "film" is completely a joke. This "film" should never have existed. This "film" is more stupid than the most stupid movies. This "film" is a miracle: how they found the money to make such a horror. This "film" was directed and produced by people who have no concept film. This "film" has a "scenario" so bad it should be banned at all ever in the film industry, who has "written". This "film" was writing so no one wonders if this is not a mentally handicapped man who has "written".

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The destruction of a masterpiece, 23 September 2012

Take a work of a great painter like Rembrandt and called someone to make this paint daubs. Well that's what has to do with the movie "Planet of the Apes."

And as we are aware when making a pact with "the devil", it must bear the consequences.

This "Remake" is a bunch of bland action movie any. The dwarf "Tim Roth" is really funny to want to do too much. Moreover it should stop doing action films of science fiction (as Al Pacino). This kind of movie is not really for people of small sizes. It is like seeing actresses frail and without muscles (Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, etc.). Making action movies. We do not believe it for a second. It is true that men only look at the beauty and forget the rest most of the time.

Mark Wahlberg is bad as always. Looks like a guy who is always angry and frustrated. Like his brother also. Proof that he is wrong because he always plays the same roles.

As against this film is very 21st century. A century that goes nowhere, based solely on the profile, money, money and more money. A century without moral or value except money. A century where we are when God has money. A century that saw the birth of trillionnaires and quadrillionnaires. A century or 95% of all the money in the world can be found in tax havens. A century or the capitalist system is considered divine. A century or 99% of all existing money in the hands of 0.0001% of the population. A century in which we only speak of crises. A century where there is normal to see everyone in debt, all cities in debt, debt across all states, provinces, territories indebted all indebted countries, all continents and all indebted indebted Earth. And during this time to see billions of billions of billions of billions in tax havens that will never do anything. A century where we find normal sale $ 20 a pill so that it is worth $ 0.00002. A century or bandits, are no longer.

In Hollywood movies now 99% are only turnips. Action movies and / or science fiction with huge budgets and have no body. Films with special effects only always the same script.

A century or ideas without a single idea: make money! A century where everything is uniform and lifeless. A century of Globalization.

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