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Not as good as the original, 10 August 2004

CSI: Miami is a fun show to watch, like the original CSI:. But the chemistry in the original isn't quite there.

Grissom, in CSI:, is interesting, deep, and can easily be believed to be as smart as he is. But Horatio in CSI: Miami seems a bit more flat, and his bright moments seem cheesy and scripted.

Other characters don't seem to grow in CSI: Miami, while there's clear changes in their CSI: counterparts. Also, the side stories are more interesting in CSI: than in CSI: Miami.

So, while I'll watch CSI: Miami, it's not growing on me like how the original did.

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Not my kind of movie, 30 June 2004

I'm not a big superhero action movie type, so I went to Spider-Man 2 not expecting much. Even with low expectations, I was disappointed. The movie was like a boring roller-coaster: long, drawn-out, slow sections between overly-intense action sequences. And then, just when the movie should have been over, it continued with too much more story, which could have waited for Spider-Man 3 (which I'm sure will come out).

I would imagine that if I were into comic books, this movie would have been more enjoyable. But it's not my kind of movie.