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The Best of MGM's 1940's, 8 March 2006

An exceptionally lovely film offering a wide spectrum of tastes in music, viz.the best of the big band era (Tommy Dorsey) along with the Metropolitan Opera's greatest Heldentenor, Lauritz Melchior. The plot, while rather predictable, is far from boring and stars Esther Williams doing her thing along with one of the biggest male heart throbs of the time, Van Johnson. What a delight in this year of 2006 to see a Hollywood production without a leftist twist, a secret agenda or graphic sex scenes seconds after the lovers first meet. It's just pure entertainment on an emotionally mature level. Sadly this film will be seen as trite and somewhat saccharine by most of today's viewers. For that reason I would recommend it only for older, more mature audiences or for the exceptional younger person who finds himself interested in what the world was like before the widespread corruption of moral values took place.

Avanti! (1972)
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A Piece of Garbage, 11 January 2006

It is hard to understand the positive reviews this clunker received. The film is trite beyond description and the acting wooden and sophomoric.

The scene in which Jack Lemmon bares his sagging and terribly unattractive butt was particularly offensive and totally unnecessary. I found it difficult to know which was worse, Jack Lemmon's acting or his rear end. Juliet Mills, while attractive, gave a lackluster performance. It may be that she was handicapped by a terrible script.

The film was utterly boring and predictable with a weak plot and a largely inept cast. Don't waste your time or money on this flop.

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A Beautiful Film, 21 December 2005

From reading the previous viewer contents one would never be able to truly appreciate what a marvelous film this was. Perhaps one of the reasons I reacted so positively to this film was that I lived through that period of the Spanish Civil War which had great meaning for many millions of Americans. It was, of course, the preview to WWII with the Germans backing General Franco and the Russians supplying the rebels. However even without the drama of pre civil war Spain the film stands up well on its own as a beautiful love story. An especially provocative theme of the movie is reflected in Maria's comment that "We are shown what it is we most desire but we cannot have it". Unfortunately this poignant comment is all too true for countless millions of folks. One important segment of the film not mentioned by previous viewers is the magnificent musical score. Its recurring melodic themes have a hauntingly beautiful effect which serves to enhance the sensuous love scenes between the two principals.

New Moon (1930)
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Another View, 13 January 2004

This obviously dated film has much to recommend it, viz. that the two title roles were performed by world reknown artists, no mean achievement on the part of MGM. Grace Moore is simply magnificent and would shine most brightly among today's finest sopranos. Lawrence Tibbett, while not at his best, nevertheless reveals a high baritone which most tenors would covet. The acting is quite good for the period as well. In addition to the fabulous singing artistry the film can be said to reflect the cultural and social mores of the period and as such is a "must see" for those in love with pre 1940s films.