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My favorites.
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My favorites.
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Flynn Rider
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*In my opinion.*
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Celebrities I think could pass as cousins, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, twins, siblings, and such.
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Actors and actresses I think would look good together.
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1. A movie you can watch million times and never get bored 2. A movie that make you so depressed that you feel numb after it
3. A movie you cry every time you watch
4. A favorite character from a movie ( it can be more characters)
5. A favorite movie from the 50’s
6. Favorite genre
7. Favorite movie director
8. Favorite horror movie
9. Favorite romantic movie
10. Favorite triler\psiho
11. Favorite drama
12. Favorite action
13. Least favorite movie
14. A movie that your current obsessed with
15. A favorite movie from your childhood (it can be a cartoon or what ever)
16. Favorite quote or quotes from a movie or movies
17. Your favorite soundtrack from a movie
18. Favorite movie from a year you were born
19. Two best actors put together in a role ( for example ‘’ BRED AND ANGELINA IN MR AND MS SMITH, OR LEONARDO AND KATE IN TITANIC…. )
20. Two best characters put together in a movie ( like , JACK SPARROW AND ELIZABET TAYLOR, or TRISTAN AND ISOLDE …..)
21. Your least favorite character
22. Your favorite musical
23. a move with the best scenography ( that is like AVATAR, HARRY POTER, NINE, LORD OF THE RINGS…)
24. movie with the best costumes (Marie Antoinette,Nine , Coco before Chanel…)
25. favorite SF movie
26. a favorite history move (it is important to be history like: Titanic, Schindler's List, Invictus, King Arthur, The Young Victoria, The Black Dahlia…)
27. a favote vampire movie ( it can be any movie )
28. Your favorite trilogy or any movie that has more parts
29. Favorite superhero form a movie
30. All time favorite teen movie
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1. Your favorite TV show
2. Your least favorite TV show
3. Your favorite comedy TV series
4. Your favorite drama TV series
5. Your favorite character from a TV show
6. Your favorite animated series
7. Favorite couple from a TV show
8. Least favorite couple
9. A TV show you wish never ended
10. A TV show you wish never got cancelled
11. A TV show you wish they made a movie after it ended - Gilmore Girls 12. Your favorite cast - True Blood 13. Your least favorite cast - 90210 14. A couple that should never have “gotten together” 15. Best TV show ending 16. Worst/ least satisfying TV show ending - Buffy-The Vampire Slayer 17. A character you wish never died - Marissa Cooper(The O.C.) 18. Best on screen chemistry - Lily&Marchall (HIMYM) 19. Worst on screen chemistry 20. Sexiest leading man - Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) 21. Sexiest leading woman 22. Sexiest duo 23. An unforgettable scene 24. Favorite crime – drama TV series 25. Favorite CSI 26. Favorite TV show from the 90’s
27. Your favorite teen drama
28. Your favorite Desperate Housewife
29. Your favorite reality TV show
30. Your favorite genre 31. Your favorite TV show tagline 32. Your favorite spin-off 33. Your favorite 1st episode 34. Your least favorite 1st episode 35. The TV show that has/ had the best guest stars 36. Favorite competition show 37. Favorite late night show 38. Favorite gay character 39. Favorite family from a TV series 40. Your favorite Disney Chanel TV series before the whole Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place stuff 41. Favorite television Sketch comedy 42. A TV show that even though it has ended a long time ago you never get tired of watching the re-runs.
43. A scene that made you cry (from any TV series)
44. Funniest character
45. Favorite supporting actress in a television series 46. Favorite all - woman cast of a television series
47. Favorite friendship
48. Anything Glee related
49. Best TV crossovers actors/ actresses, actors/ actresses that made the leap from the small screen to the big screen
50. Your top 3 TV shows…
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o1. Eyes
o2. Smile
o3. Figure
o4. Style
o5. Accent
o6. Teeth
o7. Hair
o8. Skin
o9. Nose
10. Ass
11. Legs
12. Family
13. Abs
14. Lips
15. Personality
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