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This Is 40 (2012)
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Stay away from this movie, 27 December 2012

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I just saw this movie last night. I was a fan of Knocked up even though my wife and I fought like cats and dogs after the movie (it was about having kids. This time around, the movie did only one thing for me, it made me thankful for my family. Leslie Mann's character was even more of a raving bitch than in Knocked up. I told my wife that I would have shoved her head in the toilet when she was trying to inspect it to see if Paul Rudd's character was really taking a crap or just avoiding her. He was probably defecating on paper so he could help make this film. Actually only Paul Rudd really brought anything to the picture unless you count Megan Fox as a hot boutique worker. The film showcases a small part of the miserable lives of Pete and Debbie as they spiral into unhappiness and misery. Into the mix are thrown several more characters who are equally miserable. I was looking forward to this movie big time and when I realized that it was going south I couldn't wait for it to be over. Unfortunately its over two hours long. So, if you are looking for a way to spend a few hours in the dark, lock your self in a closet or just close your eyes but do not go see this film--it sucked!

"TableTop" (2012)
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A great Geeky Web-Show, 19 May 2012

I heard of this show on Facebook. I went ahead and watched the first episode and every one of them since. Basically, Wil Wheaton gets together with other movie stars and figures from geekdom and plays a board-game. They show highlights the game rules and the progress made while showing Wil and his pals having a great Friday night. Every friend who I have turned on to this series has become a follower of the series. I look forward to it each (other) week. The production is slick and the rules are generally explain well enough that one could go and buy the game and play it immediately. Side Note: I went to my local game shop to look at one of the games featured (Tsuro) but it had sold out over the weekend, the manager sited the program as the reason. So, if you have 30 minutes to spend every other week and you are a gamer or perhaps you want to understand a gamer, check this out!

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Not fit to wipe the original, 26 January 2012

As soon as I saw that this was out, I rented it. Wow, what a piece of crap. It had none of the fun of the original and really didn't even tell a story at all. Lee Horsley Does appear but only for a minute and it is disappointing. Some of the plot devices from the original are used but wasted and the whole thing appears to be shot on video. The Tri-Sword appears off camera but is used very poorly. Michael Pare takes the place as the hero/ betrayer of the Sorceress vampire Whatever. Every episode of Hercules is better than this piece of junk. If you want a movie worth of the original, try "season of the Witch" or Solomon Kane.

The Thing (1982)
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One of the best Horror films ever!, 11 January 2012

John Carpenter's The Thing takes the original story "Who goes there?" and updates it to the 1980's. However, because of the isolation in the Antarctic, the time could almost be anytime. John Carpenter uses every ounce of his prowess to turn in a creepy, exciting and horrific thriller in which the monster could be anyone or anything. This movie received a lot of bad press because it came out right after E.T. Everyone was looking for a friendly alien at this point and the malevolent shape shifter from this movie was not well received. Well, the hell with those people. In the years that followed, viewers saw this movie pop up on cable and were astounded at the pure genius behind it. This movie was made at a time when there was little or nothing in the way of CGI effect. Each and everyone of the creature effects was constructed out of real stuff by effects expert Rob Bottin. The cast is perfect at every turn and Kurt Russel is bad-ass just like he was in Escape from New York. If you want to see a great sci-fi/ horror movie, check this one out, I have never seen anyone disappointed by it.

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Soon to be forgotten, 28 November 2010

I am reviewing this title because I want to ply devil's advocate to the other reviews which give it such high praise. Have you ever seen a movie (like a bad 80's film) and thought "Wow, that's so out of date". Well in four years, you will look back on Scott Pilgrim and probably say something like it. The movie is so rooted in the now, that it in my opinion will not fare well next to classic pieces of cinema. Now, do not get me wrong, it was entertaining but it lacked depth and staying power in my opinion. I see it as gimmicky and all too flashy. When the smoke clears I think it will be a kitschy movie at best. So, if you want to spend some time watching pretty flashy colors and laughing at cute video game jokes, rent or buy this movie. Looking for an experience? Grab a copy of Big Trouble in Little China or an Indiana Jones movie or heck, Lawrence of Arabia. Sorry for the negativity but I got to add my two cents.

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We really shook the pillars of Heaven!, 9 November 2010

Big Trouble has become with out a doubt my favorite movie of all time. I have seen it three times this year, twice in the theater. The action, the laughs, the crazy Martial Arts. Everything combines to create a sense of a real world where these heroes live breathe and kick ass! Kurt Russell Plays Jack Burton, an everyman hero who moves the plot along sometimes by banging it with his head. Say what you want but you will never find a braver hero than Jack Burton. Sure he does some goofy things but in the end, when it counts--it's all in the reflexes. If you don't like this film, there is something wrong with your head. seriously, it is the Citizen Caine of Action Comedies. It gets weird and silly but the players are skilled and John Carpenter is great as the director. I can go all day but you will just have to see for your self.

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Better Than Heroes, 16 October 2010

I really like this show. It is not my favorite but seriously, there is a decent amount of action and it is a hell of a lot better than the way heroes started off. I always felt like I was following a carrot with heroes waiting for them to expose a little more of what was going on. I know more about the Ordinary family than I ever new about the Heroes characters. The fight between the father and the phase guy was a great super hero fight. The fact that the dad wants his powers is great. I like the powers and I love the fact that the Dad has a sidekick and a bat cave. I like that there is some amount of training and that the characters have real problems just like in the comics. I hope this one runs for years!