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"Homeland" (2011)
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Flawless TV, 26 December 2011

This series is truly great television. On every single level it works and the judgemental aspect of my brain can only give up finding something to criticise. First of all the show deals with the subject of terrorism in a very mature way, there is no ideology behind the script and every perspective is treated fairly. The characters have a real depth rarely seen on screen which is backed up by a lot of very solid acting. Indeed, the conflicting elements to the central characters which makes the show so great would unlikely be pulled off without actors of the calibre of Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin (also particular kudos to the daughter played by Morgan Saylor - one to watch out for in the future). Not only do you watch these characters go through some truly weird and strained circumstances, you really feel it too. The story also has a depth and complexity to it that has only been seen in shows such as The Wire, Lost, The Sopranos and Generation Kill. There are no plot holes that distract from the often quite tense narrative and despite what you think of the overall subject I would be surprised if this show didn't totally suck you in. This is a very real, well thought out and well executed show. Two big thumbs up to everyone involved. For everybody else - go watch it.

War Horse (2011)
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All sugar, no substance, 4 March 2013

First of all I will say this film probably deserves 3 stars but I gave it 1 just to bring some cosmic justice to the current high rating this film has. Yes, the cinematography is good and if you were to analyse the film piece by piece it's not too bad. But every film lives and dies by the script and this script is truly a shocker. It's so bad I really wonder if a bunch of 4th graders wrote separate parts of this and a teacher glued them together.

It's pretty amazing to find a 2.5 hour movie that has so little character development. This is probably because there were too many pieces to the story that they tried to jam in and as a result they didn't tell any of those pieces at all well. Layered on top was overly tacky and obvious plot, unrealistic and clichéd characters speaking too many insipid lines through some overly emotional background music. I spent most of the movie alternating from being slightly bored to inwardly groaning and probably would have turned it off if I wasn't watching it with a friend. My comment at the end of the film was "meh". This is a nothing movie that deserves to be ignored.

I am not doing this purely out of spite and feeling duped by all the awards and positive reviews that this movie got. Having watched this, my mind has been officially blown by the fact that this was in the running for best picture. It just goes to show that hype can be mass produced too.

Taken (2008/I)
Mindless Action Movie That Blew My Mind, 26 February 2012

What actually blew my mind about this movie was the public reaction to it. Not only does it have a high IMDb rating but it seems to be the movie that people automatically link with Liam Neeson (at least according to the recent Graham Norton Show) which would all imply that this was a great movie. But not only was it bad, it was so bad that me and my mate started laughing at the absurdity of it about halfway through. It was not a complete waste of 90 mins though, reading all the reviews written by people who hated it did provide at least 30 mins of solid laughs.

I am happy enough to ignore the stupidity of the daughter in the way she gets kidnapped as it sets up the film but from the get go Liam Neeson's character was so wooden and robotic. Maybe it was the script, the directing or the acting but it only got worse as he cuts a path of destruction through Europe with a psychotic intent of getting his daughter back any way possible. By the end it's hard to pick who is the more evil, Liam Neeson or the "villains" who make a habit of sexually enslaving women. Or maybe the person who wrote the unbelievably bad and stereotyped script...

I want to give this the lowest rating possible, but in the context of a pure action movie it's above average and that's why I have compromised for a rating of 3. But please don't believe the hype. It is not a Bourne Identity or Casino Royale. Those movies had the action coupled with some depth backed up by some good acting and that is why they were great. This movie is lacking in everything but the action. 3 Stars.