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You'll never guess what happens at the end, 28 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We watched this movie. We got Served.

There were some obvious parallels with Top Gun, right down to the rampant homosexual subtexts but with much less volleyball. The OC crew serves as the Russians (obviously) and the dance moves as the MiGs. Maverick (David) and Iceman (El) are friends that become bitterly divided. Maverick dates up Kelly McGillis (played by El's sister, which I don't remember from Top Gun at all!). Tom Skerritt's character is a flamboyant dance club MC with full Office Space flair known as "Mr. Rad": you can't make stuff like that up.

Our squadron meets up with some serious hardship as Goose, a little kid known as "lil Saint" dies not in a flat spin but a drive-by. Not only that but El is beaten up and in trouble with the mob -- much like Iceman being in trouble with the MiGs. Luckily a dance contest comes out of nowhere and Maverick tells Iceman "You can be my wingman, anytime." Lil Kim, contest judge, takes our breath away and the OC Russians take the highway straight into the Danger Zone.

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Great insults!, 14 February 2005

Our group watched this on valentine's day and I can tell you that it was a wonderful idea. We ended up writing down as many of those excellent 80's insults as possible, and our list ended up filling an entire page. You just don't see movies anymore where a major character says things like "I must have boogers for brains," or "eat it toe jam," let alone calls Bronson a "Snot Licking Donkey Fart" or a "Camel Crotch." We agonized over the seething sexual subtext throughout the film, wondering "would they or wouldn't they?" For maximum fun, appoint someone to yell "BRONSONED!!!!" whenever a heaping helping of snarling .44 Magnum super-justice appears imminent.