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Monsters (2010)
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Monsters, 31 October 2010

Monsters is one of (if not THE) the worst movie I have even seen. I was lucky I was able to fast forward, when it got so stupid. It is amateurish and plain dumb. Remind me of the Hammer movies of the 50s, except Hammer movies were fun, not boring, and unique for these times, monsters is none of that. The movie costs only $75,000., it is cheap, and then I wonder where did that money went? not at making the movie, it looks like. I am glad they used local actors, hopefully they got paid for their participation, and they look as if they can use the money. The actors are OK, and I hope that this movie will not destroy their careers, they deserve better.

Keep your hard earned money for another movie! Joelle

Viper in the Fist (1971) (TV)
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1971 Vipere au poing, 9 March 2006

To Varboro : Me too I saw Vipere au poing (1971) with Alice Sapritch as Folchoche, and the movie has made a deep impression on me, I saw it in France in 1971, and remember it as if it was yesterday, that says something. I saw the new one and somehow Alice is missing... Ms Frot is "regular mean", but lacks the viciousness and sadistic pleasure that Alice Sapritch could portrait in the character when dealing with her children. I had the opportunity to follow an interview of Alice Sapritch on French TV, she was a great human being, not at all like Folcoche. It is ironic that her role as Folcoche followed her through her life. Now, how can I find this 1971 French TV movie? is this gem lost for us the regular movie goers? Joelle

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95 minutes of laughters!, 16 January 2004

I went to see this movie with an open mind, thinking another silly comedy, no it is not that. "Along came Polly" is just plain funny from beginning to end. It has been a long time since a movie makes me laugh so much. I needed that! may be, we do not get emotionally involved with the main characters, but it is as well, we all went through the kind of experiences that Reuben lives, and I don't have the need to feel them again, I know ... and, this is what makes the movie hilarious. Alec Baldwin is totally surprising, I won't say more...The movie theatre was jammed packed, at the end, the audience erupted with a huge bravo and cheers. A movie not to miss : "Along came Polly" is a 10+!